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Older news stories have been archive by year and month, most recent first. You can access older news stories by clicking on the links below.

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News Stories 2020
Sergio Leone, Johnny To, Sergio Corbucci and Fritz Lang from Eureka in May
Gamera: The Complete Collection on Limited Edition Blu-ray in July
Max Ophüls, Satyajit Ray & Destry Rides Again on Criterion Blu-ray in May
John Schlesinger's Sunday Bloody Sunday on Blu-ray in March
John Huston's Beat the Devil on Blu-ray/DVD and Digital in March
70s British crime thriller Villain restored on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in March
The Man with X-Ray Eyes on Limited Edition Blu-ray in April
The BFI announces its April to June Blu-ray and DVD releases
Cyrano de Bergerac on 30th Anniversary BFI Blu-ray in February
John Ford box set and The Strange One on Indicator Blu-ray in April
A cult slasher, Russian splatterpunk and a horror debut from Arrow in April
Classic titles from America, Hong Kong and Japan from Eureka in April
Profumo affair drama Scandal on Blu-ray/DVD and Digital in February
Alec Guinness in Last Holiday on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in March
The Peanut Butter Falcon on Digital in February, Blu-ray & DVD in March
The Elephant Man restored in cinemas in March, on disc and digital in April
Richard Attenborough's Magic makes its UK Blu-ray debut in March
Mikail Kalatozov, Nicholas Ray & Barbra Streisand from  Criterion UK in April
Judgment at Nuremberg on 2-disc Blu-ray from the BFI in January
Fellini's 8½ and Fellini: Four Films box set on Blu-ray in February
Krzysztof Kieślowski and Éric Rohmer sets from Arrow Academy in April
The Legend of the Stardust Brothers on Blu-ray/DVD in February
Hammer Volume Five and The Mad Magician on Indicator Blu-ray in March
Alejandro Landes' award-winning Monos on Blu-ray & DVD in February