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Psyche 59 Blu-ray cover
A dark and unspecified past event is eating away at friendships and relationships in Psyche 59, a stylishly directed and compellingly acted but rarely talked about British drama from 1964. Slarek is discomforted by a film it's worth being discomforted by, especially looking so good on Indicator's recent Blu-ray.
Police Story & Police Story 2
There's blistering fight choreography and wince-inducing stunt work aplenty in two of Jackie Chan's most popular films, remastered on this 2-disc Eureka Blu-ray set with a terrific collection of special features. Slarek revisits some of the best action cinema of the 1980s.
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DVD reviews

The Pack / La meute R2
The Page Turner / La Tourneuse de pages R2
Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills UK R0
Paranoia Agent R2
Paranoiac R2
Paranormal Incident R2
Paris Lockdown / Truands R2
Paris, Texas (The Wim Wenders Collection) R2
Park Row R2
The Peacock King R2
Peeping Tom R2
Peep Show, Series 4 R2
Perth R2
Pervert! R2
Petulia R2
Phantasm R2
Phantasm II R2
Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead R2
Phantasm IV: Oblivion R2
Phantasm Sphere Limited Edition Box Set R2
Phantom / Die Finanzen des Grossherzogs R2
The Phantom Carriage / The Image Makers R2
The Phantom Carriage - KTL Edition R2
Phantom of Death R2
Phobia R2
The PianoTuner of EarthQuakes R2
Pigs & Battleships / Stolen Desire R2
Pigsty / Porcile R2
La planète sauvage / Fantastic Planet R0
Pola X R2
Police R2
Le Portrait de Petite Cossette R2
Powell & Pressburger Collection R2
The Prisoner R2
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie R2
Primer R2
Primitive London R2
Private R2
Privilege R2
The Professionals – Series 4 (remastered) R2
A Prophet / Un prophèt R2
The Protector R2
p.s. R2
Punishment Park UK R0
The Punk Syndrome / Kovasikajuttu UK R0
Pure Race R2
Blu-ray reviews

The Paperboy RA
The Passenger R0
The Passion of Joan of Arc / La passion de Jeanne d'Arc RB
Peeping Tom RB
Permissive RB
Phantom of the Paradise RB
Pickup on South Street RB
Pigs & Battleships / Stolen Desire RB
Piranha RB
Pit and the Pendulum RB
Plague of the Zombies RB
La planète sauvage / Fantastic Planet RB
Police Story & Police Story 2 / Ging chaat goo si & Ging chaat goo si juk jaap RB
Possession RB
Potiche RB
The Prisoner: The Complete Series RB
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes RB
Profound Desires of the Gods / Kamigami no Fukaki Yokubo RB
Prometheus RB
Psyche 59 RB
Psycho II RB
Psychomania RB
The Pumpkin Eater R0
Punishment Park RB