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Moby Dick
John Huston's 1956 Moby Dick on Blu-ray & DVD in November
news | 18 October 2019
Gregory Peck stars as Captain Ahab in a celebrated film adaptation of Herman Melville’s Great American Novel, directed by John Huston and co-written by Ray Bradbury, restored and coming to Blu-ray & DVD in November from Studiocanal.
Latest Blu-ray review
The Dark Half
The Dark Half
blu-ray review | 20 October 2019
Tim Hutton plays a writer whose invented alter-ego takes on murderous human form in The Dark Half, George Romero's 1993 film version of Stephen King's novel. Slarek revisits a film he's never quite made his mind up about on Eureka's recent and splendidly featured Blu-ray.
High 5
Film review
15 Oct 2019
Talking About Trees and The Lost Okoroshi
Jerry Whyte singles out two African films from the London Film Festival that testify to the resilience of cinema, and the importance of humour under duress: Suhaib Gasmelbari’s Talking About Trees and Abba Makama’s The Lost Okoroshi.

News story
17 Oct 2019
Acclaimed documentary Varda by Agnès on dual format in November
Celebrated filmmaker Agnès Varda's final film, in which she offers a personal insight into her oeuvre and her unique ideas and artistic vision, comes to UK dual format and TVOD in November from the BFI.

13 Oct 2019
90º in the Shade
In a rare co-production between the British and Czech film industries, a surprise stock check at a Prague grocery store triggers a chain of events that is set to impact heavily on the lives of two of them people involved. Slarek slaps on the sun cream for Indicator's fine Blu-ray of 90º in the Shade.

News story
11 Oct 2019
40s film noir Black Angel on Arrow Academy Blu-ray in January
Dan Duryea, June Vincent, Peter Lorre and John Phillips star in Roy William Neill's underappreciated film noir treasure from 1946, which arrives in January as the first Blu-ray release of 2020 from Arrow Academy.

Film review
6 Oct 2019
With nothing on his CV to suggest a film of this kind was brewing, writer/director Todd Phillips delivers an extremely effective psychological breakdown of a man whose brutal past inevitably casts him in the role of a tortured clown. Camus wipes off Joker’s greasepaint…

News story
10 Oct 2019
Miloš Foreman-directed musical Hair on Dual Format in October
The far-out adaptation of the smash-hit 1968 Broadway anti-establishment musical Hair, directed by Miloš Foreman and starring John Savage, Treat Williams and Beverly D'Angelo, comes to UK Dual Format this month from the BFI.

News story
10 Oct 2019
Ironweed, What's New Pussycat? & Operation Petticoat from Eureka in December
Eureka has announced a December Blu-ray/dual format release of three new titles on the Eureka Classics label: Jack Nicolson and Meryl Streep drama Ironweed, Blake Edwards comedy Operation Petticoat starring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis, and Woody Allen's debut feature, What's New Pussycat?

News story
7 Oct 2019
The Amazing Mr. Blunden on Limited Edition Blu-ray in December
A magical early-70s treat from actor-turned-director Lionel Jeffries, The Amazing Mr. Blunden arrives on Limited Edition Blu-ray in December in a new restoration and supported by a fine collection of special features from Second Sight.

News story
5 Oct 2019
The Haunting of Hill House on Blu-ray & DVD in October
One of the televisual highlights of 2018, Mike Flanagan's imaginative, deeply unsettling and handsomely executed mini-series adaptation of Shirley Jackson's seminal ghost story lands on UK Blu-ray and DVD this month from Paramount.

2 Oct 2019
They Made Me a Fugitive
In his later career, dogged by chronic alcoholism, actor Trevor Howard was trading on his status, well earned, of being one of England's brightest stars. Here, he is in his prime in a superb post-war crime thriller. Camus finds out how They Made Me a Fugitive...

1 Oct 2019
The System
Oliver Reed stars as a beach photographer who runs a scheme with his friends that targets female holidaymakers for seduction in a smartly written and entertaining early film from director Michael Winner. Slarek hangs out on the seafront with the lads on Indicator's recently released Blu-ray

News story
27 Sep 2019
The Exorcist III and The Vengeance Trilogy from Arrow in December
Two (well, technically four) cult film treats are coming to Blu-ray from Arrow Video in December in the shape of a special edition of William Peter Blatty's ace sequel The Exorcist III and a 4-disc set of Park Chan-wook's The Vengeance Trilogy.

Film review
25 Sep 2019
Ad Astra
In Ad Astra, Brad Pitt takes on Martin Sheen’s role in a precise narrative echo of Apocalypse Now. Only this time, it’s not Brando waiting for him down river, it’s his father over two billion miles away... Camus revels in James Gray’s extraordinary science fiction adventure...

News story
24 Sep 2019
Elia Kazan, Chris Marker & Bette Davis on Criterion Blu-ray in December
The December UK Blu-ray releases from Criterion have been announced: Elia Kazan's On the Waterfront, Bette Davis classic Now, Voyager and the Chris Marker double of La jetée and Sans soleil.

Recent reviews and articles
23 Sep 2019
High Noon
One of the all-time great westerns is also one of the most thematically and stylistically rewarding, a film that broke genre rules and revitalised the career of its star. Slarek revisits the superb High Noon on Eureka's magnificent Blu-ray and finds whole new layers of meaning to explore and appreciate.

8 Sep 2019
The Ear
Paranoia strikes deep in Karel Kachyna's The Ear, newly re-released by Second Run on Blu-ray and now keenly surveilled for review by clydero with his antennae raised.

25 Aug 2019
The Missionary
Ex-Python Michael Palin wrote and starred in a little overlooked gem in 1982. Stuffed with the best of British thespians, The Missionary tells the story of a well-meaning man of the cloth who’s into saving souls in a very unusual way. Camus adopts the position…

Film review
25 Aug 2019
An Accidental Studio
In 1978, Lord Delfont of the British film company giant EMI read a film script and sputtered in fury at what he thought was its blasphemous content. What could be done to resurrect one of the funniest films of all time? Enter a Beatle. Camus reviews An Accidental Studio

21 Aug 2019
Bloody Terror: Bloody New Year
In his final review from Indicator's Bloody Terror: The Shocking Cinema of Norman J. Warren 1976-1987 box set, Gort enjoys some elements of a film that ultimately falls some way short of its potential, and rounds off his coverage of what is definitely one of the multi-disc Blu-ray releases of the year.

20 Aug 2019
Bloody Terror: Inseminoid
In his fourth review of films in Indicator's Bloody Terror: The Shocking Cinema of Norman J. Warren 1976-1987 box set, Gort revisits a film he was never a fan of and still finds things to gripe about, but also some unexpected positives, notably in the subtext and Judy Geeson's performance.

Film review
18 Aug 2019
Blinded by the Light
If left-leaning, working class hero Bruce Springsteen really was ‘The Boss’ then the US might stand a chance of redeeming itself. Blinded by the Light is the story of how one man’s universal art can soar over cultural hurdles. Camus takes that long walk…

16 Aug 2019
Bloody Terror: Terror
In the third of his reviews from Indicator's Bloody Terror: The Shocking Cinema of Norman J. Warren 1976-1987 box set, Gort is plunged headlong into a lively, sometimes logic-free but well cast, enjoyable and visually attractive explosion of horror borrowings with an authentically giallo feel.

14 Aug 2019
Bloody Terror: Prey
In his second review from Indicator's Bloody Terror: The Shocking Cinema of Norman J. Warren 1976-1987 box set, Gort gets to grips with a film that doesn't unfold as expected and proves to be a multi-layered and disarmingly involving relationship drama in sf-horror clothing.

12 Aug 2019
Bloody Terror: Satan's Slave
In the first of his reviews from Indicator's Bloody Terror: The Shocking Cinema of Norman J. Warren 1976-1987 box set, Gort is surprised by just how good Warren's first venture into the horror genre is, and there's much to explore and enjoy on this first disc in the collection.

12 Aug 2019
The Incident
Disparate passengers are terrorised by two dangerous hoodlums in the car of a New York City subway train at night in Larry Peerce's taut and terrifying 1967 blend biting social drama and nail-biting thriller. Slarek jumps on board with Eureka's Blu-ray and wonders fearfully what he would do if this was for real.