Cine Outsider on pause for 3 weeks
news | 11 Mar 2015
As site editor and reviewer Slarek hops off to Japan for his annual holiday, Cine Outsider will be on pause for the next three weeks, but hopefully he won't be completely out of touch. We're back on 2nd April. Check out the blog for more details.
The Internet's Own Boy
dvd review | 11 March 2015
The story of computer prodigy and internet activist Aaron Swartz, who was hounded by authorities to a tragically early death, is the subject of Brian Knappenberger's compelling, saddening but ultimately uplifting documentary, on UK DVD soon from Spectrum.
blu-ray review | 10 March 2015
Writer Paddy Chayefsky never intended his masterpiece to be a critique of the TV business per se but of society at large. He couldn't have chosen a more relevant metaphorical subject. Camus is stunned anew at Network...
9 Mar 2015
Tower of Terror comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD in March
Wilfrid Lawson stars as a deranged, hook-handed lighthouse keeper in genre-defying WWII set Tower of Terror, on UK Blu-ray and DVD this month from Network as part of 'The British Film' collection.
9 Mar 2015
The original 1975 Rollerball comes to Blu-ray in March from Arrow
None of your cheesy remakes here. Norman Jewison's superb political actioner from 1975, featuring James Caan at his most thrillingly athletic, makes its UK Blu-ray debut this month from Arrow Video.
5 Mar 2015
John Byrne’s 1990 TV drama Your Cheatin' Heart on DVD in May
Tilda Swinton, John Gordon Sinclair, Eddi Reader, Peter Mullan and Ken Stott star in John Byrne's follow-up to his hit series Tutti Frutti, which makes its UK DVD debut in May from Second Sight.
5 Mar 2015
Five more titles in Network's 'The British Film' collection in March
Network have announced another five titles as part of 'The British Film' collection, comedies, thrillers and a drama, all to be released on UK DVD in March.
4 Mar 2015
Make an appointment at the Fear Clinic on DVD in March
Horror icon Robert Englund stars alongside Slipknot’s Corey Taylor in director Robert Hall's Fear Clinic, coming to UK DVD at the end of the month from Anchor Bay.
3 Mar 2015
The Duke of Burgandy on DVD and Blu-ray in April
The latest audio-visual experience from Berberian Sound Studio director Peter Strickland comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray in April from Artificial Eye.
2 Mar 2015
The Auteur Film Festival plays at the Curzon Bloomsbury in March/April
The full listing for the 2015 Auteur Film Festival that will be playing the Curzon Bloomsbury in London from 27 March has been confirmed, and it's a belting collection of classics and favourites.
2 Mar 2015
Jessica Hausner’s Armour Fou on DVD in March
Based loosely on the suicide of the poet Henrich von Kleist, Jessica Hausner's follow-up to her acclaimed Lourdes comes to UK DVD in March from Arrow Films.
2 Mar 2015
Roberto Rossellini: The War Trilogy on Blu-ray and DVD in March
The BFI will be releasing Roberto Rossellini's War Trilogy – Rome, Open City, Paisà and Germany Year Zero – individually on DVD and as a limited edition Blu-ray set in March.
1 Mar 2015
Four more MGM Hollywood Classics titles on UK DVD in April
Simply Media have confirmed a further four UK DVD releases from MGM's Hollywood Classics collection, with films from directors Sidney Lumet, Basil Dearden, Francis D. Lyon and Joseph M. Newman.
27 Feb 2015
Sion Sono's Tokyo Tribe comes to UK cinemas in May
The maverick director of Love Exposure, Cold Fish and Land of Hope returns with one of his wildest films yet, a hip-hop yakuza gangster musical. Eureka! are distributing in the UK and Eire and have released the poster image.
27 Feb 2015
Mine Own Executioner and My Brother Jonathan on DVD/Blu-ray in March
Network have announced two more titles for home entertainment release as part of 'The British Film' collection, both on DVD, from the 1940s and remastered from the original film elements, and one on Blu-ray.
24 Feb 2015
12 MGM Hollywood Classics on UK DVD in March from Simply Media
Simply Media have announced 12 DVD releases from March from MGM's Hollywood Classics collection, including films from John Cassavetes, Jonathan Demme, John Frankenheimer, George Roy Hill and Anthony Mann.
23 Feb 2015
50s drama Pacific Destiny joins 'The British Film' collection in March
Denholm Elliot, Susan Stephen and Michael Horden star in a 1950s South Sea Island drama from Village of the Damned director Wolf Rilla, on UK DVD in March from Network as part of 'The British Film' collection.
19 Feb 2015
Sam Fuller's Pickup on South Street on dual format in May
Richard Widmark plays an opportunist pickpocket in Cold War America in one of maverick director Sam Fuller's very finest films, which will have a UK dual format release in May from Masters of Cinema.
8 Mar 2015
Wild River
Montgomery Clift, Lee Remick and Jo Van Fleet star in Elia Kazan's compelling blend of social drama and love story from 1960. Slarek looks at the film, the politics of the Blacklist and the Tennessee Valley Association, and Masters of Cinema's recently released Blu-ray.
25 Feb 2015
Night Will Fall
The story of a great and important wartime documentary that took almost 70 years to complete is explored in André Singer's powerful Night Will Fall. Slarek reviews the film, salutes the BFI DVD, and explores the issue of reframing archive imagery.
20 Feb 2015
After a gap of several years, Slarek returns to a favourite from his youth in the shape of David Cronenberg's 1977 Rabid and discovers that it looks and plays even better than he remembers, particularly on the Blu-ray in Arrow's excellent new dual format release.
16 Feb 2015
The Comedy of Terrors
Gort revisits The Comedy of Terrors, a comedy-horror favourite from his younger days. He didn't laugh quite as much as he once did, but found that there is still plenty to relish, particularly looking as good as it does on its new UK Blu-ray incarnation from Arrow Video.
14 Feb 2015
The Manchurian Candidate
Director John Frankenheimer’s CV is dotted with notable films. Standing tallest (up against The Birdman of Alcatraz and the sequel to The French Connection) is a tale of brainwashing and fear of the Red menace. Camus is transfixed.
12 Feb 2015
Two friends in search of lost gold in the Australian outback fall out and find themselves hunted by a sasquatch-like creature known as a Yowie. Gort didn't quite connect with the film itself, but is impressed as hell with the filmmakers and the Monster Pictures DVD.
4 Feb 2015
Ganja & Hess
Planned as a blaxploitation vampire movie, Bill Gunn's first feature evolved into an fascinating arthouse exploration of addiction. Restored to its original form in 1998, it was recently released on UK dual format by Masters of Cinema. Slarek takes a hit.
29 Jan 2015
Tales of the Grim Sleeper
Documentarian Nick Broomfield's latest film explores the case of accused serial killer Lonnie Franklin and paints a sobering picture of the prejudice and abuse suffered by the women who were targeted as his victims.
28 Jan 2015
Into the Woods
Composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim's genius remains unjustly under fêted. He scores triumphantly with Into the Woods and Chicago's director Rob Marshall does Sondheim's work proud. Camus delights in the fairytale...
20 Jan 2015
Two for the Road
Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney take us on non-linear road trip through twelve years of a troubled relationship in Stanley Donen's wonderful 1967 comedy romance Two for the Road. Slarek is entranced by both the film and its Masters of Cinema Blu-ray incarnation.
20 Jan 2015
The Imitation Game
Yes, it's been out a few weeks now but if the almost full cinema in which Camus saw The Imitation Game is any indication, the Oscar buzz is giving it legs. The Alan Turing biopic features a superb performance by the actor du jour.
18 Jan 2015
Michael Mann has always been one of America’s more interesting directors. Thief, an overlooked gem, is Mann’s first feature from the early 80s, now on Blu-ray. Camus revels in a safe cracking example of a 70s-style crime drama, and Slarek reviews Arrow's new Blu-ray.
11 Jan 2015
Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead
Colonel Herzog and his brood of undead Nazis are back to wreak even more spectacular mayhem in a sequel that actually surpasses the original in every respect. Gort tools up and joins the Zombie Squad for Entertainment One's Blu-ray.
6 Jan 2015
Hours in the day: 2014 in review
A few days late and as long-winded as ever, Slarek muses on the future of this very web site and looks back at the a few of his personal favourite film, TV, DVD and Blu-ray experiences of 2014.
1 Jan 2015
Perfect! Let's do one more
We all know roughly what they do, how dependent on others their work is and any cineaste worth their salt will know the greats from the not-so-greats. But what makes a ‘great’ director? Camus ponders the ineffable.
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