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Mr. Topaze
Peter Sellers' Mr Topaze lands a BFI Flipside dual format release in April
news | 21 March 2019
The feature film directorial debut of Peter Sellers, who also stars alongside his future Pink Panther nemesis Herbert Lom, makes its UK Blu-ray and DVD debut in a well-featured dual format edition in April as part of the BFI's Flipside strand.
Latest Blu-ray review
Irma la Douce
Irma la Douce
blu-ray revew | 22 March 2019
Everyone is locked into their own eras, even the great writer/director Billy Wilder. Can a hugely successful comedy from the early sixties still tickle ribs fifty-six years later? Camus visits the all too clean and colourful world of Parisian prostitutes…
High 5
Film review
21 Mar 2019
Captain Marvel
A month before the (one hopes) glorious end to The Avengers movie series, one that needs to be satisfying and not a reset button, comes a film that may have a significant bearing on its narrative. Camus has seen Captain Marvel’s female empowerment before...

20 Mar 2019
Sink the Bismarck!
The true story of how British forces took on the most powerful ship in the German navy is the subject of Lewis Gilbert's impressively low-key but still exciting WW2 drama, Sink the Bismarck!. Slarek salutes a very fine film and the superb transfer on Eureka's recently released Blu-ray.

News story
5 Mar 2019
Harold Pinter’s The Caretaker on dual format & iTunes in April
The 1963 film adaptation of the play that changed the face of modern theatre and made Harold Pinter's name, starring Alan Bates, Donald Pleasance and Robert Shaw, lands a dual format and iTunes release next month from the BFI.

News story
5 Mar 2019
Thriller duo Nightfall and The Running Man from Arrow Academy in June
Arrow has announced its Arrow Academy Blu-ray titles for June, namely two superb couple-on-the run thrillers, Jacques Tourneur's masterful 1956 film noir Nightfall and the 1963 The Running Man from The Third Man director Carol Reed.

11 Mar 2019
Family issues and Eastern promise
And once again the site has ground to a halt. In a blog that was due to be posted yesterday, Slarek outlines why family issues and an impending trip to far-away lands has led to a recent lack of reviews and stories, and looks forward to more activity in the near future.

5 Mar 2019
Dawson City: Frozen Time
Drawing on a treasure trove of partially preserved silent films unearthed in Dawson City in the Yukon, Decasia director Bill Morrison has created a mesmerising documentary study of the region, early cinema and the strange beauty of decay. Slarek has his senses electrified by the film on Second Run's superb Blu-ray.

News story
5 Mar 2019
Four genre-twisting films from on Indicator Blu-ray in May
Indicator has announces its May Blu-ray releases, and we have four genre-twisting films from British directors – the notorious No Orchids for Miss Blandish, Jack Gold's Who?, heist thriller Bellman & True and Nic Roeg's Track 29.

News story
5 Mar 2019
Bergman: A Year in a Life on 3-disc Blu-ray, DVD & iTunes in March
The Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have announced their UK Blu-ray releases for May – Elia Kazan's A Face in the Crowd, Terrence Mallick's Badlands and Gillian Armstrong's My Brilliant Career.

News story
26 Feb 2019
Kazan, Mallick and Armstrong on Criterion UK Blu-ray in May
The Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have announced their UK Blu-ray releases for May – Elia Kazan's A Face in the Crowd, Terrence Mallick's Badlands and Gillian Armstrong's My Brilliant Career.

News story
26 Feb 2019
Derek Jarman's debut feature Sebastiane on Blu-ray & iTunes in March
The feature directed by Derek Jarman, in collaboration with Paul Humfress, tells the story of the 4th century Praetorian Guard whose human goodness leads to humiliation and martyrdom, comes to Blu-ray and iTunes in March from the BFI.

25 Feb 2019
Take a Girl Like You
Some movies are so locked into their time, there’s no skeleton key to prise their bones out of the closet. Take A Girl Like You, based on the Kingsley Amis novel of 1960, is an intriguing slice of a society we have long since shuffled off. Camus’ eyebrows go north…

News story
21 Feb 2019
Arrow's Head of Restoration James White talks about restoring Ringu
Arrow has released an article by its Head of restoration, James White, who talks about the process of restoring one of the finest and most influential of modern horror films, Hideo Nakata's masterful Ring.

23 Feb 2019
The Last Movie
Setting a new record even for us due to unforseen circumstances, Slarek has delivered his month-late (re-) assessment of Dennis Hopper's much-maligned but fascinating second feature, which has been restored and released on a wonderfully featured Blu-ray by Indicator.

Recent reviews and articles
15 Feb 2019
My Name is Julia Ross
The film that put Gun Crazy director Joseph H. Lewis on the map is a tight and terrific gothic noir drama in which a young woman finds herself the victim of a forced identity change. Slarek salutes the film and is seriously impressed with the restoration and transfer on the new Arrow Academy Blu-ray.

11 Feb 2019
A company of dancers mark the completion of rehearsals for their latest routine with an evening of partying, which descends into madness when their sangria is spiked in Gasper Noé's compelling, thrilling and ultimately terrifying latest. Slarek submits to the film and salutes Arrow's excellent new Blu-ray.

8 Feb 2019
Gardens of Stone
Francis Coppola's second Vietnam War themed film is very different to his first. It's taken four viewings for Slarek to completely make up his mind about a work whose qualities outweigh its shakier elements, and it looks and sounds great on the recently released Indicator Blu-ray.

Film review
30 Jan 2019
Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Melissa McCarthy and Richard E, Grant are both terrific as author and letter forger Lee Israel and her friend and eventual partner-in-crime Jack Hock in Marielle Heller's enthralling and finely judged biographical drama. Slarek was new to the story and has nothing but praise for the film.

27 Jan 2019
Anthony Quinn is a university professor tasked with negotiating with students who have occupied the administration building in Stanley Kramer's intriguing but only partially successful campus protest movie. Slarek reviews the film on Indicator's new Blu-ray and contemplates its handling of student activism.

22 Jan 2019
Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte
Bette Davis, Olivia De Havilland and Agnes Moorehead storm the screen in Robert Aldrich's gripping companion piece to his subgenre-defining Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?. Slarek sits down for a delicious slice of Southern Gothic on this new Masters of Cinema Blu-ray.

18 Jan 2019
Charles Bronson brings an unexpectedly lively touch to the role of an opportunist bush pilot hired to rescue a wrongly accused man from a Mexican jail in the entertaining 1975 action-caper movie, Breakout. Slarek has more fun than he expected, though is unsurprised by the high quality of Indicator's Blu-ray.

15 Jan 2019
William Castle at Columbia, Volume Two
Heavily delayed by a crisis at Christmas, Slarek goes to town on Indicator's second Blu-ray box set of films directed by master showman William Castle for Columbia Studios – there are ups and downs, but lots to be entertained by and enough special features to keep you busy for a month.

8 Jan 2019
Georgy Girl
In an unapologetic punning mood, Camus reviews a film whose main theme was one of the prevailing sounds of his childhood. Relieved to finally see the film it served on Indicator's recent Blu-ray, he is enlivened by how good Georgy Girl is…