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The Pillow Book
Endless Night, Secret Friends & The Pillow Book from Indicator in February
news | 5 December 2019
Indicator has announced three Limited Edition Blu-ray titles for release in February 2020, Sidney Gilliat's final feature Endless Night, Dennis Potter's only feature film as director Secret Friends and Peter Greenaway’s audio-visual tour-de-force, The Pillow Book.
Latest Blu-ray review
blu-ray review | 3 December 2019
The original and only true Robocop is back on a wonderful Limited Edition Blu-ray release from Arrow Video. Slarek has been a fan since his first viewing at a press preview screening, and in his latest review takes a detailed look at the film, it's socio-political subtext and a truly glorious collection of special features.
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News story
4 Dec 2019
Asylum & The House That Dripped Blood on standard Blu-ray in January
Following the sell-out success of its Limited Edition Blu-ray releases of Amicus horror favourites Asylum and The House That Dripped Blood, Second Sight have announced that both titles will be re-issued in January as standard edition Blu-rays, but with all the same on-disc extras.

News story
3 Dec 2019
Shola Amoo's The Last Tree on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in January
Winner of the Most Promising Newcomer (Sam Adewunmi) and Best Supporting Actress (Ruthxjiah Bellenea) at this year's British Independent Film Awards, Shola Amoo's semi-autobiographical The Last Tree comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in January from Picturehouse Entertainment.

News story
30 Nov 2019
3 Blu-ray titles from new distribution company Anti-Worlds in February
New distribution company Anti-Worlds has announced its first three Blu-ray titles, all of which are feature-packed and launched in association with Indicator: Aaron Schimberg’s second feature Chained for Life, Isabella Eklöf's controversial Holiday and Joel Potrykus's Relaxer.

News story
30 Nov 2019
Horror tales from three decades on Blu-ray from Arrow in February
Three horror releases have been announced for February Blu-ray release by Arrow Video, with director Adam Egypt Mortimer’s recent Daniel Isn't Real, Spanish master of macabre José Ramón Larraz's 80s slasher Deadly Manor, and J-horror collection One Missed Call Trilogy.

Film review
29 Nov 2019
Knives Out
What a refreshing change to go to the cinema and watch a film with (seemingly) no computer generated imagery and a knockout cast bringing a hugely satisfying ‘whodunit’ to life. Camus is royally entertained by Rian Johnson’s Knives Out

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29 Nov 2019
A salute to the curious: A tribute to Jonathan Miller
In week when the loss of three notable names in their respective fields were announced on the same day, Camus pays tribute to the hugely talented and influential writer, producer, director, presenter, humourist, doctor and humanist Jonathan Miller, who died this week.

News story
28 Nov 2019
A bumper crop of Blu-ray and DVD titles from Eureka in February/March
Eureka has announced its February and March Blu-ray and DVD titles, which include a Rudolph Valentino classic, a Sidney Lumet adaptation of a Eugene O’Neil play, a timely political thriller, a spiritual fable from King Hu, and a 3-disc Blu-ray box set of Buster Keaton favourites.

26 Nov 2019
Hammer Volume Four: Faces of Fear
Over a year after the release of their third Hammer box set, the fine people at Indicator have delivered a fourth, and it may just be the best yet. Slarek finally puts to bed one of his longest reviews yet for a brilliant four-film box set that is loaded to the gills with terrific special features. All cheer the arrival of Hammer Volume Four: Faces of Fear.

News story
22 Nov 2019
Fail Safe, Roma and Jacques Demy on Criterion Blu-ray in February
The February UK titles from the Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have been confirmed: Sidney Lumet's superb cold war thriller Fail Safe, Alfonso Cuarón's masterful Roma, and six-film box set of films from French auteur Jacques Demy.

News story
16 Nov 2019
Costa-Gavras thriller Betrayed on Blu-ray in December
Debra Winger is an FBI agent who falls a farmer played by Tom Berenger whom she discovers may be leading a double life in a tense thriller written by Joe Eszterhas and directed by Costa-Gavras, which makes its UK Blu-ray premiere in December from the BFI.

News story
15 Nov 2019
Hôtel du Nord & Manon on Arrow Academy Blu-ray in February
Arrow has announced the Blu-ray title it will be releasing on the Arrow Academy label in February 2020, Marcel Carné's haunting, fatalistic melodrama, Hôtel du Nord and Henri-Georges Clouzot's astute portrayal of doomed young lovers in post-war France, Manon.

14 Nov 2019
Forty Guns
Barbara Stanwyck is a whip-cracking leader of a territory-controlling gang in the town of Tombstone in Sam Fuller's rule-busting 1957 western, which lands a new blu-ray release from Eureka as part of the Fuller at Fox: Five Films 1951-1957 box set. In the last of his reviews from this collection, Slarek revisits a terrific film on another superb disc.

11 Nov 2019
Time Without Pity
A desperate man has just 24 hours to find evidence that will prevent his son's execution in Joseph Losey's tightly paced, superbly acted and socially conscious drama. Slarek is riveted by the film and as impressed as ever with Indicator's recently released Blu-ray.

News story
7 Nov 2019
Night Tide, Winter Kills, Resurrected & Orphans from Indicator in January
Indicator has announced its January 2020 Blu-ray release titles, which include a 2-disc edition of an acclaimed fantasy-thriller from Curtis Harrington, an off-kilter conspiracy thriller, and the debut features from directors Paul Greengrass and Peter Mullan.

Recent reviews and articles
Film review
5 Nov 2019
Doctor Sleep
It’s not exactly a secret that author Stephen King was not thrilled by Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of his novel The Shining. Anyone taking on the sequel had to get the blessing of both King and Kubrick’s estate. Camus visits Doctor Sleep

4 Nov 2019
The Invitation
A man is invited by his ex-wife to a party with a group of his former friends at the house in which a tragedy led to their separation in Karyn Kusama's gripping slow-burn thriller, The Invitation. Slarek revisits one of his favourite films of 2016 on a first-rate new Blu-ray from Second Sight.

2 Nov 2019
House of Bamboo
In the second of three reviews from Eureka's new Fuller at Fox: Five Films 1951-1957 box set, Slarek takes a trip back to early 1950s Japan for House of Bamboo, a tough and intriguing crime thriller that has more thematic and character depth than surface details might suggest.

2 Nov 2019
If not exactly prolific – but when at bat, he always hits a home run artistically if not profitably – writer/director Clive Barker scores another winner with his love letter to the ultimate outsiders, the astounding Nightbreed. Camus knows who the real monsters are…

29 Oct 2019
An American Werewolf in London
A firm favourite from 1981, John Landis’ An American Werewolf in London is a groundbreaking work famous for showcasing state of the art make up special effects. It's also scary, very funny and surprisingly touching. Camus heeds the five-pointed star…

Film review
28 Oct 2019
The Painted Bird
Jerry Whyte remains haunted by one particular film screened at the London Film Festival: Václav Marhoul's magisterial epic The Painted Bird. He considers the ways it corrects the historical record and defamiliarises the horrors of war.

27 Oct 2019
Hell and High Water
In the first of three reviews from Eureka's Fuller at Fox: Five Films 1951-1957 box set (only three of the review discs were sent to us) Slarek revisits Sam Fuller's least favourite of his own films, the submarine action-adventure Hell and High Water.

24 Oct 2019
Friendship is a cinematic staple as is madness. In Birdy, director Alan Parker juggles both in spectacular fashion. Fantastic performances, exquisite editing and intelligent direction add up to an 80s classic. Camus lets Birdy fly...

24 Oct 2019
Badge 373
Robert Duvall stars as a suspended NYPD detective who embarks on a mission to avenge his murdered partner in Badge 373, a 70s crime thriller that languishes somewhat in The French Connection's shadow. Slarek is not a big fan of the film, but has no problems at all with Indicator's Blu-ray.

20 Oct 2019
The Dark Half
Tim Hutton plays a writer whose invented alter-ego takes on murderous human form in The Dark Half, George Romero's 1993 film version of Stephen King's novel. Slarek revisits a film he's never quite made his mind up about on Eureka's recent and splendidly featured Blu-ray.

Film review
15 Oct 2019
Talking About Trees and The Lost Okoroshi
Jerry Whyte singles out two African films from the London Film Festival that testify to the resilience of cinema, and the importance of humour under duress: Suhaib Gasmelbari’s Talking About Trees and Abba Makama’s The Lost Okoroshi.