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A Fistful of Dynamite
Sergio Leone, Johnny To, Sergio Corbucci and Fritz Lang from Eureka in May
news | 28 February 2020
Eureka has announced its May Blu-ray releases (no DVDs this time around), consisting of a 2-disc re-release of A Fistful of Dynamite, action-drama Throw Down, spaghetti western The Specialists and Fritz Lang's final film, The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse.
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UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing, Leilani Farha, in New
York in PUSH. Photo: Janice d’Avila
film review | 27 February 2020
Is the rising gap between stagnating wages and rising house prices forcing low and middle income people out of cities? If so, who or what is responsible? These are questions posed and investigated by director Fredrik Gertten's new documentary, Push, which is released in UK cinemas tomorrow.
High 5
24 Feb 2020
Holiday is the feature debut of Swedish director Isabella Eklöf. Don’t expect to see this film on afternoon TV. It’s a steel cold, uncompromising examination of male power from a female perspective. Camus recognises the talent if not the film’s non-existent feel-good factor…

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21 Feb
Gamera: The Complete Collection on Limited Edition Blu-ray in July
All twelve uncut original Japanese versions of the films in the popular Gamera series have been brought together by Arrow in high definition for the 8-disc Limited Edition collector's box set Gamera: The Complete Collection in July.

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21 Feb
Max Ophüls, Satyajit Ray & Destry Rides Again on Criterion Blu-ray in May
The May UK Blu-ray titles from the Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have been announced: Max Ophüls' Lola Montès, celebrated comedy western Destry Rides Again and Satyajit Ray's The Apu Trilogy.

20 Feb 2020
The Pillow Book
It's taken a good few years for Slarek to warm to the distinctive cinema of Peter Greenaway, but in the process of revisiting the hypnotic and visually and aurally striking The Pillow Book on Indicator's handsome new Blu-ray, he's become an enthusiastic convert.

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19 Feb
John Schlesinger's Sunday Bloody Sunday on Blu-ray in March
Glenda Jackson, Peter Finch and Murray Head star in John Schlesinger’s brilliantly observed 1971 suburban drama, Sunday Bloody Sunday, makes its UK Blu-ray debut in March from the BFI.

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17 Feb
John Huston's Beat the Devil on Blu-ray/DVD and Digital in March
Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Gina Lollobrigida, Robert Morley and Peter Lorre star in John Huston's 1953 comic adventure movie Beat the Devil, which comes to Dual Format, BFI Player, iTunes and Amazon in March from the BFI.

16 Feb 2020
Son of the Sheik
Rudolph Valentino was an icon of the silent era and died just two weeks before the release of his final film at the age of just 31. Slarek heads out to the desert to explore the positive aspects and the things that haven't aged so well of The Son of the Sheik on Masters of Cinema Blu-ray.

12 Feb 2020
Hôtel du Nord
When a young couple check in to a Parisian hotel, their actions have an impact on the owners and guests in Hôtel du Nord, Marcel Carné's wonderful 1936 poetic realist drama. Slarek checks in and falls in love with a classic film on the newly released Arrow Academy Blu-ray.

11 Feb 2020
Secret Friends
Dennis Potter was an extraordinary talent. Famous for writing The Singing Detective and Pennies From Heaven, two landmark TV dramas of the 80s, he stepped behind the camera in 1991 to adapt his novel Ticket To Ride. Camus gets on board.

News story
10 Feb
70s British crime thriller Villain restored on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in March
Richard Burton, Ian McShane, Nigel Davenport and Donald Sinden star in the 1971 gangster thriller Villain, directed by Michael Tuchner and written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, and comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD and Digital restored in March from Studiocanal.

News story
10 Feb
The Man with X-Ray Eyes on Limited Edition Blu-ray in April
Ray Milland plays a scientist whose obsession with expanding the powers of human sight leads to an experiment that transforms his life in Roger Corman's cult horror/sf favourite The Man With X-Ray Eyes, which comes to Limited Edition Blu-ray in April from Second Sight.

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9 Feb
The circus is over: a tribute to Kirk Douglas
More pledges broken. In an effort to kickstart the weekly blogs that he promised himself he would deliver weekly this year (oh do be serious), Slarek takes a brief break from reviewing to pay tribute to Kirk Douglas, who died this week aged 103.

News story
7 Feb
The BFI announces its April to June Blu-ray and DVD releases
A bumper crop of titles have been announced by the BFI for Blu-ray release between April and June, including a host of Japanese classics, a gender-war satire, the return of a TV drama landmark and an epic documentary on female filmmakers. 

News story
6 Feb
Cyrano de Bergerac on 30th Anniversary BFI Blu-ray in February
Gerard Depardieu shines as the title character in Jean-Paul Rappeneau’s captivating film adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s classic play, which makes is UK Blu-ray debut and is released on BFI Player, iTunes and Amazon in February from the BFI.

Recent reviews and articles
21 Jan 2020
Slarek's second viewing of Orphans, Peter Mullan's first feature as a director upset him so much that he didn't want to write about it, but a third viewing saw him fall in love with what is one of the most perceptive examinations of grief committed to film, and it's backed by a sublime set of extras on Indicator's terrific Blu-ray release.

Film review
2 Feb
Opening on the 7 February is a mainstream film that has become more famous for its failure Stateside to drum up a decent first weekend’s business than any other aspect. Camus wonders how difficult it is to screw up Dolittle given today’s tech and is satisfied to report that it’s not all bad…

21 Jan 2020
Night Tide
A young Dennis Hopper in his first lead role plays a sailor on leave who falls for a woman who may not be all she seems in Curtis Harrington's layered and compellingly developed debut feature. Slarek responds to the call of the sea with Indicator's superb 2-disc Blu-ray.

19 Jan 2020
Winter Kills
Despite a stellar cast, some serious behind the scenes talent and being based on a book by the author of The Manchurian Candidate’, Winter Kills opened and closed within a week in 1979. It may be the most bizarre Hollywood film Camus has ever seen…

15 Jan 2020
Cloak and Dagger
Gary Cooper plays a scientist who goes undercover during WWII when evidence is found that the Nazis are looking to built an atom bomb in Fritz Lang's gripping espionage thriller Cloak and Dagger. Slarek looks at the film and marvels at what Eureka have fitted on to one Masters of Cinema Blu-ray.

Film review
14 Jan
Sam Mendes found a germ of inspiration in his grandfather’s stories about WWI and after Spectre’s virtuoso opening shot, was galvanized to co-write and direct an entire film ‘in one take’. Camus braves the sniper’s bullets (and the guest stars)…

10 Jan 2020
Director Paul Greengrass is something of a cinematic role model. He’s technically brilliant, passionately political and manages success on all size screens and budgets. Welcome to his cinematic debut, Resurrected. Camus tries to avoid a regimental bath…

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8 Jan

The nightmare before Christmas: Slarek's pick of 2019
A few days later than planned (of course), Slarek picks some of his favourite films and discs from 2019, curses the fact that he didn't see more, and goes on the expected rant about the government and the impending death of honesty and truth.

Film review
7 Jan
Jojo Rabbit
Taika Waititi, the New Zealand director burst on to the international arena with What We Do In The Shadows, a glorious vampire comedy. After success with Thor: Ragnarok, he returns to more modest, controversial filmmaking. Camus joins the resistance…

Film review
3 Jan
Little Women
The seventh screen incarnation of Little Women, a seminal novel written in 1868, is an absolute delight. Director and indie favourite Greta Gerwig directs with absolute trust in her actors’ capabilities. Camus is won over by the sincere heart at the film’s core…

29 Dec 2019
After a break of a few days for the sort of personal reasons we all tend to indulge at this time of year, Slarek continues our mop-up of missed reviews with a look at the bare-bones Eureka Classics Blu-ray release of Héctor Babenco's star-headlined but sobering Ironweed.