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Birdy Blu-ray cover
Friendship is a cinematic staple as is madness. In Birdy, director Alan Parker juggles both in spectacular fashion. Fantastic performances, exquisite editing and intelligent direction add up to an 80s classic. Camus lets Birdy fly...
Badge 373
Robert Duvall stars as a suspended NYPD detective who embarks on a mission to avenge his murdered partner in Badge 373, a 70s crime thriller that languishes somewhat in The French Connection's shadow. Slarek is not a big fan of the film, but has no problems at all with Indicator's Blu-ray.
Bellman and True Blu-ray cover
Bernard Hill plays a computer expert who is strongarmed into aiding a bank robbery in the Bellman and True, Richard Loncraine's strangely overlooked crime drama from 1987. Slarek finds much to admire in the film, and even more on Indicator's new Blu-ray release.
The Big Clock Blu-ray cover
Ray Milland is a magazine editor who finds himself forced to investigate a case in which he is the mystery prime suspect in John Farrow's criminally unseen blend of thriller, character comedy and film noir. Slarek sleeks into the shadows and revisits the film on a fine Arrow Academy Blu-ray.
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Badge 373 R0
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Bernie RA
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The Big Blue / Le grand bleu RB
The Big Clock RB
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Birdy R0
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Blacula / Scream Blacula Scream RB
Blade Runner 2049 RB
Blanche RB
Blood Feast RB
The Bloodstained Butterfly / Una farfalla con le ali insanguinate RB
Bloody Terror: The Shocking Cinema of Norman J. Warren 1976-1987 R0
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The Blue Dahlia RB
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Boomerang RB
The Border RB
Born Free RB
Breakout RB
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The Brood RB
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Buster Keaton: The Complete Short Films 1917-1923 RB