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A quartet of London-set films on Blu-ray from Indicator in February
news | 1 December 2018
Indicator's February Blu-ray release slate has been announced, and we have four genre-spanning films from the late 60s/early 70s set in London: The Third Secret, Psyche 59, Take a Girl Like You and A Severed Head.
Latest Blu-ray review
Age of Consent
Age of Consent
blu-ray revew | 9 December 2018
In 1969, director Michael Powell was 64 years old with a turbulent latter career path just behind him. The directing half of one of the most brilliant partnerships in film history fell hard for Australia. Camus takes on his Age of Consent
High 5
3 Dec 2018
Charlie Bubbles
Albert Finney has only directed a single movie, but it's really something, an imaginative, multi-layered and gorgeously performed tale of a successful writer returning to his Manchester. Slarek adds the 1968 Charlie Bubbles to his list of personal favourites, and adores Indicator's impeccable Blu-ray release.

News story
1 Dec 2018
Giallo classics, cult hits and ghoulish horror from Arrow in February
Arrow Video has announced its February Blu-ray and DVD releases, namely Luigi Bazzoni's The Possessed and The Fifth Cord, Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Before We Vanish, Gaspar Noé's Climax and Eugenio Martin's Horror Express.

28 Nov 2018
The Wrong Box
There are more familiar faces than you can shake a stick at in the cast of Bryan Forbes' 1966 farce-tinged black comedy The Wrong Box. Many will and indeed do love the film, but it didn't quite click for Slarek, who still finds things in it to like and one to adore, and finds no fault at all with Indicator's Blu-ray.

News story
26 Nov 2018
Human Desire, Picnic and Shoah: The Four Sisters from Eureka in December
Eureka Entertainment has announced its February Blu-ray and DVD releases – Fritz-Lang's chilling film noir Human Desire, Joshua Logan's landmark romantic drama Picnic, and Claude Lanzmann's documentary Shoah: The Four Sisters.

News story
26 Nov 2018
Peter Jackson's They Shall Not Grow Old on Blu-ray and DVD in December
Peter Jackson's acclaimed documentary combining the voices of the veterans with retored archival footage from the First World War is released today on Digital Download and comes to Blu-ray and DVD in December from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

News story
26 Nov 2018
Irish famine thriller Black '47 on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in December
Acclaimed revenge thriller Black '47, which is set during the Irish Potato Famine and stars Hugo Weaving, Jim Broadbent, Freddie Fox and Stephen Rea, comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download in December from Altitude Films.

25 Nov 2018
Who was Nic Roeg? A tribute to a cinema visionary
After losing William Goldman last week, this week came to sad conclusion with the news that visionary director and cinematographer Nicolas Roeg had also passed away. In brief but heartfelt article, Camus and Slarek pay tribute to one of their favourite filmmakers.

News story
23 Nov 2018
Kiarostami, Suzuki and Clouzot on Criterion Blu-ray in February
The February Blu-ray releases from Criterion UK and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Abbas Kiarostami's final film 24 Frames, Seijun Suzuki's classic Tokyo Drifter and Henri-Georges Clouzot's Oscar-nominated La vérité.

21 Nov 2018
"It's over, don't you get that?" – A Tribute to William Goldman
Last week week lost one of modern cinema's greatest writers when William Goldman passed away at 87. Camus pays tribute to the author of some of the sharpest screenplays to hit Hollywood in the second half of the twentieth century.

21 Nov 2018
Invention for Destruction
By air and by sea, Karel Zeman delights us with Invention for Destruction, a timeless blend of live-action and animation based on a Jules Verne story. Adventure awaits clydefro as he reviews the new Second Run Blu-ray release of the film.

News story
20 Nov 2018
Red White and Zero on BFI Flipside Dual Format in December
Released in the UK for the first time, this portmanteau feature from Woodfall films, consisting of three short films directed by Peter Brook, Lindsay Anderson and Tony Richardson, comes to UK dual format in December from the BFI.

Recent reviews and articles
14 Nov 2018
The late, great Harry Dean Stanton stars as an ageing bachelor in a small desert town who is learning to confront his own mortality in a perfect swan song of a movie that was written specifically for him and based partly on his life. Slarek is seduced by a film that encourages us to face the void with a smile.

11 Nov 2018
Adapted from a short story by Clive Barker, the fifth feature from director Bernard Rose has stood the test of time as one of the finest of all modern horror works. Long-time fan Slarek revisits the superb Candyman afresh on Arrow's recently released and impressively featured Limited Edition Blu-ray.

Film review
7 Nov 2018
Bohemian Rhapsody
After some behind the scenes kerfuffles, we finally get the Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody after a trailer that promised wonders. And if there is anyone who could fill Freddie’s shoes it’s the unerringly brilliant Rami Malek. Camus does the fandango.

28 Oct 2018
William Castle at Columbia, Volume One
A master showman whose films are more accomplished and entertaining than the gimmicks he used to sell them might suggest, William Castle's time at Columbia was career-defining, and four of his films have been packaged with tons of special features into a glorious Blu-ray box set from Indicator. Slarek looks through his Ghost Viewer with undisguised glee.

26 Oct 2018
Night of the Demon
Some movies stay with you. No matter how dated or unimpressive the special effects in the cold light of today, they nestle in like soldered memories. Camus celebrates the superb Night of the Demon out now as a stuffed-to-the-gills Indicator Blu-ray…

Film review
21 Oct 2018
First Man
Set in a time period covering the first eight years of his own life, Camus takes in First Man after a disastrous review from a trusted source. Damien Chazelle’s film is a fascinating take on an extraordinary man but... there is an elephant in the room and it won’t stop shaking...

19 Oct 2018
Tightening swirls and eye drops
In a promised companion piece to his recent review of Arrow Video's Blu-ray release of Terry Gilliam's extraordinary 12 Monkeys, Camus talks to the film's talented editor, Mick Audsley, about his positive memories of working on this ambitious production.