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The Night Of
HBO mini-series The Night Of on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in October
news | 19 Oct 2016
Adapted from the BBC TV series Criminal Justice and starring John Turturro and Riz Ahmed, the acclaimed The Night Of comes to Digital Download today, Blu-ray & DVD Monday from Warner Home Video/HBO.
Latest Blu-ray review
Burnt Offerings
Burnt Offerings
blu-ray review | 18 Oct 2016
Oliver Reed, Karen Black and Bette Davis star in a creepily effective 1976 twist on the haunted house movie, directed by Dan Curtis from Robert Marasco's novel. Slarek revisits the film and is impressed by the Blu-ray in Arrow's newly released Blu-format release.
London Film Festival review
Free Fire
Free Fire / Scribe
film festival review | 17 Oct 2016
Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire calls curtains on the London Film Festival. Jerry Whyte weighs its limited appeal against Thomas Kruithhof’s astonishingly assured debut Scribe/La mécanique de l’ombre, which tips its cap to Le Carré but cuts its own stylish path through the shadowy world of the surveillance state.
19 Oct 2016
Abel Gance's Napoleon on Blu-ray, DVD & BFI Player in November
The culmination of a restoration project spanning 50 years, Abel Gance's five-and-a-half hour silent cinema masterpiece Napoleon comes to UK, Blu-ray and BFI Player in November from the BFI.

19 Oct 2016
Pablo Larraín's first feature Fuga comes to DVD in October
The story of a mediocre musician who seeks inspiration from traumatic incidents in his past – the first feature from The Club and Neruda director Pablo Larraín – comes to UK DVD in October from Network.

19 Oct 2016
Eiji Uchida's Lowlife Love on DVD and Dual Format in November
Kiyohiko Shibukawa plays a 39-year-old struggling lowlife film director in Greatful Dead director Eiji Uchida's film industry drama, which comes to UK Dual Format and DVD in November from Third Window Films.

14 Oct 2016
Two Woody Allen titles on Blu-ray from Arrow Academy in January
Alongside the Arrow Video January Blu-ray and DVD announcements, Arrow Academy have announced the Blu-ray release of Woody Allen's Broadway Danny Rose and The Purple Rose of Cairo.

14 Oct 2016
Arrow Video announces its January Blu-ray and DVD titles
Arrow have today confirmed their January Blu-ray & DVD release slate, which includes titles from Takashi Miike, Richard Kelly, Sam Peckinpah, John Grissmer and Brian De Palma.

13 Oct 2016
Eureka to release Kôji Fukada’s Harmonium in UK cinemas in 2017
Eureka Entertainment have announced the UK festival and cinema release dates for Harmonium, the latest film from Au Revoir L'Ete and Hospitalité director Kôji Fukada.

11 Oct 2016
Criterion and Sony announce their December UK Blu-ray titles
The Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have confirmed the two titles they will be releasing on UK Blu-ray in December, Noah Baumbach's The Squid and the Whale and Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums.

6 Oct 2016
Maid Marian and Her Merry Men DVD re-release in November
One of the best and most inventively entertaining examples of late 20th Century British children's TV, created by and co-starring Tony Robinson, returns to UK DVD in its entirety in November from Eureka.

6 Oct 2016
New Blu-ray & DVD label Indicator launches with 7 cult & classic titles
Powerhouse Films have launched Indicator, a new label that launches with 7 cult and classic dual format titles, including Body Double, Christine, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, 10 Rillington Place and The Last Detail.

6 Oct 2016
Cyrano de Bergerac update Roxanne on dual format in November
Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah star in The Eye of the Storm director Fred Schepisi's delightful 80s romantic comedy update of Edmond Rostand's Cyrano De Bergerac, which makes its UK Blu-ray debut in November from Eureka.

6 Oct 2016
Biographical drama Jinnah on dual format in November
Christopher Lee stars as Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, a role he regarded as the finest of his career, in Jamil Dehlavi's biographical drama, making its UK Blu-ray debut as part of a dual format release from Eureka in November.

5 Oct 2016
The Cult of John Carpenter season at the BFI in October-November
The BFI has announced a season starting later this month featuring some of director John Carpenter's most beloved films, including a new digital restoration of his 1978 horror masterpiece, Halloween.

4 Oct 2016
Na Hong-jin's The Wailing in Cinemas and On-Demand in November
A smash hit in its native Korea, the latest film from The Chaser and The Yellow Sea director Na Hong-jin, makes its UK debut at the London Film Festival and then hits UK cinemas and On-Demand in November from Kaleidoscope.

4 Oct 2016
La Grande Vadrouille 50th Anniversary Blu-ray, DVD & EST in November
Bourvil, Louis de Funès and British comedy legend Terry-Thomas star in one of the great comic achievements of French cinema, which comes to Blu-ray, DVD & EST with a new 4K restoration in November from Studiocanal.

3 Oct 2016
Argentinean crime drama The Clan on Blu-ray & DVD in October
In an affluent suburb of Buenos Aires in the early-80s, a seemingly normal family makes its living off kidnapping and murder in Pablo Trapero’s gripping crime drama, on Blu-ray and DVD soon from Curzon Artificial Eye.

3 Oct 2016
Western classic The Man From Laramie on dual format in December
The final collaboration between director Anthony Mann and lead actor James Stewart is one of the all-time great westerns, and it makes its UK Blu-ray debut as part of a December dual format release from Eureka's Masters of Cinema label.

17 Oct
Knocking on Polanski’s door for the crown of funniest vampire movie up against The Fearless Vampire Killers, Vamp is surely a contender. This smart, witty, charming and scary little film still delivers in a new Arrow Blu-ray out now.

16 Oct
On Call / The Graduation
Two riveting and restrained French documentaries, Alice Diop’s On Call and Claire Simon’s The Graduation, caught Jerry Whyte’s eye at this year’s LFF. Exploring vastly different worlds, they combine to expose the chasm dividing the top and bottom of society.

11 Oct
Bakarah Meets Bakarah
Jerry Whyte is taken with Mahmoud Sabbagh’s debut feature Barakah Meets Barakah, a slender but heartwarming Saudi film that may just be the harbinger of change in a land without cinemas.

10 Oct
A small town in America is overrun by carnivorous slugs in J.P. Simon's gory, dodgily dubbed and acted creature feature from 1988, which has been given an impressive makeover by Arrow for their recent Blu-ray release. Gort reaches for the salt pot and the pellets.

6 Oct
Private Property
Corey Allen and Warren Oates star as a pair of sociopathic drifters who target a woman in a quiet Beverley Hills neighbourhood in Leslie Stevens' compelling 1960 noir thriller, showing at the London Film Festival in a new 4K restoration. Slarek shifts uncomfortably in his seat.

6 Oct
A United Kindom
Jerry Whyte has mixed feelings about Amma Ashante’s engaging, often witty, delightfully pretty period drama A United Kingdom, which opened the London Film Festival last night. He has a few about film festivals too.

5 Oct
A former detective finds himself drawn into a revived investigation into the case of a missing family, and begins to have suspicions about his new neighbour in the latest film from director Kurosawa Kiyoshi. In his first review from this year's London Film Festival, Slarek is gripped and unsettled by Creepy.

22 Sep
The Human Condition
Jerry Whyte weighs up the substantial claims to truth and greatness of Masaki Kobayashi's colossal anti-war film The Human Condition, released by Arrow Academy in a beautiful Blu-ray box set, and wonders why this demanding examination of humanity's darkest hour proved so hugely popular.

22 Sep
Paths of Glory
Kirk Douglas is at his peak as a Colonel forced to act as council for men who have been charged with cowardice after the failure of an impossible attack in Stanley Kubrick's 1957 anti-war masterpiece. Slarek salutes a favourite film and the recent Masters of Cinema Blu-ray release.

11 Sep
De Palma
A director whose work has always divided opinion but has built an enthusiastic cult followings is the subject of Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow's structurally basic but hugely engaging documentary portrait. Slarek takes a seat and enjoys the stories.

18 Sep
A gang of bikers known as The Living Dead get to live up to their name when they learn the secret to resurrected immortality in Don Sharp's hugely enjoyable biker/horror crossover from 1973. Slarek rides pillion and reviews the Blu-ray from the new BFI Flipside dual format.

12 Sep
The Blue Dahlia / The Glass Key
Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake both enjoyed great success in a series of films that exploited their natural outsider DNA, starring in both The Blue Dahlia and The Glass Key. Camus cruises the noir streets and reviews both Blu-ray releases from Arrow Academy.

12 Sep
Fear of nuclear annihilation peaks during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis – what better time to open a gimmick-laden, atomic themed monster movie? Joe Dante's pean to the joys of cinemagoing and late 50s genre B-movies looks terrific on Arrow's superb new Blu-ray. Slarek goes Mant!

7 Sep
A Scene at the Sea
A film built around surfing in which surfing plays a background role and the two lead characters never say a word is the basis for one of Kitano Takeshi's most gently mesmerising films, and it looks and sounds terrific on Third Window's new and most welcome Blu-ray.

29 Aug
The Flight of the Phoenix
The Flight of the Phoenix is the very definition of a rousing, intelligent Hollywood adventure yarn with terrific characters played by a host of Tinseltown’s finest. Camus brushes the sand off, braves the fierce desert sun and reviews the upcoming Eureka Blu-ray.

29 Aug
The Shop on the High Street
In a Slovak town during the Second World War, a disgruntled carpenter is made Aryan Master of a Jewish shop and starts to bond with its elderly owner in Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos's superb 1965 drama, which looks terrific on Second Run's fine Blu-ray.

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