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A Kid for Two Farthings
Carol Reed's A Kid for Two Farthings on dual format & iTunes in August
news | 19 July 2019
A wonderfully whimsical tale and Carol Reed’s last film for Alexander Korda and his first in colour (so of course we've used a monochrome still) arrives in the UK as a dual format release and an iTunes download from the BFI in August.
Latest Blu-ray review
Coming Home
Coming Home
blu-ray review | 21 July 2019
The destructive impact of the Vietnam War on those who fought in it is movingly explored in one of director Hal Ashby's most critically and commercially successful films. Slarek revisits a gripping, brilliantly performed work from a golden era for socially conscious American cinema on a fine Blu-ray from Eureka.
High 5
News story
17 Jul 2019
Finnish metal music comedy Heavy Trip on digital platforms in August
After 12 years of practicing in their parents' basement, Finnish metal band Impaled Rektum land the opportunity to play the biggest music festival in Norway in Juuso Laatio and Aleksi Puranen's feature directorial debut, on digital platforms in August from Sparky Pictures.

News story
13 Jul 2019
Restored Jean Cocteau double on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in August
Thirty years separate two classics from one of cinema’s most influential artists, Jean Cocteau, Le sang d'un poète and Le testament d'Orphée, both of which are coming to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in new 4K restorations from Studiocanal.

News story
12 Jul 2019
The Bells of St. Mary’s & Man of a Thousand Faces on Blu-ray in October
Bing Crosby plays an unconventional priest in the 1945 The Bells of St. Mary's and James Cagney stars as acting legend Lon Chaney in the 1957 Man of a Thousand Faces, both of which are coming to Special Edition Blu-rays in October from Arrow Academy.

News story
11 Jul 2019
Rabid on 2-disc Blu-ray in August and Skinner on dual format in September
David Cronenberg's early career cult favourite Rabid is to be released as a 2-disc Blu-ray set with a new 2K restoration in August and little-seen 90s horror Skinner as a dual format edition in September from 101 Films.

9 Jul 2019
A successful Los Angeles radio station comes into conflict with its corporate owners over advertising plans in cinematographer John A. Alonzo's light-hearted, music-driven drama. Slarek likes how it all begins but is less enthralled by where it subsequently takes him. Great soundtrack, though!

Film review
8 Jul 2019
Apollo 11
History is a vast presentation of subjective interpretation written in books. By the winners. In 1969, when mankind realised a potential it has now tragically discarded, words were joined by TV, 16mm, 35mm and 70mm film. Camus is stunned anew at Apollo 11...

7 Jul 2019
Cujo and the problem of how to end a movie
In a hugely belated blog, Slarek belatedly follows up his review of Eureka's Blu-ray release of Lewis Teague's excellent Cujo with a spoiler-littered look at some issues he has with with the film's final scene and how ending a movie well can sometimes prove a challenge.

Film review
4 Jul 2019
"Scrambled eggs... oh my baby, how I love your legs..." was the placeholder lyric for the most covered and arguably the most famous song in the world. Its eventual title is also that of Richard Curtis’ and Danny Boyle’s movie love-letter to the Beatles. Camus wonders why she had to go... (she wouldn’t say).

News story
4 Jul 2019
Of Flesh and Blood: The Cinema of Hirokazu Koreeda on Blu-ray in July
The BFI is to release a four-disc Blu-ray set in September of key films by Japanese master Koreeda Hirozaku containing his 1995 debut feature Maborosi, the 1998 After Life, the 2004 Nobody Knows and the 2008 Still Walking.

News story
4 Jul 2019
Four more little-seen titles on Blu-ray from Indicator in September
It's that time again, as Indicator announces its September Blu-ray releases: Alberto Cavalcanti’s They Made Me a Fugitive, Michael Winner’s The System, Jiří Weiss's 90º in the Shade, and Matthew Chapman’s Hussy.

2 Jul 2019
Last Hurrah for Chivalry & Hand of Death: Two Films by John Woo
Two of John Woo's early martial arts films have been restored and brought together in a splendid new Blu-ray package by Eureka. Slarek revisits these key works in Woo's career, ones that paved the way for his later Heroic Bloodshed movies.

News story
29 Jun 2019
Sam Fuller double & Kiarostami trilogy on Criterion Blu-ray in September
The September UK Blu-ray releases from the Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have been confirmed – a Samuel Fuller double of Shock Corridor and The Naked Kiss and Abbas Kiarostami’s The Koker Trilogy.

News story
28 Jun 2019
A collection of notable horror titles on Arrow Blu-ray in September
Arrow has announced its September Blu-ray titles, a trio of prestigious horror releases: a 2-disc edition of The Prey, Wes Craven's sequel to his own cult hit, The Hills Have Eyes 2, and the 9-film Macabre Visions: The Films of Mario Bava.

24 Jun 2019
Ray Winstone is electrifying as the put-upon borstal inmate who grabs power fom the incumbent 'daddy' in Alan Clarke and Roy Minton's brilliant feature remake of their equally brilliant but banned TV play. Slarek revisits a key film of his teenage years on Indicator's superb new Blu-ray.

Recent reviews and articles
Film review
24 Jun 2019
Toy Story 4
This writer has a twenty-year history with Woody and Buzz. His son was three when the first one came out and is now pushing twenty-three. He grew up with the toys and the films. Camus had some reservations but does emotionally engage with Toy Story 4

23 Jun 2019
A Case for a Rookie Hangman
One of the Czech New Wave's strangest (and yet still modestly accessible) films, A Case for a Rookie Hangman is Pavel Juráček's take on Jonathan Swift brewed with healthy bits of Lewis Carroll and Franz Kafka. The bold and compelling result is released by Second Run in a new restoration, reviewed here by clydefro.

19 Jun 2019
Under Fire
Nick Nolte is superb as a photojournalist covering the Nicaraguan revolution in 1979 in Roger Spottiswoode's electrifying 1983 political thriller, Under Fire. Slarek takes a detailed look at one of his very favourite films on Eureka's excellent new Blu-ray release.

17 Jun 2019
The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne
Maggie Smith excels in this character portrait of a lonely woman in the 1950s whose impoverished and religious life has thwarted her modest emotional ambitions. Camus breaks out the hidden whiskey reviewing Indicator’s new Blu-ray of The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne

12 Jun 2019
No Orchids for Miss Blandish
In his first review for the site for many months, Gort returns to grapple with a film that's still getting scathing reviews 70 years after it was first shocked critics and outraged moralists. Now you can see what the fuss was about thanks to Indicator's typically excellent Blu-ray release.

4 Jun 2019
The Andromeda Strain
A small town New Mexico is almost completely wiped out by an alien organism and four scientists are recruited to locate the virus and find a way to combat it in Robert Wise's superb film adaptation of Michael Crichton's 1969 novel. Slarek revisits a favourite sf movie on Arrow's excellent new Blu-ray.

Film review
2 Jun 2019
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum
I took the first John Wick extremely seriously. Someone killed his dog so people had to die (I can live with that). In Chapter 2, things got a little highfalutin but in Parabellum, the absurd became wildly comic. Camus revels in the delirium of cinematic violence.

27 May 2019
Bellman and True
Bernard Hill plays a computer expert who is strongarmed into aiding a bank robbery in the Bellman and True, Richard Loncraine's strangely overlooked crime drama from 1987. Slarek finds much to admire in the film, and even more on Indicator's new Blu-ray release.

27 May 2019
Director Jack Gold made a few big screen additions to his CV as well as all the exceptional TV work he was most famous for. Who? was a 70s film this reviewer caught early and it made quite the impression. Camus returns to Cold War paranoia…

23 May 2019
The Woman in the Window
A desperate act of self-defence sees a mild-mannered college professor fighting for his freedom as a murder investigation closes in around him in Fritz Lang's 1944 film noir classic. Slarek slides into the shadows to discuss the film, Eureka's new Blu-ray and that one, slightly controversial twist...