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A new 4K restoration of Alien comes to UK cinemas in March
news | 17 January 2019
Ridley Scott's 1979 science-fiction/horror masterpiece, a film that gave birth to a still-going franchise that has crossed over into novels, comic books, video games and toys, returns to UK cinemas in March in a new 4K restoration from Park Circus.
Latest Blu-rat review
My Name is Julia Ross
My Name is Julia Ross
blu-ray revew | 15 February 2019
The film that put Gun Crazy director Joseph H. Lewis on the map is a tight and terrific gothic noir drama in which a young woman finds herself the victim of a forced identity change. Slarek salutes the film and is seriously impressed with the restoration and transfer on the new Arrow Academy Blu-ray.
High 5
News story
13 Feb 2019
James Ivory and Ismail Merchant's Maurice on Blu-ray & DVD in March
A landmark of gay cinema in its positive and enriching portrait of first love from James Ivory and Ismail Merchant and starring James Wilby, Hugh Grant and Rupert Graves comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD and iTunes from the BFI in March.

11 Feb 2019
A company of dancers mark the completion of rehearsals for their latest routine with an evening of partying, which descends into madness when their sangria is spiked in Gasper Noé's compelling, thrilling and ultimately terrifying latest. Slarek submits to the film and salutes Arrow's excellent new Blu-ray.

News story
8 Feb 2019
Second Sight release more info about its recent Romero acquisitions
Second Sight have released some more information about its recent acquisition of the home video rights to George Romero classics Dawn of the Dead and Martin, including some details of the restorations and upcoming disc releases.

8 Feb 2019
Gardens of Stone
Francis Coppola's second Vietnam War themed film is very different to his first. It's taken four viewings for Slarek to completely make up his mind about a work whose qualities outweigh its shakier elements, and it looks and sounds great on the recently released Indicator Blu-ray.

News story
8 Feb 2019
Eureka announces its April Blu-ray and DVD releases
Eureka Entertainment has announced three new Blu-ray/DVD titles for release this April – the spiritual biopic The Song of Bernadette, the haunting Finnish folk tale The White Reindeer and Billy Wilder's witty and energetic One, Two, Three.

News story
8 Feb 2019
The Big Clock and Demonlover on Arrow Academy Blu-ray in May
The May Blu-ray titles from Arrow's Arrow Academy label have been announced – classy 1948 suspense film The Big Clock, starring Ray Milland and Charles Laughton, and Olivier Assayas’ extraordinary French techno-thriller Demonlover.

News story
7 Feb 2019
A quartet of American classics on Blu-ray from Indicator in April
Indicator's April Blu-ray slate has been announced, and we have 4 classics from great Hollywood directors: Joseph L Mankiewicz’s Dragonwyck, Anatole Litvak’s The Snake Pit, Max Ophuls’ The Reckless Moment and Robert Rossen’s Lilith.

Film review
30 Jan 2019
Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Melissa McCarthy and Richard E, Grant are both terrific as author and letter forger Lee Israel and her friend and eventual partner-in-crime Jack Hock in Marielle Heller's enthralling and finely judged biographical drama. Slarek was new to the story and has nothing but praise for the film.

News story
6 Feb 2019
Top Knot Detective on Dual Format Collector's Edition in March
Samurai, robots, flying tiger sharks, time-traveling baseball players and alien monsters all feature in a hit Japanese detective series that is the subject of mockumentary Top Knot Detective, which arrives on dual format in March from Third Window Films.

News story
6 Feb 2019
Stranger in the House on BFI Flipside dual format in February
James Mason and Geraldine Chaplin star in a striking but rarely seen 1967 psychological thriller based on Maigret creator Georges Simenon’s celebrated novel, which comes to UK Dual Format this month from the BFI.

News story
5 Feb 2019
The BFI announces its April to June Blu-ray and DVD releases
The BFI has announced its Blu-ray and DVD releases for April through to June, and it's a typically fine collection that includes two films from the Merchant-Ivory team, a key Pinter adaptation, a collection of films by early women filmmakers and more.

News story
28 Jan 2019
Second Sight acquires home video rights to classic George Romero double
Second Sight has announced today that it has acquired the home video and VOD rights to two classic films from the late, great George Romero, his 1978 genre-defining masterpiece Dawn of the Dead and his brilliant rethink of the vampire movie, Martin.

27 Jan 2019
Anthony Quinn is a university professor tasked with negotiating with students who have occupied the administration building in Stanley Kramer's intriguing but only partially successful campus protest movie. Slarek reviews the film on Indicator's new Blu-ray and contemplates its handling of student activism.

Recent reviews and articles
22 Jan 2019
Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte
Bette Davis, Olivia De Havilland and Agnes Moorehead storm the screen in Robert Aldrich's gripping companion piece to his subgenre-defining Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?. Slarek sits down for a delicious slice of Southern Gothic on this new Masters of Cinema Blu-ray.

18 Jan 2019
Charles Bronson brings an unexpectedly lively touch to the role of an opportunist bush pilot hired to rescue a wrongly accused man from a Mexican jail in the entertaining 1975 action-caper movie, Breakout. Slarek has more fun than he expected, though is unsurprised by the high quality of Indicator's Blu-ray.

15 Jan 2019
William Castle at Columbia, Volume Two
Heavily delayed by a crisis at Christmas, Slarek goes to town on Indicator's second Blu-ray box set of films directed by master showman William Castle for Columbia Studios – there are ups and downs, but lots to be entertained by and enough special features to keep you busy for a month.

8 Jan 2019
Georgy Girl
In an unapologetic punning mood, Camus reviews a film whose main theme was one of the prevailing sounds of his childhood. Relieved to finally see the film it served on Indicator's recent Blu-ray, he is enlivened by how good Georgy Girl is…

6 Jan 2019
The future of physical media (maybe)
In his first blog of 2019, the news that retailer HMV has gone into administration prompts Slarek to reflect on a serious decline in physical media sales and the rise in digital as a delivery system, and how it might impact on the future for Blu-ray and DVD as home entertainment formats.

Film review
4 Jan 2019
The Favourite
A sparkling script, a trio of terrific performances from Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone and imaginative, rule-breaking direction from Dogtooth's Yorgos Lanthimos combine to make Slarek's first cinema visit of 2019 an unexpected delight.

2 Jan 2019
Favourite films and discs of 2018
At the end of what has been a personally difficult year in which circumstances have massively restricted his film viewing, Slarek sifts through the list of film, TV and Blu-ray releases that he did manage to catch in 2018 and picks a few favourites, and also has a seasonal moan about Trump and Brexit.

24 Dec 2018
Joan Crawford plays the owner of a circus whose members start falling victim to a mysterious killer in her penultimate feature, the 1967 horror-thriller Berserk. Slarek is not completely convinced that it justifies the sometimes applied cult classic label, but still likes the film and loves Indicator's new Blu-ray.

Film review
17 Dec 2018
Islam and the Future of Tolerance
Accompanying every mundane household task I do is Sam Harris’ inspiring Waking Up podcast. I credit Harris with my ongoing education. His book with Maajid Nawaz, Islam and the Future of Tolerance has now become a film. Camus dives into contentious waters…