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Cujo Blu-ray cover
A mother and her child become trapped in the car by a rabid St. Bernard dog in Lewis Teague's tense and tightly economical adaptation of one of Stephen King's darkest novels. Slarek revisits a favourite creature horror on one of Eureka's best featured Blu-ray releases yet.
Climax Blu-ray cover
A company of dancers mark the completion of rehearsals for their latest routine with an evening of partying, which descends into madness when their sangria is spiked in Gasper Noé's compelling, thrilling and ultimately terrifying latest. Slarek submits to the film and salutes Arrow's excellent new Blu-ray.
Charlie Bubbles
Albert Finney has only directed a single movie, but it's really something, an imaginative, multi-layered and gorgeously performed tale of a successful writer returning to his Manchester. Slarek adds the 1968 Charlie Bubbles to his list of personal favourites, and adores Indicator's impeccable Blu-ray release.
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DVD reviews

California Dreamin' (Endless) R2
Caligula: Imperial Edition R2
Callan: The Colour Years R2
Callan: The Monochrome Years R2
Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff R2
Cannibal Girls R2
A Canterbury Tale R2
Captive R0
Cargo R2
Carlos the Jackal: The Trilogy R2
Carnival of Souls R2
Casa de Lava R2
The Celestine Prophecy R2
Cell 211 R2
Celluloid Man R0
Charge of the Light Brigade R2
Chemical Wedding R2
Cello R2
Chaw R2
Un Chien Andalou R2
Chikamatsu monogatari / Uwasa no onna R2
The Child / L'Enfant R2
Children of Men R2
Chocolat R2
Chopper R2
Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry UK R0
Christmas Evil / You Better Watch Out R2
Chrysalis R2
Chungking Express R2
Circus of Horrors R2
The City of the Dead R2
The Clairvoyant R2
Climates R2
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition R2
The Clouded Yellow R2
The Clouded Yellow: Extended Edition R2
Cockles and Muscles R2
Code Unknown R2
Cœur fidèle R2
The COI Collection Volume 5: Portrait of a People R2
The Collection R2
The Commissar R2
The Complete (Existing) Films of Sadao Yamanaka R2
Conquest of Everest R2
Conspirators of Pleasure / Spiklenci slasti R2
Control R2
Copenhagen R1
Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel R2
The Corpse Vanishes UK R0
The Cradle Will fall / Baby Blues R2
The Cremator / Spalovac mrtvol UK R0
The Crime of Padre Amaro R2
Crimes of the Future R2
Cronos R1/R2
A Crude Awakening R2
Crumb R1
Cry-Baby – Director's Cut R2
Cure Japan R2
Blu-ray reviews

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari / Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari RB
Candyman RB
Capricorn One RB
Cargo German RB
Cemetery Without Crosses RB
Charley Varrick RB
Charlie Bubbles R0
The Chase R0
The China Syndrome RB
Christine RB
Chungking Express RB
Cinema Paradiso – 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition RB
City Girl UK RB
City of the Dead RB
City of Women / La città delle donne RB
Clash RB
Climax RB
Cocoon RB
Cœur fidèle RB
Coffy RB
The Collector R0
The Comedy of Terrors RB
The Complete Humphrey Jennings Collection, Vol. 1: The First Days RB
The Complete Sartana RB
Computer Chess RB
Contamination RB
Convoy RB
The Count Yorga Collection RB
Cover Girl RB
Crawl RB
The Creeping Garden R0
Creepshow RB
Creepy RB
The Cremator R0
Cross of Iron RB
Cujo RB
Culloden / The War Game RB
Cure RB