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Older news stories have been archived by year and month, most recent first. They can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

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News Stories 2021
Pale Flower, Modern Times & Boat People on Criterion Blu-ray in March
UHD horror classics, a definitive RoboCop and Japanese fantasy in March
Prano Bailey-Bond's acclaimed Censor on Limited Edition Blu-ray in January
Mexican horror and offbeat westerns on Indicator Blu-ray in March
Thriller Midnight and martial arts comedy Odd Couple from Eureka in March
Stylish 80s slasher Stagefright on Blu-ray and digital on-demand in December
Early Tsukamoto and Obayashi's anti-war trilogy on Third Window Blu-ray
Jean-Pierre Melville's Les enfants terribles on Blu-ray in December
Flamethrowers, masked maniacs and a killer chimp from Arrow in February
Saint Etienne: I’ve Been Trying To Tell You on Blu-ray in December
The Criterion Collection announces its February 2022 UK Blu-ray titles
The Indian Tomb & Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon from Eureka in February
Little seen British gems and more Peter Cushing from Indicator in February
The BFI announces its January-March Blu-ray, DVD & UHD titles
Mike Leigh duo Bleak Moments & Naked on Blu-ray & Digital in November
Out of the Blue on 2-disc Limited Edition Blu-ray and Digital in November
Gangsters, gore, folk horror and Tobe Hooper from Arrow in January
Resnais, Jarmusch and and Oshima on Criterion Blu-ray in January
Indicator announces 4 new year titles and expands into Canada and the US
Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes on Blu-ray and DVD in November
Ingmar Bergman Vol. 2 on Blu-ray in October and The Seventh Seal on 4K UHD/Blu-ray in November
Short Sharp Shocks Vol. 2 on 2-disc BFI Flipside Blu-ray in October
Don Siegel's 1956 Invasion of the Body Snatchers on Blu-ray October
Melville, the Hughes Brothers and Regina King from Criterion in December
Kung-fu, killers, art-house and alien moms from Arrow in December
Marco Ferreri's 1964 The Ape Woman 4K restoration on Blu-ray in October
Acclaimed rape-revenge drama Violation on Blu-ray & Digital in September
No Man of God on DVD and Limited Edition Blu-ray in October
Surreal fantasy gem The Singing Ringing Tree on Blu-ray in October
Terminator 2: Judgement Day UHD, Blu-ray & 3D in 3 Editions in December
The Dark Eyes of London & The Monster on Blu-ray & DVD in October
Six-film Blu-ray collection Toshiaki Toyoda: 2005-2021 in October
Martial arts swordplay classic Duel to the Death on Blu-ray in September
The Best of British Transport Films Volume 2 on Blu-ray in September
One of Our Aircraft is Missing on Limited Edition Blu-ray in September
Cult UHD titles, horror & a Japanese genre-bender from Arrow in November
The Great Silence, I Never Cry & Mothra from Eureka in October/November
Wes Anderson, Satyajit Ray & Terrence Malick from Criterion in November
Joe Dante's The Howling on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in October
Horror duo Belzebuth and Terrified on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in September
Mae West in Hollywood 1932-1943 10 film Blu-ray box set in November
Thomas Vinterberg's Another Round on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in September
The BFI announces is fourth quarter Blu-ray titles and its first UHD release
Jean Renoir's The River on 2-disc BFI Blu-ray and digital in August
Monsters, giallo and the best of Fassbinder from Arrow Video in October
Sabata, Ringo Lam, early Universal & classic kung-fu in October/November
Funuke: Show Some Love, You Losers! on Third Window Blu-ray in August
Children’s Film Foundation Bumper Box Vol 3 on DVD in August
Fellini, Visconti and Love & Basketball on Criterion Blu-ray in October
The original Paranormal Activity on Limited Edition Blu-ray in August
Rod Steiger in Sidney Lumet's The Pawnbroker on BFI Blu-ray in August
A quartet of Hollywood blockbusters on Indicator Blu-ray in October
An Unflinching Eye: The Films of Richard Woolley on 4-disc DVD in July
Lucio Fulci's The Psychic on Blu-ray and Digital from Shameless in August
Kelly Reichardt’s acclaimed First Cow on Blu-ray & DVD in August
Shawscope Volume One 12-film Blu-ray collection from Arrow in December
Powell, Pressburger and British Transport Films on BFI Blu-ray in September
Kurosawa's historical epic Ran on 4K UHD from StudioCanal in July
Twin Peaks, D.A.Pennebaker and Idris Alba from Criterion in September
Assayas, Dmytryk, Stephen King & more from Arrow in September
Ingmar Bergman: Volume 1 on Limited Edition 5-disc Blu-ray in July
Mark Cousins' The Story of Film: An Odyssey on Blu-ray in July
Action-comedy-western The Millionaires' Express on Blu-ray in July
Peter Medak's The Krays on Limited Edition Blu-ray from Second Sight in July
A fourth Columbia Noir Blu-ray box set coming from Indicator in September
Michael Winner social realist drama West 11 on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in July
Dune, Jodorosky, Dinner in America and more from Arrow in August
Blow Out, All About Eve and Deep Cover on Criterion Blu-ray in August
Bob Clark's Murder by Decree on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in June
Mira Nair's Salaam Bombay! on BFI Blu-ray and Digital in June
Anna May Wong silent melodrama Piccadilly on BFI Blu-ray in June
Early Universal, Running Against the Wind & Prophecy from Eureka in August
Horror, social drama, baseball and a twisty thriller from Indicator in August
Peter Wollen's 1987 Friendship's Death on Dual Format & Digital in June
The BFI announces its Blu-ray/DVD releases for July and August
Demonic delirium, Tarantino and a giallo masterwork from Arrow in July
Ingmar Bergman: Volume 1 Blu-ray box set from the BFI in July
Dogs Don't Wear Pants & The Walebone Box on Anti-Worlds Blu-ray in June
Dee Rees, Howard Hawks and Andrei Tarkovsky on Criterion Blu-ray in July
The Babadook Limited Edition UHD/Blu-ray from Second Sight in June
Play for Today, Volume 2 on 3-disc Blu-ray from the BFI in May
Spike Lee's Jungle Fever on 30th Anniversry BFI Blu-ray in May
Sequin in a Blue Room on DVD, Blu-ray & On-Demand in May
Christopher Petit's Radio On comes to BFI Blu-ray and Digital in May
1981 Belfast-based drama Maeve on BFI Blu-ray and Digital in May
Critically acclaimed documentary Stray on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in April
An idiosyncratic quartet of Blu-ray titles in July from Indicator
Live action manga adaptation Tezuka's Barbara on Dual Format in June
Drama-documentary horror Lake Mungo on Limited Edition Blu-ray in May
Dorothy Arzner, Hou Hsiao-Hsien & Charles Laughton from Criterion in June
Deadly haircuts, spider tattoos, Italian thrills and more from Arrow in June
Sammo Hung, Jonnie To and Robert Weine on Eureka Blu-ray in June
Four Standard Edition Blu-rays of cult titles from Second Sight in April
Coming-of-age drama County Lines on BFI Blu-ray/DVD in April
John Boorman debut Catch Us If You Can on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in April
I Start Counting! makes its UK Blu-ray debut from BFI Flipside in April
Hammer Volume Six and Eye of the Cat on Indicator Blu-ray in June
Acclaimed cannibalism horror Raw on Limited Edition Blu-ray in April
60s Crime drama The Frightened City on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in April
Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon restored on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in April
Weird Wisconsin: The Bill Rebane Collection on Arrow Blu-ray in May
Pink Films Vol. 5 & 6 on Third Window Blu-ray in March
Fast Times at Ridgemont High & Masculin Féminin from Criterion in May
A cold war classic and Hong Kong action old and new from Eureka in May
A quartet of cult treats spanning six decades on Arrow Blu-ray in May
7 film Blu-ray collection World of Wong Kar Wai from Criterion in May
Iranian-American psychological thriller The Night on digital in April
Neo-noir crime thriller Romeo is Bleeding on BFI Blu-ray in March
Sergio Martino's 1975 crime drama Silent Action on Blu-ray in March
Dawn of the Dead Blu-ray and 4K UHD Standard Editions in March
Bassam Tariq's Mogul Mowgli on BFI Blu-ray in February
Columbia Noir #3 and Someone to Watch Over Me from Indicator in May
Satyajit Ray, Mike Leigh & Wes Anderson on Criterion Blu-ray in April
The BFI announces its second quarter 2021 Blu-ray and DVD releases
Cult favourites, exploitation classics & more from Arrow in April
Karloff, Lugosi, Ford and Russian Raid on Eureka Blu-ray in March/April
Saint Maud comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD, Steelbook and Digital in February
Ken Loach, Ronald Neame and Gasper Noé on Indicator Blu-ray in April
Brandon Cronenberg's Possessor on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in February
Ujicha's Violence Voyager & The Burning Buddha Man on Blu-ray in January