The BFI announces its mid-summer DVD and Blu-ray releases
news | 25 Apr 2015
Works from Welles, Bergman, Rossellini, Vertov Richard Massingham and Godard are amongst those title announced for midsummer release on Blu-ray and DVD by the BFI.
Avengers: Age of Ultron
film review | 26 April 2015
Joss Whedon has written and directed a sequel. Heaven forefend. The poster boy for quality in an ocean of Hollywood mediocrity has brought us a second beautifully wrapped present. But can he still surprise? Camus suits up.
blu-ray review | 24 April 2015
Pam Grier is "the baddest one-chick hit-squad that ever hit town" in Jack Hill's 1973 Blaxploitation classic Coffy. Gort goes weak at the knees for the star and sings the praises of the film and Arrow's splendid Blu-ray release.
25 Apr 2015
Revenge portmanteau film Wild Tales on DVD and Blu-ray in June
Six blackly comic stories of apocalyptic revenge are brought together in a critically acclaimed feature from Argentinean director Damián Szifrón, on UK DVD and Blu-ray in June from Artificial Eye.
25 Apr 2015
The King of Fists and Dollars comes to UK DVD in April
A forgotten martial arts classic from 1979, directed by Chen Ming-hua and starring David Chiang, Danny Lee and Pearl Cheung Ling, comes to UK DVD this month from Terracotta.
23 Apr 2015
John Frankenheimer’s war movie classic The Train on Blu-ray in May
Burt Lancaster, Paul Scofield and Jeanne Moreau star in John Frankenheimer's 1964 war movie classic, which comes to UK Blu-ray in May from Arrow Video as part of the Arrow Academy label.
23 Apr 2015
Phil Joanou's 1990 crime drama State of Grace on Blu-ray in June
A knockout cast that includes Sean Penn, Ed Harris, Gary Oldman and Robin Wright feature in Phil Janou's often overlooked 1990 gangland drama, which makes its UK Blu-ray debut in June from Second Sight.
22 Apr 2015
Appropriate Behaviour on DVD and On-Demand in June
The critically acclaimed debut feature from writer/director Desiree Akhavan, the story of a bisexual Iranian-American woman trying to find her way in modern-day Brooklyn, comes to UK DVD and On-Demand in June from Peccadillo.
21 Apr 2015
Zombie apocalypse anthology horror Zombieworld on DVD in June
13 short films, each handled by a different director and each dealing with aspects of the zombie apocalypse make up Zombieworld, which comes to UK DVD in June from Image Entertainment.
20 Apr 2015
Dennis Hopper's 1988 police drama Colors comes to UK Blu-ray in June
Sean Penn and Robert Duvall star in director Dennis Hopper's 1988 South Central Los Angeles police drama, Colors, which makes its UK Blu-ray debut in June from Second Sight.
20 Apr 2015
The 1967 Far From the Madding Crowd on DVD, Blu-ray and EST in June
With Thomas Vinterberg's new adaptation set to hit UK cinemas in May, Studiocanal have announced the DVD, Blu-ray and EST of John Schlesinger's 1967 film version of Thomas Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd.
20 Apr 2015
Israeli documentary The Green Prince on DVD and Blu-ray in June
A documentary telling the extraordinary true story of how the son of of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan was recruited by the Israeli secret service comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray in June from Artificial Eye.
17 Apr 2015
Joseph L. Mankiewicz's A Letter to Three Wives on dual format in June
All About Eve director Joseph L. Mankiewicz's classic, Oscar-winning, satirical comedy-laced drama makes its UK Blu-ray debut in June as a dual format release from Eureka! as part of the Masters of Cinema series.
17 Apr 2015
The Long Good Friday on dual format and doubled with Mona Lisa in May
Arrow have confirmed the details for their upcoming release of the British gangster classic, The Long Good Friday, as a dual format Steelbook and a 6-disc dual format Limited Edition box set with the excellent Mona Lisa.
17 Apr 2015
Charlie Chaplin: The Mutual Comedies on Blu-ray and DVD in May
All 12 two-reel comedies made by Charlie Chaplin for the Mutual Film Corporation during a productive 12-month period have been restored for a 2-disc DVD and Limited Edition Blu-ray release in May from the BFI.
16 Apr 2015
Micro-budget Japanese feature Be My Baby comes to UK DVD in May
Made by an actors’ workshop featuring all newcomers in just 4 days for a budget of less than $10,000, the Japanese feature Be My Baby comes to UK DVD in May from Third Window Films.
16 Apr 2015
5 Hollywood titles from the Cohen Film Collection on DVD in May
Another five titles from Hollywood's more golden times come to UK DVD in May from Simply Media, who have once again provided detailed essays on each of the films. Enjoy!
9 Apr 2015
Korean indie drama Han Gong-ju on DVD and Blu-ray in April
The debut feature from director Lee Su Jin and an independent film box office record breaker in its native Korea, Han Gong-ju comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD next week from Matchbox Films.
19 Apr 2015
Midnight Run
Is director Martin Brest still recovering from the venom injected into him by almost every critic who hated the car crash that was Gigli? In 1988, he made one of the most enjoyable road movies. Camus and Slarek go on a Midnight Run...
15 Apr 2015
The ABCs of Death 2
The second instalment of what what is shaping up to be an anthology franchise doesn't quite match up to the first, but still has its share of inventive components. Gort warmed to the film after a couple of viewings, but wonders what happened to the extras on Monster's DVD.
14 Apr 2015
What We Do in the Shadows
Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi's delightful mockumentary portrait of four vampire housemates is far and away the smartest and most enjoyable horror-comedy in years. Slarek sinks his teeth into the film and Metrodome's very fine UK DVD.
12 Apr 2015
The Offence
In 1972, Sean Connery, to his great credit, leveraged his power as the ongoing James Bond to get a number of films made that may not have been otherwise. One of the best was The Offence. Camus is happily arrested…
7 Apr 2015
One of the all-time great collisions of science fiction, action cinema and social prophecy gets a marvellous blu-ray upgrade from Arrow Video. Slarek revisits the film and examines how its vision of a dystopian corporate future may soon come to pass.
11 Mar 2015
The Internet's Own Boy
The story of computer prodigy and internet activist Aaron Swartz, who was hounded by authorities to a tragically early death, is the subject of Brian Knappenberger's compelling, saddening but ultimately uplifting documentary, on UK DVD soon from Spectrum.
10 Mar 2015
Writer Paddy Chayefsky never intended his masterpiece to be a critique of the TV business per se but of society at large. He couldn't have chosen a more relevant metaphorical subject. Camus is stunned anew at Network...
8 Mar 2015
Wild River
Montgomery Clift, Lee Remick and Jo Van Fleet star in Elia Kazan's compelling blend of social drama and love story from 1960. Slarek looks at the film, the politics of the Blacklist and the Tennessee Valley Association, and Masters of Cinema's recently released Blu-ray.
25 Feb 2015
Night Will Fall
The story of a great and important wartime documentary that took almost 70 years to complete is explored in André Singer's powerful Night Will Fall. Slarek reviews the film, salutes the BFI DVD, and explores the issue of reframing archive imagery.
20 Feb 2015
After a gap of several years, Slarek returns to a favourite from his youth in the shape of David Cronenberg's 1977 Rabid and discovers that it looks and plays even better than he remembers, particularly on the Blu-ray in Arrow's excellent new dual format release.
16 Feb 2015
The Comedy of Terrors
Gort revisits The Comedy of Terrors, a comedy-horror favourite from his younger days. He didn't laugh quite as much as he once did, but found that there is still plenty to relish, particularly looking as good as it does on its new UK Blu-ray incarnation from Arrow Video.
14 Feb 2015
The Manchurian Candidate
Director John Frankenheimer’s CV is dotted with notable films. Standing tallest (up against The Birdman of Alcatraz and the sequel to The French Connection) is a tale of brainwashing and fear of the Red menace. Camus is transfixed.
12 Feb 2015
Two friends in search of lost gold in the Australian outback fall out and find themselves hunted by a sasquatch-like creature known as a Yowie. Gort didn't quite connect with the film itself, but is impressed as hell with the filmmakers and the Monster Pictures DVD.
4 Feb 2015
Ganja & Hess
Planned as a blaxploitation vampire movie, Bill Gunn's first feature evolved into an fascinating arthouse exploration of addiction. Restored to its original form in 1998, it was recently released on UK dual format by Masters of Cinema. Slarek takes a hit.
29 Jan 2015
Tales of the Grim Sleeper
Documentarian Nick Broomfield's latest film explores the case of accused serial killer Lonnie Franklin and paints a sobering picture of the prejudice and abuse suffered by the women who were targeted as his victims.
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