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Laurel and Hardy's final feature Atoll K on BFI dual format in December
news | 12 November 2018
The 1951 swan song of beloved comedy duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy is coming to Blu-ray and DVD in December in a new 2K restoration from the BFI in a dual format edition packed with rare special features.
Latest Blu-ray review
blu-ray review | 14 November 2018
The late, great Harry Dean Stanton stars as an ageing bachelor in a small desert town who is learning to confront his own mortality in a perfect swan song of a movie that was written specifically for him and based partly on his life. Slarek is seduced by a film that encourages us to face the void with a smile.
High 5
11 Nov 2018
Adapted from a short story by Clive Barker, the fifth feature from director Bernard Rose has stood the test of time as one of the finest of all modern horror works. Long-time fan Slarek revisits the superb Candyman afresh on Arrow's recently released and impressively featured Limited Edition Blu-ray.

News story
6 Nov 2018
Joseph H. Lewis double on Blu-ray from Arrow Academy in February
Arrow has announced its February Blu-ray releases on the Arrow Academy label, two films from Gun Crazy director Joseph H. Lewis, the gothic-twinged 1945 mystery-thriller My Name Is Julia Ross and the 1946 thriller So Dark the Night.

Film review
7 Nov 2018
Bohemian Rhapsody
After some behind the scenes kerfuffles, we finally get the Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody after a trailer that promised wonders. And if there is anyone who could fill Freddie’s shoes it’s the unerringly brilliant Rami Malek. Camus does the fandango.

News story
6 Nov 2018
Hopper, Coppola, Bronson and Kramer on Indicator Blu-ray in January
Indicator has announced its January Blu-ray releases, an intriguing quartet consisting of Dennis Hopper's The Last Movie, Francis Coppola's Gardens of Stone, Stanley Kramer's R.P.M. and Charles Bronson thriller Breakout.

News story
6 Nov 2018
Japanese action-comedy Dangan Runner on dual format in November
The debut feature from Happiness and Bunny Drop director SABU, a breathless action-comedy with a three-story chase that preceded and has been compared to Run Lola Run, lands a UK Blu-ray release next week from Third Window Films.

News story
3 Nov 2018
The BFI announces its Blu-ray and DVD releases for first quarter 2019
The BFI has confirmed its January to March Blu-ray and DVD titles, and they're a seductive bunch, including a 4-DVD set of 10 BBC productions of Harold Pinter plays, a second Blu-ray set of Derek Jarman films, and the Blu-ray premiere of Jean Cocteau’s 1950 masterpiece, Orphée.

News story
31 Oct 2018
Ingmar Bergman, Julien Duvivier, & David Byrne from Criterion in January
The Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have announced their UK Blu-ray releases for January: Ingmar Berman's 1953 Sawdust and Tinsel, Julien Duvivier's 1946 Panique and the only feature film directed by music icon David Byrne, the 1986 True Stories.

News story
31 Oct 2018
Preminger, Aldrich and Sigurðsson from Eureka in January
Eureka has announced its January Blu-ray and DVD releases for January 2019 in the shape of Otto Preminger's Laura and Robert Aldrich's Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte on the Masters of Cinema label and Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson's Under the tree as part of the Montage Pictures range.

News story
31 Oct 2018
When a Stranger Calls double-bill on Limited Edition Blu-ray in December
A terrific opening sequence and a tense finale bookend fondly remembered and influential late-70s horror-thriller When a Stranger Calls, which makes its UK Blu-ray debut in a Limited Edition with its 1993 sequel When a Stranger Calls Back from Second Sight in December.

28 Oct 2018
William Castle at Columbia, Volume One
A master showman whose films are more accomplished and entertaining than the gimmicks he used to sell them might suggest, William Castle's time at Columbia was career-defining, and four of his films have been packaged with tons of special features into a glorious Blu-ray box set from Indicator. Slarek looks through his Ghost Viewer with undisguised glee.

26 Oct 2018
Night of the Demon
Some movies stay with you. No matter how dated or unimpressive the special effects in the cold light of today, they nestle in like soldered memories. Camus celebrates the superb Night of the Demon out now as a stuffed-to-the-gills Indicator Blu-ray…

Recent reviews and articles
Film review
21 Oct 2018
First Man
Set in a time period covering the first eight years of his own life, Camus takes in First Man after a disastrous review from a trusted source. Damien Chazelle’s film is a fascinating take on an extraordinary man but... there is an elephant in the room and it won’t stop shaking...

19 Oct 2018
Tightening swirls and eye drops
In a promised companion piece to his recent review of Arrow Video's Blu-ray release of Terry Gilliam's extraordinary 12 Monkeys, Camus talks to the film's talented editor, Mick Audsley, about his positive memories of working on this ambitious production.

14 Oct 2018
John Landis doesn't have much good to say about his low-budget comedy-horror debut feature, Schlock, but despite a fair amount of uneven silliness, its best moments are genuinely funny and occasionally inspired. Slarek revisits the film for the first time in years on Arrow's new Blu-ray, and finds his groans are evenly balanced by giggles.

14 Oct 2018
12 Monkeys
Director Terry Gilliam had just redeemed himself by bringing in The Fisher King on budget. Despite bad blood with Universal over Brazil, the studio granted him final cut for one of his more intriguing projects. Camus goes back in time to review Arrow’s new 12 Monkeys Blu-ray.

Film review
11 Oct 2018
Arthouse meets grindhouse in the mind-bending second feature from director Panos Cosmatos, in which a top-of-form Nicolas Cage seeks violent vengeance against the members of a Manson-like religious cult. Slarek becomes completely immersed in the trippiest genre film of the year, which hits UK cinemas tomorrow.

8 Oct 2018
Monkey Shines
George Romero's post-Day of the Dead output is too often sidelined when compared to his groundbreaking early genre work, but his 1988 Monkey Shines is a smart, well-acted and tense horror-thriller that has just been released on a well-featured dual format package by Eureka.

2 Oct 2018
The Mind of Mr. Soames
Terence Stamp is exceptional as a 30-year-old man who has been woken from the coma he has been in since birth in the fascinating and unexpectedly low-key drama from 1970, The Mind of Mr. Soames. Slarek puts himself in the shoes of a newborn man on Indicator's recent Blu-ray release.