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Dicte - Crime Reporter
Hit Danish drama Dicte – Crime Reporter: Season 1 on DVD in July
news | 30 June 2016
Recently screened on More4, season one of acclaimed Danish drama Dicte - Crime Reporter comes to UK DVD in its original 10-episode Danish format in July from RLJ Entertainment.
blu-ray review | 30 June 2016
Cocoon was one of the very few science fiction movies of the 80s that managed to pass Camus by. Now is a perfect opportunity to catch up with this well loved tale of elderly rejuvenation and benevolent aliens as Eureka releases its new Blu-ray.
DVD review
dvd review | 23 June 2016
Try to imagine Cube set in a warehouse and stripped of its plot twists, mysteries, characters and dialogue and you might just have micro-budget Irish thriller Captive. A perhaps too-cynical Gort groans his way through Left Films' recently released UK DVD.
30 Jun 2016
The Commitments Special Edition on Blu-ray & DVD in September
The career-launching film that made white soul the go-to musical genre for actors looking to re-invent themselves as cool lands a 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD & Blu-ray release in September from RLJ Entertainment.
29 Jun 2016
Noir western classic The Ox-Bow Incident on dual format in July
Henry Fonda plays the moral centre in William A. Wellman's extraordinary, noir-inflicted, lynch-mob western from 1943 which arrives on UK dual format with a new 4K restoration and more in July from Arrow Academy.
25 Jun 2016
The Samurai Trilogy & Cat People on Criterion UK Blu-ray in September
The Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have announced their two September UK Blu-ray releases: Jacques Tourneur's masterful Cat People and Hiroshi Inagaki's rousing The Samurai Trilogy.
25 Jun 2016
EIFF Blog #3: Chicago Boys, The Colony and Shadow World
In his latest blog from the Edinburgh International Festival Jerry Whyte casts an eye over three films that make the case for peace and justice, by various means and with markedly different degrees of success.
22 Jun 2016
Woody Allen: Six Films 1971-1978 coming to Blu-ray in September
Today Arrow announced the September release of a Blu-ray box set featuring six of Woody Allen's key early films as director and performer as part of the Arrow Academy label, with two of the titles also coming as stand-alone discs.
22 Jun 2016
Around China with a Movie Camera on DVD in July
A rare set of travelogues that provide a tantalising look at China in the first half of the twentieth century have been brought together in a single DVD collection by the BFI for release in the UK in July.
22 Jun 2016
Patrick McGoohan stars in All Night Long, on Blu-ray & DVD in July
Two years before he became a household name with Danger Man, Patrick McGoohan starred in a London jazz scene update of Othello, which comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD in July from Network's 'The British Film' collection.
22 Jun 2016
50s crime drama The Night Won't Talk on DVD in June
B-movie favourite Hy Hazell and noted character actor John Bailey star in 50s British noir thriller The Night Won't Talk, which comes to UK DVD next week from Network as part of 'The British Film' collection.
22 Jun 2016
EIFF Blog #2: The Library Suicides and A Patch of Fog
In his second blog from the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Jerry Whyte notes two debut features, both thrillers to die for: Euros Lyn’s The Library Suicides  and Michael Lennox’s A Patch of Fog.
21 Jun 2016
Jack Hill's The Swinging Cheerleaders on Blu-ray & DVD in July
A favourite of Quentin Tarantino, who screened it at the very first Tarantino Film Fest, Jack Hill's cult exploitation movie The Swinging Cheerleaders lands a dual format release in July from Arrow Video.
21 Jun 2016
80s slasher flick Satan's Blade on Blu-ray & DVD in July
An eerie slice of US regional terror and one of the lesser known entries in the ’80s slasher cycle, L. Scott Castillo, Jr.’s Satan's Blade comes to UK dual format in July from Arrow Video.
21 Jun 2016
Cult sequel Return of the Killer Tomatoes on Blu-ray & DVD in June
Set ten years after the Great Tomato War, writer-director John De Bello's sequel to cult 1978 favourite Attack of the Killer Tomatoes lands a dual format release in June from Arrow Video.
20 Jun 2016
Play On! Shakespeare in Silent Film on dual format in July
Some of the earliest film adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays, complete with music by the composers and musicians of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, have been compiled for a July dual format release by the BFI.
20 Jun 2016
Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) – Blog #1
Jerry Whyte has spent the last few days beetling between Glasgow and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Here, he writes about Glasgow.
17 Jun 2016
12-film Joshua Oppenheimer: Early Works on DVD in June
12 early short film from the visionary director of The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence have been brought together for the first time on UK DVD with new remastered transfers by Second Run for release this month.
17 Jun 2016
Jackie Chan's Police Story: Lockdown on Blu-ray, DVD and digital in July
Jackie Chan shows no sign of slowing down in the latest entry into the hugely successful Police Story series of martial arts actioners, which comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD and digital from Kaleidoscope in July.
19 Jun
Enemy Mine
Dennis Quaid plays a bigoted pilot marooned on a planet with an enemy alien in a fondly remembered slice of 80s mainstream sf cinema. Gort revisits Enemy Mine and discovers that nostalgia can only carry you so far, but it looks great on Eureka's new Blu-ray.
13 Jun
Edvard Munch
Peter Watkins' compelling film study of the life and struggles of the brilliant Norwegian painter whose work helped give birth to the Expressionist movement gets a Blu-ray upgrade from Eureka as part of the Masters of Cinema series.
7 Jun
The Nice Guys
There’s something about writer/director Shane Black’s worldview and humour that appeals. In the neighbourhood of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (a damn fine neighbourhood) comes The Nice Guys. Camus dons a gas mask and braves the smog of L.A.
1 Jun
Dissent & Disruption: Alan Clarke at the BBC (1969-1989)
In our longest and most detailed review ever, we celebrate the work of the late, great Alan Clarke, magnificently showcased and resplendent with special features in the BFI's utterly superb Blu-ray box set.
22 May
Penda's Fen
Jerry Whyte leaps for joy at the arrival of the BFI’s impatiently awaited release of Alan Clarke and David Rudkin’s deeply radical, richly textured masterpiece Penda’s Fen, one of the towering achievements of British television from two of its maverick geniuses.
20 May
The Firm: Director's Cut / Elephant
Ahead of its hugely anticipated Dissent & Disruption: The Complete Alan Clarke at the BBC, the BFI are releasing The Firm as a stand-alone disc, which includes a new Director's Cut and the superb Elephant. Slarek basks in a brilliant Blu-ray.
18 May
The Last Command
Emil Jannings is superb as a once mighty military leader in Imperial Russia reduced to angling for bit parts in Hollywood movies in this fascinating 1928 silent feature from Josef von Sternberg, released on UK dual format this week by Masters of Cinema.
14 May
Mysterious Object at Noon
In a review delayed by an ongoing family crisis, Slarek finds himself strangely entraced by Apichatpong Weerasethakul's dreamlike first feature, restored from an imperfect original and graced with some worthwhile extras on the second Blu-ray from Second Run.
4 May
Marvel less
Buoyed by the wave of positive press generated by Marvel’s latest tent-pole pic, Captain America: Civil War, Camus leaves the cinema wondering what every one else is getting that he’s not. Just what is the ‘Comic Book Movie’ doing to cinema?
2 May
A solid but sometimes by the numbers entry into the still ongoing urban ghost story cycle, the directorial debut from actor Zack Ward launches on US VOD tomorrow. Stateside reviewer Tim Obrist is not too surprised by what unfolds.
25 Apr
Restored from the rediscovered original negative, director José Ramón Larraz's superb, once thought lost psychological horror-thriller is released as a dual format edition today by the BFI as part of its Flipside strand. A nervous Slarek goes down to the woods.
19 Apr
Essence of Wonder
A long time ago when the word ‘web’ was only associated with spiders, a young film aficionado had to search high and low for quality film coverage that wasn’t generated by PR companies… Camus mourns the late, great Cinefantastique
19 Apr
Horse Money
Pedro Costa's haunting 2015 DV feature Horse Money may not seem the obvious choice for Second Run's first Blu-ray release, but they've done an impeccable job. In a late review, Slarek tries to get his head round this extraordinary but complex and challenging film.
6 Apr
Three Days of the Condor
One of the key films from a golden period of American cinema, Sidney Pollack's riveting 1975 conspiracy thriller gets a fine Blu-ray release from Masters of Cinema. Camus (re-) reviews the film and Slarek covers the disc.
2 Apr
The Dressmaker
Even today, terrific new movies without commensurate marketing budgets slip by unnoticed. It makes you wonder how many more little gems out there still remain to be discovered. Camus revels in the truly superb The Dressmaker.
28 Mar
Culloden and The War Game
Slarek revisits Peter Watkins's first two films, Culloden and The War Game, groundbreaking works that transformed the documentary film format, meticulously restored and brought together in an exemplary dual format package by the BFI.
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