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Resurrected Blu-ray cover
Director Paul Greengrass is something of a cinematic role model. He’s technically brilliant, passionately political and manages success on all size screens and budgets. Welcome to his cinematic debut, Resurrected. Camus tries to avoid a regimental bath…
The Reckless Moment
Joan Bennett excels as a protective mother who conceals evidence of a crime she believes her daughter has committed and is targeted by a blackmailer played by James Mason in Max Ophüls' final Amertican film. Slarek digs beneath the surface of a fascinating noir romantic drama on a fine Indicator Blu-ray.
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DVD reviews

Rabid R1
Radio On R2
The Raid / Serbuan maut R2
Rainy Dog R2
Ratman R2
Razor Eaters R2
Re-Animator (Double Disc Collector's Edition) R2
Red Psalm / Még kér a nép R0
The Red Riding Trilogy R2
The Red Shoes (Powell and Pressburger Collection) R2
Réfractaire (as The Undercover War) R2
Regular Lovers R2
Reincarnation R2
Rendez-vous in Paris / Les rendez-vous des Paris R2
Reprise R2
Requiem from the Darkness, Vol. 1: Turmoil of the Flesh R2
Revelations: Paradise Lost 2 UK R0
Revenge: A Love Story / Fuk sau che chi sei R2
Revenger's Tragedy R2
Ricky Hatton: A Life Story R2
Ring Girls R2
The Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan R2
Rivers and Tides [German] German R0
Rivers and Tides [German/US/UK comparison] R0/R2
Road Games R2
Robbery R2
Robot Chicken – Series 4 R2
Robot Chicken Star Wars Episodes I & II box set R2
Robotech: The New Generation, Vol. 1 R2
Robotech: The New Generation, Vol. 2 R2
Rock 'n' Roll High School / Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever R2
Rogue R2
Rollerball (1975) - Special Edition R2
Romeos R0
Room 666 R2
Room at the Top R2
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead R2
R-Point / Ghosts of War R2
The Ruling Class R2
Run for the Sun R2
Blu-ray reviews

Rabid RB
Raging Phoenix RB
Raising Cain RB
The Raven RB
Re-Animator RB
Re: Born RB
The Reckless Moment RABC
The Reckoning R0
Red River RB
The Reflecting Skin RB
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins... RB
Repo Man RB
The Reptile RB
The Right Stuff US R0
Robbery RB
Robinson Crusoe on Mars RB
The Rocket RB
Rollerball RB
Rolling Thunder RB
Roxanne RB
Rumble Fish RB