Arrow Video and Sci-Fi-London to screen Bunker 6 on Friday...in a bunker
news | 24 April 2014
Arrow Video are teaming with Sci-Fi-London the stage a special screening of Canadian chiller Bunker 6 alongside Romero's Day of the Dead in a London WW2 bunker tomorrow. Cool!
Celluloid Man
dvd review | 22 April 2014
Shivendra Singh Dungarpur's documentary portrait of India's premiere film archivist P.K. Nair, recently released on UK DVD by Second Run, is one of the most captivating films about cinema Slarek has ever seen.
film review | 21 April 2014
Christopher Nolan's celluloid-supporting cinematographer Wally Pfister breaks from Nolan's orbit and directs this curious science fiction movie, Transcendence. Camus is impressed with its ideas if not its scope.
High 5
blog | 27 March 2014
A brief introduction to a new site column in which we list five examples, each personal favourites, from a criteria to be selected on a bi-weekly basis either by us or by you, and we asking you to throw in your own choices too.

5 horror scenes that scared us silly
high 5 | 24 April 2014
For our second High 5 selection, Slarek and Camus pick five scenes from horror film history (plus one horror-tinted comedy-thriller) that scared the living crap out of them.

Like Father, Like Son on digital in April, DVD and Blu-ray in May
news | 23 April 2014
The acclaimed latest feature from modern Japanese master Kore-eda Hirokazu comes to UK digital formats in May and disc in June from Arrow films.
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot on Blu-ray in June
news | 22 April 2014
Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges star in the confident debut feature from The Deer Hunter and Heaven's Gate director Michael Cimino, on UK Blu-ray in June from Second Sight.
Birth of the Living Dead on DVD and VOD in May
news | 17 April 2014
A new documentary that explores the making of George A. Romero's seminal classic Night of the Living Dead comes to UK DVD and VOS in May from Solo Media.
21 "Hollywood Classics" coming to DVD in May
news | 17 April 2014
Simply Media have announced a further 21 titles as part of their Hollywood Classics collection, all coming to UK DVD on 12th May.
The Delta Force on Blu-ray in May
news | 17 April 2014
Chuck Norris takes on the terrorists in a cult action movie from 1986 in which realism and cheese collide head-on, on UK Blu-ray in May from Arrow Films.
Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi on Blu-ray in May
news | 15 April 2014
Two exquisite blends of imagery and music from director Godfrey Reggio and composer Philip Glass have been remastered for a dual Blu-ray release in May from Arrow Academy.
Assault on Wall Street on DVD in May
news | 15 April 2014
A blue collar worker decides to take direct action against Wall Street traders who have robbed him of his savings in what could be Uwe Boll's best film, on DVD in May from Metrodome.
Nosferatu the Vampire & Aguirre, Wrath of God on Blu-ray SteelBook in May
news | 14 April 2014
Two major films from Werner Herzog are to be released on UK Blu-ray as Limited Edition SteelBooks in May from the BFI ahead of their major Herzog box set.
The Rocket on DVD and Blu-ray in June
news | 14 April 2014
Australia’s official selection for the Best Foreign Language Film category for the 86th Academy Awards and a feel-good film that doesn't disgrace that term comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray in June from Eureka!.
Found footage horror Delivery on DVD in May
news | 14 April 2014
Reality TV and found footage horror collide in what is being acclaimed by some as one of this maligned sub-genre's best offerings yet, on DVD in April from Metrodome.
Theatre of Blood on Blu-ray and Blu-ray Steelbook in May
news | 11 April 2014
Vincent Price has his finest hour (and 40 minutes) in Douglas Hickox's glorious 1973 blend of horror and black comedy, restored and coming to Blu-ray in May from Arrow Films.
Ginga: The Soul of Brasilian Football on DVD in May
news | 10 April 2014
Just what is it that makes Brazil one of the premiere footballing nations? It's a question explored by the documentary Ginga: The Soul of Brasilian Football, on DVD in May from Mr. Bongo.
Mini-series Restless on DVD in June
news | 10 April 2014
A former WW2 spy investigates her own past in British 2012 mini-series Restless, which comes to UK DVD in June from Metrodome.

Ace in the Hole
blu-ray review | 20 April 2014
Made in 1951, Billy Wilder's story of a ruthless journalist, Ace in the Hole, is a searing indictment of press cynicism. It's still relevant today as the phone hacking trials continue. Camus is stunned by the movie anew.
film review | 19 April 2014
When a well-respected, talented independent filmmaker hefts a high budget blockbuster on to his shoulders, the result will always be worth a look. Camus pulls the waders on and joins Noah and company on the ark.
White Dog
blu-ray review | 13 April 2014
Slarek ponders on the dangerous idiocy of racism and salutes Sam Fuller's superb 1982 White Dog, a film that tackles the issue head-on, recently released on UK dual format by Eureka! as part of the Masters of Cinema series.
blu-ray review | 7 April 2014
Slarek takes a look at Sparks, an unusual and inventive low-budget work that attempts to meld elements from superhero, film noir and serial killer movies and almost pulls it off, released on UK Blu-ray today from Image Entertainment.
Wake in Fright
blu-ray review | 31 March 2014
Slarek takes a very personal trip to the Outback in appreciation of Ted Kotcheff's compelling and remarkably even-handed portrait of a personal descent into darkness, out today on dual format from Masters of Cinema.
2001: A Space Odyssey
blu-ray review | 30 March 2014
Adding any original comment on one of the most famous films of all time is a daunting task. Nonetheless, Camus takes a personal look at the 2007 Blu-ray release of Stanley Kubrick's truly seminal 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Hands Over the City
blu-ray review | 20 March 2014
Rod Steiger plays a greed-driven property developer in Francesco Rosi's incisive 1963 political drama. Slarek basks in the film's brilliance as social drama and a typically excellent Blu-ray from Masters of Cinema.
The Night Child
retro dvd review | 16 March 2014
For this week's retro review, Gort looks back at an interesting entry in the Italian post-Exorcist possession cycle, released on UK DVD back in October 2012 by Arrow Films.
The Stuff
blu-ray review | 10 March 2014
An alien invasion can take many forms, but how about as your favourite dessert? Larry Cohen's 1985 cult classic The Stuff lands on UK dual format from Arrow video and looks better than ever says long-time fan Gort.
Frankenstein: The True Story
dvd review | 9 March 2014
Could a three-hour TV movie from 1973 really be one of the best film versions of Mary Shelley's genre-shaping novel? Gort revisits a gem from his childhood on Second Sight's new DVD.
This is Jinsy – Season One
dvd review | 6 March 2014
Someone give Sky's comedy commissioner Lucy Lumsden a bravo. Camus is smitten by the wonderfully funny and inventive Yonderland and its adult cousin, This Is Jinsy, and retro-reviews the latter's first season DVD.
Transport from Paradise
dvd review | 5 March 2014
The fate of the inmates of the Czech ghetto of Terezin under Nazi occupation during WW2 is compellingly told in Zbynĕk Brynych's award-winning drama from 1962. Slarek reviews the film and Second Run's UK DVD.
Phantom of the Paradise
blu-ray review | 25 February 2014
Brian De Palma's 70s rock musical Phantom of the Paradise bombed on its release but has since become a cult favourite. Slarek looks back on the film and reviews Arrow's rather fine new Blu-ray.

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Interview with Darren Stein & Michael J. Willett
interview | 22 March 2014
Timothy E. RAW speaks to director Darren Stein and star Michael J. Willett about G.B.F., a watershed moment in the history of the teen film, and puts them both to the test, presenting them with several pairs of world-renowned divas and asking, "Who's Gayer?"
Interview with DVD/Blu-ray producer Daniel Bird
interview | 21 February 2014
Slarek talks to disc producer Daniel Bird about Polish director Walerian Borowczyk, the logistics of restoring his films, and the upcoming Borowczyk DVD & Blu-ray set from Arrow Films.
Interview with writer-director Don Coscarelli
interview | 5 February 2014
With the release date of Eureka's UK Blu-ray and DVD of John Dies at the End fast approaching, we talk to its director and Phantasm creator Don Coscarelli.
Slarek: Review of the Year
article | 16 January 2014
It's late, it's long, and it kicks of with the usual extended political moan, but Slarek has finally turned in his very personal pick of the audio-visual pleasures of 2013.
Touched by Light
article | 15 December 2013
Has life-changing cinema been irrevocably diluted by the ubiquity and immediacy of media? Content, and indeed the means by which it’s consumed, are everywhere. Camus asks "Can a movie still profoundly affect you?"
Interviews with Francesca Gregorini, Kaya Scodelario and Aneurin Barnard
interview | 26 November 2013
Available on the US iTunes store from today, this surrealistic psychological drama was one of the best of the Sundance UK 2013 line-up and it’s there that Timothy E. RAW talked to writer-director Francesca Gregorini and stars Kaya Scodelario and Aneurin Barnard.
Interview with Nicole Holofcener
interview | 17 October 2013
Timothy E. RAW meets the woman solely responsible for restoring some dignity to the modern rom-com. She tells him about the jauntily sweet Enough Said and working with the late James Gandolfini.
Interview with Matthew Fox
interview | 5 October 2013
Leading man Matthew Fox talks to Timothy E. RAW about his WWII thriller Emperor, which is on limited UK cinema release now from The Works.
Interview with writer / director Kieran Evans
interview | 20 September 2013
To mark the UK cinema release today by Verve Pictures of Kieran Evans' first dramatic feature Kelly + Victor, Timothy E. RAW talks to its writer and director.
Interview with Jordan Vogt-Roberts
film review | 24 August 2013
Director Jordan Vogt Roberts talks to Timothy E. RAW about The Kings of Summer at the 2013 Sundance London Film and Music Festival.
Wheels of Fortune
article | 15 August 2013
The Mouse House practically owns Hollywood. It already possesses Lucasfilm, Marvel and the Muppets. In the week of the release of Planes, Camus highlights a defining moment for the jewel in Mickey's crown, Pixar...
A Field in England
article | 7 July 2013
Michael Ewins tunes in to Film4 for their multiplatform release of Ben Wheatley’s A Field in England and finds points of comparison with Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, The Wrath Of God and Kelly Reichardt’s Meek’s Cutoff.
Interview with Julian Pölsler
interview | 6 July 2013
To coincide with the UK cinema release of The Wall / Die Wand, Timothy E. RAW interviews its writer-director, Julian Pölsler, recorded at last year's London Film Festival.

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