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Charles Bronson is at his laconic best in Walter Hill's first film as director, the story of a bare knuckle fight in Depression-era America. Slarek flexes his muscles and reviews the Blu-ray from Eureka's new Masters of Cinema release of the film.
Happy Birthday to Me
"Six of the most bizarre deaths you'll ever see" lied the posters for J Lee Thompson's Happy Birthday to Me. Gort revisits an 80s slasher that he once shrugged off but really responded to this time around, especially looking as good as it does on Indicator's new Blu-ray.
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DVD reviews

Hand of Death R2
Hansel & Gretel R2
Hanzo the Razor - Box Set R2
Hapkido R2
The Happiness of the Katakuris R2
Hard Candy R2
Harlan County USA US R0
Harvie Krumpet R2
Haze UK R0
Head-On / Gegen die Wand R2
Hearts & Minds R2
Heat Guy J - Vol. 1 R2
Helen R2
Hell and High Water R2
Hellboy R2
Here, Then / Ci Chu Yu Bi Chu R2
Heroes Shed No Tears R2
Herostratus R2
He's My Girl / La folle histoire d'amour de Simon Eskenazy R2
Hidden / Caché R2
High Fidelity R2
High Heels / Tacones lejanos R2
Highly Strung / Je te mangerais R2
A High Wind in Jamaica R2
Hippies R2
Holy Flying Circus UK R0
Homicide: Life on the Street – Season 1&2 R2
The Horse's Mouth R2
The Host / Gwoemul UK R2
The Host / Gwoemul Hong Kong R3
Hot Enough for June R2
The Hound of the Baskervilles / Priklyucheniya Sherloka Kholmsa i doktora Vatsona: Sobaka Baskerviley UK R0
House / Hausu R2
House By the Cemetery R2
House M.D. - Season 2 R2
House of Bamboo R2
House of Dracula R1
The House of the Devil R2
L'Humanité R2
Humanity and Paper Balloons / Ninjo kami fusen R2
Hurt UK R0
Blu-ray reviews

Halloween – 35th Anniversary Edition RB
Hana-Bi RB
Hands Over the City / Le mani sulla città RB
Hangmen Also Die RB
The Happiness of the Katakuris RB
Happy Birthday to Me RB
Harakiri / Seppuku RB
Hard Times RB
Harold and Maude RB
The Haunted Palace RB
Heavenly Creatures RB
Hellraiser RB
The Honeymoon Killers RB
Horse Money RABC
The Human Centipede [First Sequence] RB
The Human Centipede 2 [Full Sequence] RB
The Human Condition RB