Borowczyk and me
blog | 31 August 2014
As he begins work on a series of reviews of Arrow Academy's superb Walerian Borowczyk Blu-ray releases, Slarek reflects on how little he once knew about this celebrated filmmaker and looks forward to a week immersed in his work.
dvd review | 29 Aug 2014
A Japanese serial killer grooms an Indonesian journalist into following in his footsteps in the Mo Brothers' dark and disturbing thriller. Slarek dives into the abyss and reviews Lionsgate's disappointingly extras-free UK DVD.
Faust, eine deutsche Volkssage
blu-ray review | 28 Aug 2014
F. W. Murnau's astonishing cinematic rendition of Goethe's take on everyone's favourite German folk tale gets a fine Blu-ray upgrade as part of the recently released Masters of Cinema dual format package. Slarek joyfully dances with the Devil...
Walerian Borowczyk Short Films and Animation
Hot contender for single-disc Blu-ray release of the year, this is a revalatory and beautifully remastered collection of too-little seen masterworks by one of world cinema's unsung greats. Expect a review soon.
An ex-cop and recovering alcoholic and a former thief make for one of US TV's most engaging private eye teams. Humour and drama are sublimely balanced and the two leads are great, but lower than expected viewing figures cancelled the series after just one season. A tragedy.
Silicon Valley
Mike Judge absolutely nails the world of computer tech nerdiness in a dryly funny series about the struggles of a small Silicon Valley startup company. Takes a couple of episodes to warm to the characters, but by the end you're rooting for them to trounce their corporate rivals.

If you want to get high, go to Maiori
news | 6 July 2014
In a blog delayed a tad by circumstance, Slarek wonders why he keeps going on holidays that end up placing him so far above the ground, and finds that it's sometimes nice to leave film alone for a while.

Top 5 Underrated Hixploitation Movies
high 5 | 10 August 2014
In a tie-in to our recent Grindhouse Classics coverage, guest reviewer Brandon Engel selects five lesser known exploitation films that took their influence from the activities of notorious Wisconsin farmer and mass murderer Ed Gein.

Takashi Miike's Lessons of Evil on DVD and Blu-ray in September
news | 30 August 2014
Takashi Miike's commentary on tough high school life and dark student–teacher relationships comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray in September from Third Window Films.
Seijun Suzuki's Youth of the Beast on dual format in October
news | 29 August 2014
The breakthrough film for Tokyo Drifter and Branded to Kill director Seijun Suzuki makes its UK DVD and Blu-ray debut in October from Eureka! as part of the Masters of Cinema series.
Hammer's Twins of Evil and Countess Dracula on Blu-ray in September
news | 29 August 2014
Two female-oriented Hammer favourites from 1971 comes to very decently featured UK Blu-ray in September from Network as part of The British Film.
Killer Klowns From Outer Space on dual format and Blu-ray Steelbook in September
news | 29 August 2014
The cult 1988 horror comedy favourite and solo directorial feature from the Chiodo brothers, comes to gloriously featured dual format and Blu-ray Steelbook in September from Arrow.
Hong Khaou's debut feature Lilting on DVD and Blu-ray in September
news | 28 August 2014
A touching, intimate film about love, loss, communication and culture featuring a superb performance from Ben Whishaw comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray in September from Artificial Eye.
Jia Zhangke's A Touch of Sin on DVD and Blu-ray in September
news | 27 August 2014
Four tales of human conflict in modern day China are the basis for the violent but superb latest from Still Life and 24 City director Jia Zhangke, on UK DVD and Blu-ray in September from Arrow Films.
Withnail and I restored and on limited and numbered dual format in October
news | 27 August 2014
If you're a big fan of Bruce Robinson's seminal and endless quotable Withnail and I, then Arrow Films have just announced a limited special edition that is going to have you salivating...
Mary Queen of Scots & God Help the Girl on DVD in October
news | 26 August 2014
Historical drama Mary Queen of Scots and upbeat pop musical God Help the Girl have been announced for extras-free UK DVD releases in October from Metrodome.
Moby Dick the TV mini-series on DVD in October
news | 26 August 2014
William Hurt stars as the whale chasing Captain Ahab in a 2001 TV miniseries adaptation of Herman Melville’s classic novel, on UK DVD October from Kaleidoscope.
Blacula – The Complete Collection on dual format in October
news | 26 August 2014
The cult 1972 blaxploitation vampire movie Blacula and its brilliantly titled sequel Scream, Blacula, Scream come to UK dual format in October from Eureka! Entertainment.
Eureka! confirm details of the October dual format release of Fellini's 'I clowns'
news | 22 August 2014
One of Federico Fellini's finest but most little seen films makes its UK Blu-ray debut as part of an October dual format release from Eureka! as part of the Masters of Cinema series.
3 Blu-ray titles in September as part of Network's 'The British Film' collection
news | 21 August 2014
Network have confirmed 3 more titles – Ransom, The Four Feathers and Richard III – for UK Blu-ray release in September as part of 'The British Film' collection.

Frau im Monde.
blu-ray review | 25 Aug 2014
Fritz Lang's 1929 blend of fanciful and visionary science fiction with relationship drama makes the jump to Blu-ray as part of the new Masters of Cinema dual format edition. Slarek takes one small step...
The Ipcress File
blu-ray review | 22 Aug 2014
On the flipside to Connery’s Bond, there's a youthful Michael Caine mole hunting in The Ipcress File. While the era was the same, the approach to espionage was vastly different, perhaps even realistic. Camus eyes spies…
The Silent Partner
retro dvd review | 21 Aug 2014
Slarek looks back at The Silent Partner, a personal favourite Canadian cat-and-mouse thriller from 1978 scripted by Curtis Hanson that still hasn't had a UK DVD release and was released on a bare-bones US disc in 2007 by Lionsgate.
Capricorn One
Blu-ray review | 12 Aug 2014
The first manned mission to Mars is faked when a fault develops on the spacecraft in Capricorn One, Peter Hyams' intriguing 1977 conspiracy thriller. Slarek reviews the newly released UK Blu-ray from Network Distributing.
I Don't Know Jack
film review | 8 Aug 2014
The appropriately titled I Don't Know Jack is an enlightening and touching 2002 documentary portrait of cult actor Jack Nance, one no longer available on DVD or download. So how do you get to see it? Ah, well...
Grindhouse Trailer Classics, Vol 4
dvd review | 4 Aug 2014
The latest collection of Grindhouse trailers from Nucleus Films hit the stores in June and makes a great companion to their recently released Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide 2. Gort opens a beer or two and settles down for an evening of nostalgic fun.
blu-ray review | 31 July 2014
Dirk Bogarde plays a barrister investigating and eventually targeted by blackmail in Victim, a landmark social drama from 1961. Slarek salutes the film and reviews the new UK Blu-ray, released by Network as part of 'The British Film' collection.
Too Late Blues
film & blu-ray review | 30 July 2014
Jerry Whyte revisits John Cassavetes’ much-maligned second feature, Too Late Blues, and finds beauty and significance where so many have found only mawkish sentimentality, and it really shines on Eureka's new Blu-ray.
Black Narcissus
blu-ray review | 27 July 2014

The Archers' most erotic work, Black Narcissus, shines brightly, holding its great power in check until it finally erupts. Camus is smacked of gob at how shocking the film still is, now on its third Blu-ray iteration...
Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide 2
dvd review | 25 July 2014
Nucleus Films follow up their brilliant 2008 3-disc examination of the tabloid led 'Video Nasties' phenomenon with the equally wonderful Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide 2. Horror devotee Gort is in cinematic pig heaven.
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins...
blu-ray review | 20 July 2014
A box-office flop in its day, the hugely likeable Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins... has since built a cult following, and looks the business on Arrow's recently released and impressively featured Blu-ray.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
film review | 19 July 2014
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is astounding, extraordinary, stunning and all those other superlatives saved exclusively for the technology. Alas, along the way the 'why' acquiesced to the 'how'. Camus sighs with wonder...
The Rocket
blu-ray review | 10 July 2014
The story of a young Lao boy and his journey to prove that he was not cursed from birth is the subject of Kim Mordaunt's captivating The Rocket. Slarek puts his natural cynicism on hold to celebrate the film and Eureka!'s recent Blu-ray.

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Darlings, All – A Tribute to Richard Attenborough
article | 25 Aug 2014
There are very few consummate filmmakers out there with a CV to rival the late Richard Attenborough. From teen actor to national treasure, he always stood up for the little guy. Camus and Slarek acknowledge his passing.
Waving and Drowning
article | 25 July 2014
Who decides what's cool, what’s 'in', what’s fundamentally good? There used to be a select stratum of people who greenlit a film's production or a book's publishing. Camus asks "Do we still need so-called 'tastemakers'?"
The profundity of the primal: a tribute to H.R. Giger
article | 13 May 2014
On the day that the sad news of Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger's death was announced, Camus and Slarek pay brief but heartfelt tribute to his unique talent.
"'Ere, 'old up, where's Victoria?":
A tribute to Bob Hoskins

article | 2 May 2014
From On The Move’s adult literacy TV shows in the 70s via a huge diversity of roles to the twinkle-in-his-eye, shop steward of Made In Dagenham, we’ve always had a soft spot for the sadly late Bob Hoskins.
Interview with Darren Stein & Michael J. Willett
interview | 22 March 2014
Timothy E. RAW speaks to director Darren Stein and star Michael J. Willett about G.B.F., a watershed moment in the history of the teen film, and puts them both to the test, presenting them with several pairs of world-renowned divas and asking, "Who's Gayer?"
Interview with DVD/Blu-ray producer Daniel Bird
interview | 21 February 2014
Slarek talks to disc producer Daniel Bird about Polish director Walerian Borowczyk, the logistics of restoring his films, and the upcoming Borowczyk DVD & Blu-ray set from Arrow Films.
Interview with writer-director Don Coscarelli
interview | 5 February 2014
With the release date of Eureka's UK Blu-ray and DVD of John Dies at the End fast approaching, we talk to its director and Phantasm creator Don Coscarelli.
Slarek: Review of the Year
article | 16 January 2014
It's late, it's long, and it kicks of with the usual extended political moan, but Slarek has finally turned in his very personal pick of the audio-visual pleasures of 2013.
Touched by Light
article | 15 December 2013
Has life-changing cinema been irrevocably diluted by the ubiquity and immediacy of media? Content, and indeed the means by which it’s consumed, are everywhere. Camus asks "Can a movie still profoundly affect you?"
Interviews with Francesca Gregorini, Kaya Scodelario and Aneurin Barnard
interview | 26 November 2013
Available on the US iTunes store from today, this surrealistic psychological drama was one of the best of the Sundance UK 2013 line-up and it’s there that Timothy E. RAW talked to writer-director Francesca Gregorini and stars Kaya Scodelario and Aneurin Barnard.
Interview with Nicole Holofcener
interview | 17 October 2013
Timothy E. RAW meets the woman solely responsible for restoring some dignity to the modern rom-com. She tells him about the jauntily sweet Enough Said and working with the late James Gandolfini.
Interview with Matthew Fox
interview | 5 October 2013
Leading man Matthew Fox talks to Timothy E. RAW about his WWII thriller Emperor, which is on limited UK cinema release now from The Works.
Interview with writer / director Kieran Evans
interview | 20 September 2013
To mark the UK cinema release today by Verve Pictures of Kieran Evans' first dramatic feature Kelly + Victor, Timothy E. RAW talks to its writer and director.

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