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House: The Complete Collection on dual format in March
news | 9 Dec 2016
Following on directly from the announcement of its March 2017 titles, Arrow have confirmed the full details for a sumptuous box set that brings together all four House movies on Blu-ray and DVD with some very fine looking special features.
Cohen & Tate
blu-ray review | 8 Dec 2016
Known in the business more for his screenplays for The Hitcher and Near Dark, Eric Red got his directing break at the age of 26 on a modern noir, a violent, tense kidnap tale named after its two hit men. Camus takes on Arrow’s Cohen and Tate
Lords of Dogtown
Lords of Dogtown
blu-ray review | 6 Dec 2016
The story of the group of young Venice Beach surfers and skaters who transformed skateboarding from a passtime into an international phenomenon is dramatised in Catherine Hardwicke's lively skater movie. Wannabe skater Slarek enjoys the film and Eureka's impressive new Blu-ray.
9 Dec 2016
Arrow announces its March 2017 Blu-ray & DVD releases
Arrow has announced another five titles for release in 2017, and this time around is being particularly kind to us cult horror devotees, though there's also good news for fans of Takashi Miike's Dead or Alive trilogy.

9 Dec 2016
Charles Burnett's The Glass Shield on dual format in January
The next home entertainment release as part of the BFI BLACK STAR season, coming on UK dual format in January, will be Charles Burnett's 1994 crime drama The Glass Shield, starring Michael Boatman, Lori Petty and Ice Cube.

8 Dec 2016
John Waters' lost classic Multiple Maniacs in cinemas in February
John Waters’ gloriously grotesque, unavailable-for-decades second feature, featuring regulars Devine and the Dreamlanders, comes to UK cinemas for the first time in its uncut form in February from Park Circus.

8 Dec 2016
We Are the Flesh on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD in February
A graphic and critically acclaimed cannibal themed horror-drama, the feature debut from Mexican filmmaker Emiliano Rocha Minter, which comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD in February from Arrow Video.

8 Dec 2016
Assault on Precinct 13 to get a standard Blu-ray release in January
Following its Limited Edition release in November, Second Sight have announced a regular Blu-ray release of John Carpenter's masterful second feature, complete with many of its fine extras.

5 Dec 2016
Víctor Erice’s El Sur [The South] on dual format in January
Described by Pedro Almodóvar as "One of the best in Spanish cinema history,” director Víctor Erice’s follow-up to his acclaimed debut, The Spirit of the Beehive comes to UK dual format in January from the BFI.

1 Dec 2016
Cine Asia returns with Call for Heroes on Blu-ray, DVD & VOD in January
Cine Asia, the UK distributor who put out Ip Man,Raging Phoenix and Invisible Target (amongst many others) returns with spanking new martial arts actioner Call for Heroes, on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD in January.

30 Nov 2016
Russian Film Week launches at London's Regent Street Cinema
We're a little late with this one due to unforeseen circumstances, but thought it worth flagging that Russian Film Week is under way in London, and that there are still some very worthwhile films and events worth catching.

30 Nov 2016
Cult vampire fave Fight Night on Dual Format in December/April
Tom Holland's directorial debut, the cult 80s vampire movie Fight Night, starring Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall, will be released as a dual format Steelbook in December and a Special Edition dual format in April from Eureka.

30 Nov 2016
Chess documentary Magnus on Digital, VoD, DVD & Blu-ray in December
The incredible story of a boy who went from being bullied by his classmates to become the World Chess Champion is the subject of Benjamin Ree's award-winning documentary, on Digital, VOD, DVD and Blu-ray in December from Arrow Films.

30 Nov 2016
80s crime thriller Cohen & Tate on dual format in December
Roy Scheider and Adam Baldwin star as a pair of mismatched hitmen tasked with snatching a young boy under witness protection in Eric Red's 1988 crime thriller feature debut, which comes to UK dual format in December from Arrow.

28 Nov 2016
Todd Solondz's Wiener-Dog on DVD and Digital in January
Ellen Burstyn, Kieran Culkin, Julie Delpy, Danny DeVito and Greta Gerwig star in Todd Solondz's belated follow-up to his breakthrough feature, Welcome to the Dollhouse, on DVD and Digital in January from Picturehouse.

28 Nov 2016
Mildred Pierce & Cul-de-sac on UK Blu-ray from Criterion in February
Criterion UK and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have announced their February 2017 Blu-ray titles, Michael Curtiz's 1945 melodrama Mildred Pierce and Roman Polanski's 1966 psychological comic thriller Cul-de-sac.

25 Nov 2016
The Hood Trilogy box set comes to DVD in December
A crucial trilogy of tough British coming-of-age movies – Kidulthood, Adulthood and Brotherhood – created by and starring actor-writer-director Noel Clarke, come to UK DVD in a single box set in December from Lionsgate.

22 Nov 2016
A prestigious trio on Dual Format in February from Eureka
Eureka has announced three classy dual format releases for February, the vibrant 1945 musical Cover Girl, Gus Vant Sant's Finding Forrester, and one of the all-time great historical dramas, A Man for All Seasons.

22 Nov 2016
Woody Allen and John Ford on Arrow Academy Blu-ray in February
The February Blu-ray titles coming from Arrow's prestigious Arrow Academy label have been announced, and include a Woody Allen box set, two of which will also be released as stand-alone titles, and a classic John Ford western.

18 Nov 2016
Indicator announces its January and February Blu-ray & DVD titles
New label Indicator has announced its January and February dual format slate, which includes works by John Carpenter, Richard Fleischer, Otto Preminger, Sidney Lumet and Hal Ashby, all plastered with special features.

4 Dec
Christopher Lee took on the part of a giant in the history of India’s independence. Vociferous critics were appalled that a man famous for sucking blood should play such a role. This all sounds familiar. Camus reviews the Blu-ray from Eureka’s dual format release of Jinnah

30 Nov
10 Rillington Place
As a new TV mini-series adaptation begins on BBC, Indicator have released a dual format edition of Richard Fleischer's chilling and quietly brilliant 1971 film detailing the case of British serial killer John Christie and the injustice that befell his neighbour Timothy Evans. Slarek revisits a personal favourite on a superb disc.

21 Nov
The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast, Disc 2: Two Thousand Maniacs! & Moonshine Mountain
Wiliam Petersen plays a reckless Secret Service agent chasing the forger who murdered his partner in William Friedkin's dark 1985 crime thriller, whose centrepiece car chase is one of the best. Slarek revisits the film and finally falls for it, and loves Arrow's richly featured Blu-ray.

21 Nov
To Live and Die in L.A
Wiliam Petersen plays a reckless Secret Service agent chasing the forger who murdered his partner in William Friedkin's dark 1985 crime thriller, whose centrepiece car chase is one of the best. Slarek revisits the film and finally falls for it, and loves Arrow's richly featured Blu-ray.

Film Review
19 Nov
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
The Harry Potter Cinematic Universe expands to take in New York in the 1920s in a rather more cinematic take of a little book that did no end of good for BBC’s Comic Relief in 2001. Camus appreciates the work and stops off in Manhattan for a spell…

17 Nov
The Herschel Gordon Lewis Feast 1: Blood Feast & Scum of the Earth
In the first of his reviews from Arrow's mammoth Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast box set, Gort celebrates his breakthrough gore fest Blood Feast and his surprisingly effective 'roughie' from the same year, Scum of the Earth.

14 Nov
52 Pick-Up
Roy Scheider stars as a businessman who falls victim to a gang of blackmailers in John Frankenheimer's intriguing 1986 Elmore Leonard adaptation. Slarek finds good things in a film he's not completely sure of on the Blu-ray in Arrow's recent dual format release.

Film Review
11 Nov
After the superb Sicario, director Denis Villeneuve moves into cerebral science fiction with Arrival. Camus makes first contact with what may be his favourite mainstream movie this year while its director works on the sequel to Blade Runner...

9 Nov
Ken Loach's second feature, the story of a working-class boy whose life takes on new meaning when he begins training a young kestrel, remains one of his most beloved, and with good reason. Slarek revisits a personal favourite on Eureka's exceptional new Blu-ray.

7 Nov
Twilight's Last Gleaming
Thrilled to be back in the 70s again with Robert Aldrich’s rather brilliant Twilight’s Last Gleaming. Why was that decade so extraordinary throwing out one smart political action film after another? Camus heads for the silos with the launch codes…

1 Nov
Grammy winning Bluegrass musician Steve Martin is also an actor and a one-time stadium-filling stand up. His greatest screen accomplishment IMHO is an adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, Roxanne. Camus is re-smitten by the Blu-ray in Eureka's upcoming dual format release.

1 Nov
Assault on Precinct 13
For long time John Carpenter devotee Slarek, his brilliant second feature, in which he transposes a Hawksian western to a modern urban setting, is one of his very best, and this superb new 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Blu-ray from Second Sight does the film proud.

Film Review
29 Oct
Doctor Strange
Having lost some enthusiasm for the surreal slug fests that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was serving up, along comes a lesser-known comic hero played by the actor du jour. Camus casts his eye (of Agamotto) over Doctor Strange...

27 Oct
Body Double
In a review he initially didn't want to take on, Slarek revisits Brian De Palma's controversial 1984 erotic thriller Body Double, a film he once disliked that he finds himself all turned around on, though he still has serious issues with a couple of scenes. No problems with the Blu-ray in Indicator's Dual Format release, though.

24 Oct
Dark Water
A woman and her young child move into a run-down tenement block and find themselves haunted by the presence of a missing girl in Nakata Hideo's masterful and multi-layered supernatural drama from 2002. Slarek celebrates the film's emotional depth on the Blu-ray from Arrow's recent dual format release.

22 Oct
A nerdy high school kid falls in love with the wreck of a 1957 Plymouth Fury, and is himself transformed by the process of restoring it in John Carpenter's 1983 film adaptation of Stephen King's novel. Slarek revisits the film on the new Blu-ray from Indicator.

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