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My Dinner with Andre
Some films you see at exactly the right time and they stay with you forever. The least cinematic (argue as much as you like) of my ‘inner circle’ of significant movies is Louis Malle’s My Dinner With Andre. Camus is 21 again reviewing the Criterion Collection’s US Blu-ray…
The Mourning Forest
A young woman who has recently lost her son takes a job in a care home where she slowly bonds with an elderly victim of Alzheimer's disease in Kawase Naomi's captivating minimalist drama, recently released on dual format by Masters of Cinema.
Mickey One dual format cover
The oft-neglected Mickey One finds Arthur Penn channeling the French New Wave with star Warren Beatty ably committing as the existentially trapped title character. Emerging from the shadows amid fits of paranoia, clydefro sizes up the film's Blu-ray debut in this limited edition release from Indicator.
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DVD reviews

M R2
Mabuse Box Set: Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler / Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse / Die 1000 Augens des Mabuse R2
Macabre R2
The Machinist R1
Made in Britain [The Alan Clarke Collection] US R0
The Magdalene Sisters R2
Magick Lantern Cycle R2
Magnificent Bodyguards R2
Maid Marion and Her Merry Men – Serties 1-4 box set R2
Les Maitres du temps R2
Make Mine a Million (Sid James Collection) R2
Manderlay R2
A Man Escaped / Un condamné à mort s'est échappé R2
The Man From London R2
The Man From Nowhere R2
Manhattan Baby R2
Man in the Moon R2
Man of a Thousand Faces R2
Man of the Story / Kathapurushan [R0 DVD] UK R0
Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media R2
The Man With the Golden Arm R2
Marketa Lazarova UK R0
Marshland / La isla mínima UK R0
Martin [UK/US comparison] R2/R0
Martin: Collector's Edition [UK comparison] R2
A Matter of Life and Death [The Powell & Pressburger Collection] R2
Mauvais sang / The Night is Young [UK comparison] R2
McLibel UK R0
Meet Danny Wilson R2
Meet the Mobsters R2
Memories of Murder R3
Men of the City / All White in Barking R2
Merci pour le chocolat / Betty R2
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence R2
A Merry Gentleman R2
Metropolis Reconstructed R2
Metropolitan [US/UK comparison] R1/R2
Midnight Son R2
The Miners' Campaign Tapes R2
Mister Lonely R2
Momma's Man R2
Monster R1
Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment R2
Morgiana UK R0
Mother and Son R2
Mr. X R2
Mum & Dad R2
Munich R2
Murder by Decree R2
Murder Most Horrid - Series 1 R2
Muriel ou Le temps d'un retour R2
My Dear Killer UK R0
My Friend from Faro / Mein Freund aus Faro UK R0
My Kung Fu 12 Kicks R2
My Learned Friend R2
My Wife is a Gangster R2
Blu-ray reviews

Mad Detective RB
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior US R0
Magick Lantern Cycle RB
The Manchurian Candidate (1962) RB
A Man for All Seasons RB
The Man From Laramie RB
Manhunter RB
Man of the West RB
Man of Violence RB
The Man Who Fell to Earth RB
Matinee RB
Medium Cool RB
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence RB
Metropolis (2001) RB
Mickey One RB
Milano Calibro 9 RB
Les Misérables RB
Mona Lisa RB
The Monolith Monsters RB
Moonshine Mountain [The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast] RB
Mother / Madeo RB
The Mourning Forest / Mogari no mori RB
The Mummy's Shroud RB
The Murderer Lives at 21 / L'assassin habita au...21 RB
My Dinner with Andre RA
My Neighbours, the Yamadas RB
My 20th Century R0
Mysterious Object at Noon R0