Tony Benn: Will and Testament on DVD in November
news | 22 Oct 2014
Skip Kite's compelling portrait of one of the great British political figures of the twentieth century comes to UK DVD in November from Spirit Entertainment.
Blacula – The Complete Collection
blu-ray review | 20 Oct 2014
70s Blaxploitation classics Blacula and Scream Blacula Scream have been restored and brought together in one delicious dual format package by Eureka! Entertainment. Gort bares his throat and sharpens his stakes.
Gone Girl
film review | 15 Oct 2014
Author Gillian Flynn's 'relationship-under-a-forensic-microscope' thriller Gone Girl, arrived last week on a wave of critical adoration. Director David Fincher seems an interesting fit with such material. Camus is intrigued...
Withnail & I
What has to be one of the most welcome and glorioius restoriation jobs of the year has been visited on one of the finest cult films available to humanity. The image quality on Arrow's Blu-ray is amazing and the extras (with one exception – more on that in the upcoming review) are all superb.
Halt and Catch Fire
In the early days of the personal computer, a maverick salesman (Lee Pace) teams up with a computer engineer (Scoot McNairy) and a shit-hot punk programmer (Mackenzie Davis) in an attempt to beat the mighty IBM at their own game. Another intriguing series from AMC – will be interesting to see how it pans out.
The first half of a cult blaxploitation double bill on Eureka! Blu-ray has its irritations (gays are insulted intermittently throughout), but this is still an above-average 70s vampire flick with a few real standout moments. Review soon.

Twin Peaks is returning. Which is cool... I think
blog | 9 Oct 2014
The news that one of his all time favourite TV series is to return after a 25 year break, courtesy of its original creators Mark Frost and David Lynch, has Slarek cautiously excited.

Top 5 Prison and Prison Themed Movies
high 5 | 20 September 2014
Inspired by Arrow’s recent Blu-ray release of Jules Dassin’s superb 1947 Brute Force, genre fans Camus and Slarek each pick five of their all time favourite prison movies and prison-themed dramas.

Mario Bava's Rabid Dogs on dual format in October
news | 21 Oct 2014
Mario Bava's posthumously completed 1974 crime drama Rabid Dogs arrives on UK dual format in both of its incarnations next week from Arrow Films and Video.
60s science fiction Unearthly Stranger comes to Blu-ray and DVD in November
news | 21 Oct 2014
John Neville stars in a too rarely seen British science fiction chiller from 1964, which is coming to UK Blu-ray and DVD from Network as part of 'The British Film' collection.
The Day the Earth Caught Fire restored on Blu-ray and DVD in November
news | 20 Oct 2014
The end of the world is nigh in one of the all-time great science fiction films, coming to UK Blu-ray and DVD with a 4K restoration and a bucket of fine extras in November from the BFI.
The Naked City arrives on dual format in October on Arrow Academy
news | 17 Oct 2014
Jules Dassin's classic 1948 noir crime drama makes its world Blu-ray debut in a dual format package in October with a new transfer and some fine looking extras from Arrow Academy.
Invasion & The Middle Watch on DVD in November
news | 15 Oct 2014
Cult 60s science fiction thriller Invasion and 1940 maritime comedy The Middle Watch come to UK DVD in November as part of Network's 'The British Film' collection.
Filmed in Supermarionation is out on Blu-ray and DVD next week
news | 15 Oct 2014
The Blu-ray and DVD editions of Filmed in Supermarionation, a new documentary on the work of Gerry Anderson hit the stores next week. The Blu-ray is the one to get!
Batman: The Complete TV Series on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD in November
news | 14 Oct 2014
Every episode of the cult 60s TV series has been brought together in one DVD and – for the first time – Limited Edition Blu-ray box set for release in November from Warner Home Video.
Classic 60s science fiction series Out of the Unknown on DVD in October
news | 14 Oct 2014
All 20 surviving episodes of the celebrated BBC science fiction series that ran from 1965 to 1971 have been restored and packaged with some fine extras for DVD release this month by the BFI.
Withnail and I & How to Get Ahead in Advertising on dual format in October
news | 13 Oct 2014
Bruce Robinson's two collaborations with actor Richard E. Grant are cult favourites, and both have been restored by Arrow for a glorious limited edition dual format release this month.
9th Korean Film Festival announces its 2014 programme
news | 12 Oct 2014
The details have been confirmed for the 9th Korean Film Festival, which takes place in London on 6th-15th November and the goes on tour from 16th-20th November.
Please Teacher & Dangerous Voyage on DVD in November
news | 10 Oct 2014
Network have announced a further two titles in their ongoing 'The British Film' collection: the 1937 farce Please Teacher and the 1954 crime mystery Dangerous Voyage.

A Jester's Tale
dvd review | 13 Oct 2014
Czech filmmaker Karel Zeman's 1964 satirical black comedy A Jester's Tale is an exuberant and richly imaginative delight. Slarek celebrates the film and salutes Second Run for bringing it to UK DVD.
Still the Enemy Within
film review | 8 Oct 2014
Old-school leftie Slarek celebrates Owen Gower's documentary portrait of the 1984-85 miners' strike, an inspiring and refreshingly partisan work that movingly champions the concepts of community and solidarity.
Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari
blu-ray review | 4 Oct 2014
Slarek takes a trip back to 1920 and the birth of the psychological horror film with Robert Weine's Expressionist masterpiece, which looks gorgeous on this exemplary Blu-ray from Masters of Cinema.
Countess Dracula
blu-ray review | 26 Sep 2014
Ingrid Pitt shines as Countess Elisabeth Nádasdy (née Báthory) in a too often undervalued late period Hammer feature. Slarek revisits a fine film and an impressive collection of extras on Network's recently released UK Blu-ray.
A Touch of Sin
blu-ray review | 22 Sep 2014
Jia Zhangke's four story allegory of the changing face of modern China is compelling but intermittently violent cinema. For Slarek it's one of the director's finest films yet, and it looks great on Arrow's UK Blu-ray.
Wolf Creek 2
dvd review | 15 Sep 2014
Aussie psycho Mick Taylor returns in Greg Mclean's tense and graphically violent sequel to his own famously punishing 2005 original. It probably looks superb on Entertainment One's Blu-ray, but Gort only has the DVD to play with.
Immoral Tales
blu-ray review | 15 Sep 2014
A turning point in the career of Walerian Borowczyk, the 1974 Immoral Tales is erotic cinema of a rather special kind, and it looks superb on the Blu-ray in Arrow's gorgeously featured dual format release, says Slarek.
Brute Force
blu-ray review | 13 Sep 2014
At the start of a truly great Hollywood career behind and in front of the lens, Burt Lancaster – on the heels of his first screen role in The Killers – stars as a desperate prisoner in Brute Force. Camus catches up with him in stir.
Twins of Evil
blu-ray review | 10 Sep 2014
Gort looks kindly on the 1971 Twins of Evil, the third film in Hammer's Karnstein trilogy, inspired by the writings of Sheridan Le Fanu and looking rather impressive on Network's recently released Blu-ray.
blu-ray review | 8 Sep 2014
Polish maestro Walerian Borowczyk's third feature film is Slarek's personal favourite, a beautifully structured and filmed medieval tragedy, handsomely presented on the Blu-ray from Arrow Academy's splendidly featured dual format release.
Goto Isle of Love
blu-ray review | 5 Sep 2014
Slarek falls head over heels for Walerian Borowczyk's bewitching first live action feature, meticulously restored as the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign and looking terrific on the Blu-ray from Arrow's well featured dual format release.
Walerian Borowczyk Short Films and Animation
blu-ray review | 1 Sep 2014
The first of our reviews of the Arrow Academy restorations of works by Polish master Walerian Borowczyk looks at a stunning compilation of his early short films and his first feature. Slarek is amazed by what he sees and hears.

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Darlings, All – A Tribute to Richard Attenborough
article | 25 Aug 2014
There are very few consummate filmmakers out there with a CV to rival the late Richard Attenborough. From teen actor to national treasure, he always stood up for the little guy. Camus and Slarek acknowledge his passing.
Waving and Drowning
article | 25 July 2014
Who decides what's cool, what’s 'in', what’s fundamentally good? There used to be a select stratum of people who greenlit a film's production or a book's publishing. Camus asks "Do we still need so-called 'tastemakers'?"
The profundity of the primal: a tribute to H.R. Giger
article | 13 May 2014
On the day that the sad news of Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger's death was announced, Camus and Slarek pay brief but heartfelt tribute to his unique talent.
"'Ere, 'old up, where's Victoria?": A tribute to Bob Hoskins
article | 2 May 2014
From On The Move’s adult literacy TV shows in the 70s via a huge diversity of roles to the twinkle-in-his-eye, shop steward of Made In Dagenham, we’ve always had a soft spot for the sadly late Bob Hoskins.
Interview with Darren Stein & Michael J. Willett
interview | 22 March 2014
Timothy E. RAW speaks to director Darren Stein and star Michael J. Willett about G.B.F., a watershed moment in the history of the teen film, and puts them both to the test, presenting them with several pairs of world-renowned divas and asking, "Who's Gayer?"
Interview with DVD/Blu-ray producer Daniel Bird
interview | 21 February 2014
Slarek talks to disc producer Daniel Bird about Polish director Walerian Borowczyk, the logistics of restoring his films, and the upcoming Borowczyk DVD & Blu-ray set from Arrow Films.
Interview with writer-director Don Coscarelli
interview | 5 February 2014
With the release date of Eureka's UK Blu-ray and DVD of John Dies at the End fast approaching, we talk to its director and Phantasm creator Don Coscarelli.
Slarek: Review of the Year
article | 16 January 2014
It's late, it's long, and it kicks of with the usual extended political moan, but Slarek has finally turned in his very personal pick of the audio-visual pleasures of 2013.
Touched by Light
article | 15 December 2013
Has life-changing cinema been irrevocably diluted by the ubiquity and immediacy of media? Content, and indeed the means by which it’s consumed, are everywhere. Camus asks "Can a movie still profoundly affect you?"
Interviews with Francesca Gregorini, Kaya Scodelario and Aneurin Barnard
interview | 26 November 2013
Available on the US iTunes store from today, this surrealistic psychological drama was one of the best of the Sundance UK 2013 line-up and it’s there that Timothy E. RAW talked to writer-director Francesca Gregorini and stars Kaya Scodelario and Aneurin Barnard.
Interview with Nicole Holofcener
interview | 17 October 2013
Timothy E. RAW meets the woman solely responsible for restoring some dignity to the modern rom-com. She tells him about the jauntily sweet Enough Said and working with the late James Gandolfini.
Interview with Matthew Fox
interview | 5 October 2013
Leading man Matthew Fox talks to Timothy E. RAW about his WWII thriller Emperor, which is on limited UK cinema release now from The Works.