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Camus offers an appreciation of pioneering actor Sidney Poitier and reviews two of his key films from 1967, To Sir, With Love and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, and their recent, feature-packed Blu-ray releases from Indicator.
As a new TV mini-series adaptation begins on BBC, Indicator have released a dual format edition of Richard Fleischer's chilling and quietly brilliant 1971 film detailing the case of British serial killer John Christie and the injustice that befell his neighbour Timothy Evans. Slarek revisits a personal favourite on a superb disc.
Two Thousand Maniacs!
In his second review from Arrow's Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast box set, Gort delights in Lewis' gory thriller Two Thousand Maniacs! and has fun with his hixploitation cheapie Moonshine Mountain.
To Live and Die in L.A.
Wiliam Petersen plays a reckless Secret Service agent chasing the forger who murdered his partner in William Friedkin's dark 1985 crime thriller, whose centrepiece car chase is one of the best. Slarek revisits the film and finally falls for it, and loves Arrow's richly featured Blu-ray.
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DVD reviews

Tabu: A Story of the South Seas R2
Tai Chi Boxer R2
The Takeshi Kitano Collection R2
Takeshis' R2
Targets R1
Taxidermia R1
Tazi zum Klo R2
Tell Them Who You Are R2
Tenchi the Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness R2
10 Rillington Place R2
Terminator 2: Judgment Day – Skynet Edition R2
Terror at the Opera / Opera R2
Terror's Advocate R2
La tête contre les murs R2
Tetsujin 28:The Movie R2
Tetsujin 28: Vol. 1 R2
That Mitchell and Webb Look, Series 4 R2
Them (Ils) R2
There's Always Tomorrow R2
They're a Weird Mob (The Powell and Pressburger Collection) R2
The Thin Blue Line R1
13 / Tzameti R2
35 Shots of Rum / 35 rhums R2
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin R2
36: Quai Des Orfevres R2
This Happy Breed - Special Edition R2
This is England '86 R2
This is Jinsy R2
This Must Be the Place R2
Threads R2
Three Colours: Blue / Trois couleurs: Bleu R2
3 Days of the Condor R1
Three... Extremes R2
Three Monkeys / Üç maymun R2
3:10 to Yuma / Seraphim Falls R2
Three Times R2
Throwback R0
Tickets R2
Time Bandits R2
Time to Leave / Le Temps qui reste R2
Times & Winds R2
A Time to Love and a Time to Die R2
To Die in San Hilario R2
Tokyo! R2
Tokyo Decadence R0
Tokyo Fist R2
Tokyo-Ga (The Wim Wenders Collection) R2
Tôkyô Sonata R2
Tony Benn: Will and Testament R2
Tony Manero R2
Topsy-Turvy R2
Torso R2
Totally F***ed Up R0
Touching the Void R2
Trafficked [aka Capital Letters] R2
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen R2
Transport from Paradise / Transport z ráje R0
A Trick of the Light / Die Gebrüder Skladanowsky (The Wim Wenders Collection) R2
Trouble Brewing R2
Trouble the Water R2
The Truth About Climate Change R2
Tuesday, After Christmas / Marți, după Crăciun UK R0
Tunnel Rats R2
XII (Twelve) R2
12:08 East of Bucharest R2
24 – Series 1 R2
Twenty-Four Eyes R2
24 Hour Party People R2
21 Days: The Heineken Kidnapping R2
Twin Falls Idaho R2
Twin Peaks – Gold Box Edition R2
Twin Signal R2
Two in the Wave / Deux de la vague R2
Typhoon R2
Blu-ray reviews

2001: A Space Odyssey R0
Tabu: A Story of the South Seas RB
Tales of Terror RB
Tales Out of School RB
The Tarnished Angels RB
10 Rillington Place RB
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse / Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse RB
Tetsuo: The Iron Man / Tetsuo II: Body Hammer RB
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – 40th Anniversary Restoration RB
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 RB
That Cold Day in the Park RB
That Kind of Girl RB
Theatre of Blood RB
Thief RB
The Thief of Bagdad (1924) RB
Thirst / Bakjwi RB
13 Assassins RB
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot RB
A Time to Love and a Time to Die RB
Tiny Furniture RA
Tokyo Fist / Tōkyō-ken RB
Tokyo Tribe RB
To Live and Die in L.A. RB
The Tomb of Ligeia RB
Too Late Blues RB
Too Sir, With Love RB
Touch of Evil RB
A Touch of Sin RB
The Town That Dreaded Sundown RB
Twilight's Last Gleaming RB
Twins of Evil RB
Two for the Road RB
Two-Lane Blacktop RB
Two Thousand Maniacs! [The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast] RA/B