80s fantasy favourite Cocoon 30th Anniversary Blu-ray in July
news | 28 Apr 2016
A veteran cast shines in 80s science fiction favourite, Cocoon, the second feature from actor turned director Ron Howard, which comes to UK Blu-ray as a 30th Anniversary Edition in July from Eureka Entertainment.
blu-ray review | 25 April 2016
Restored from the rediscovered original negative, director José Ramón Larraz's superb, once thought lost psychological horror-thriller is released as a dual format edition today by the BFI as part of its Flipside strand. A nervous Slarek goes down to the woods.
Essence of wonder
article | 20 April 2016
A long time ago when the word ‘web’ was only associated with spiders, a young film aficionado had to search high and low for quality film coverage that wasn’t generated by PR companies… Camus mourns the late, great Cinefantastique
27 Apr 2016
1930 Brit crime thriller Children of Chance on DVD in May
John Stuart, Mabel Poulton and Elissa Landi star in an early British crime thriller from writers Frank Launder and Miles Malleson, which comes to UK DVD in May from Network and part of 'The British Film' collection.
27 Apr 2016
Alan Clarke's The Firm – Collector's Edition on Blu-ray & DVD in May
The final TV film from the great Alan Clarke, featuring a towering central performance from Gary Oldman, lands a Special Edition stand-alone release on DVD and Blu-ray in May from the BFI.
26 Apr 2016
The Luck of a Sailor & Street of Shadows on DVD in May
The next two titles in Network's ongoing 'The British Film' collection have been announced for a May DVD release, the 1934 romantic drama The Luck of a Sailor and the 1953 crime noir Street of Shadows.
25 Apr 2016
Criterion and Sony announce their June and July UK Blu-ray release slate
Criterion and Sony Pictures have announced the latest five titles from The Criterion Collection to get a UK Blu-ray release: Overlord, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Gilda, Burroughs and Dr. Strangelove.
23 Apr 2016
5 (each) of our favourite Shakespeare inspired film and TV works
On the 400th anniversary of the death of of the most celebrated playwright in literary history, Camus and Slarek pick five works each from film and TV that were inspired by or adapted from his plays.
21 Apr 2016
David Rudkin and Alan Clarke's Penda's Fen on Blu-ray & DVD in May
The BFI have announced that a week ahead of their release of The Complete Alan Clarke at the BBC box sets, they will be releasing Clarke's astonishing collaboration with David Rudkin on stand-alone Blu-ray and DVD.
20 Apr 2016
Full details of Dissent & Disruption: The Complete Alan Clarke at the BBC
The BFI have now confirmed the release date and full details of what may well be the most eagerly awaited home entertainment release of the year, The Complete Alan Clarke at the BBC.
19 Apr 2016
1936 Ireland Troubles drama Ourselves Alone on DVD in April
One of the most significant films ever made about the Troubles in Ireland, the 1936 Ourselves Alone comes to UK DVD this month from Network as part of 'The British Film' collection.
18 Apr 2016
Daniel Alfredson thriller Go with Me [Blackway] on DVD in June
Julia Stiles, Alexander Ludwig, Anthony Hopkins and Ray Liotta star in a tepid film adaptation of the novel by Castle Freeman Jr., which comes to UK DVD in June from Metrodome.
18 Apr 2016
Russian war epic Battle For Sevastopol on DVD in May
The true story of the top female sniper in WWII was the inspiration for director Sergey Mokritskiy's Russian war epic, which comes to UK DVD in May from Arrow Films.
17 Apr 2016
Kurosawa's Ran restored in cinemas & EST in April, Blu-ray & DVD in May
A new 4K restoration of Kurosawa's final masterwork Ran comes to UK cinemas and EST in April and Blu-ray & DVD in May from Studiocanal and Independent Cinema Office.
17 Apr 2016
Pink String and Sealing Wax on Blu-ray, DVD and digital in April
The solo directorial debut from Ealing Studios regular Robert Hamer, the 1945 Ealing drama Pink String and Sealing Wax comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD and EST in a new 2K restoration in April from Studiocanal.
15 Apr 2016
The Doomwatch feature film comes to Blu-ray and DVD in June
The feature film version of a classic TV science fiction thriller series, starring Ian Bannen and Judy Geeson and directed by Peter Sasdy, comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD in June from Screenbound.
15 Apr 2016
Peter Watkins’ masterful Edvard Munch comes to Blu-ray in June
Described by Ingmar Bergman as “a work of genius”, Peter Watkins’ multi-faceted study of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch comes to UK Blu-ray in June from Masters of Cinema.
15 Apr 2016
Nico Mastorakis’s The Zero Boys on Blu-ray and DVD in April
A weekend of survival games takes a deadly turn for a group of young friends in cult director Nico Mastorakis’s1986 exploitation thriller, getting a feature loaded dual format release this month from Arrow.
12 Apr 2016
Hou Hsiao-Hsien's The Assassin on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital in May
Selected as film of the year in the Sight & Sound 2015 critics poll, director Hou Hsiao-Hsien's first foray into the Wuxia martial arts genre comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in May from Studiocanal.
19 Apr
Horse Money
Pedro Costa's haunting 2015 DV feature Horse Money may not seem the obvious choice for Second Run's first Blu-ray release, but they've done an impeccable job. In a late review, Slarek tries to get his head round this extraordinary but complex and challenging film.
6 Apr
Three Days of the Condor
One of the key films from a golden period of American cinema, Sidney Pollack's riveting 1975 conspiracy thriller gets a fine Blu-ray release from Masters of Cinema. Camus (re-) reviews the film and Slarek covers the disc.
2 Apr
The Dressmaker
Even today, terrific new movies without commensurate marketing budgets slip by unnoticed. It makes you wonder how many more little gems out there still remain to be discovered. Camus revels in the truly superb The Dressmaker.
28 Mar
Culloden and The War Game
Slarek revisits Peter Watkins's first two films, Culloden and The War Game, groundbreaking works that transformed the documentary film format, meticulously restored and brought together in an exemplary dual format package by the BFI.
26 Mar
Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
It seems the gruelling and mindlessly dull, last CG-soaked half-hour of Man of Steel wasn’t an aberration; it turns out to be Zach Snyder’s signature style. Camus suits up for more super-heroics and cannot resist the compulsion to sigh at Batman v Superman
26 Mar
The Club
Jerry Whyte savours his second Chilean masterpiece in a week, Pablo Larraín’s The Club, which chisels another chip from the reputation of the Catholic Church while displaying an exceptional cinematic beauty that calls forth thoughts of celluloid.
23 Mar
Interview with Pablo Larraín
Acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín's latest film The Club opens in UK cinemas on Friday 25 March. In anticipation of this, Jerry Whyte talks to the film's talented and genial director.
19 Mar
The Pearl Button
Jerry Whyte dips his flag in salute of Patricio Guzmán, one of modern cinema’s true masters, and delights in the way his elegantly intelligent, deeply felt new film, The Pearl Button, thinks out loud about historic horrors and ever-present wonders.
18 Mar
Interview with Patricio Guzmán
To mark the UK release of the superb The Pearl Button, Jerry Whyte talked to its remarkable director, Patricio Guzmán, in an interview recorded at last year's London Film Festival. A review of the film will follow soon.
17 Mar
In 1983, I pronounced Nic Roeg’s Eureka a masterpiece. But with no internet or real life experience at 22 years old, no one listened. I hope its debut on Blu-ray turns on a whole new audience. Camus revels in this audacious marvel of cinema.
13 Mar
One of director Kitano Takeshi's boldest and most visually striking experiments with the film storytelling form, the 2002 Dolls has been given a serious upgrade for Third Window's gorgeous-looking new Blu-ray release. Slarek takes a walk with the Bound Beggars.
4 Mar
A Haunting in Cawdor
Low-key psychological drama meets ineffective horror in Phil Wurtzel's interesting but uneven low budget, cross-genre feature, which hits US cinemas and VOD next week. Our new stateside correspondent Tim Obrist auditions for 'The Scottish Play'.
29 Feb
The film that brought prolific Japanese director Miike Takashi to worldwide attention is a beautifully devised shift from romantic drama to all-out terror, and it's never looked or sounded better than it does on Arrows superbly featured new Blu-ray.
24 Feb
To be honest, I thought I was Marvel Cinematic Universed out. Aside from utterly adoring Hayley Atwell and co. in TV’s Agent Carter, my enthusiasm for the super hero has waned… And then my son told me I must see Deadpool… OK, says Camus.
20 Feb
Determined to challenge the critical perception of him as a director of violent gangster movies, Kitano Takeshi delivered Kikujiro, a delightful tale of a mouthy bully and his cross country journey with a young boy in search of his absent mother, on UK Blu-ray from Third Window.
12 Feb
Fixed Bayonets!
Writer-director Sam Fuller's follow-up to the successful The Steel Helmet is a gripping and highly cinematic Korean War story with a strong focus on character. Slarek revisits a key earkly work from a favorite director and reviews the new Blu-ray from Masters of Cinema.
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