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Cult sf series Terrahawks: Volume 1 on Blu-ray and DVD in July
news | 27 May 2016
Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson teamed up with Christopher Burr for his return to puppet-based science-fiction TV, the first volume of which comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD from Network in July.
Penda's Fen
Penda's Fen
blu-ray review | 22 May 2016
Jerry Whyte leaps for joy at the arrival of the BFI’s impatiently awaited release of Alan Clarke and David Rudkin’s deeply radical, richly textured masterpiece Penda’s Fen, one of the towering achievements of British television from two of its maverick geniuses.
The Firm
The Firm: Director's Cut / Elephant
blu-ray review | 20 May 2016
Ahead of its hugely anticipated Dissent & Disruption: The Complete Alan Clarke at the BBC, the BFI are releasing The Firm as a stand-alone disc, which includes a new Director's Cut and the superb Elephant. Slarek basks in a brilliant Blu-ray.
26 May 2016
A Month in the Country on dual format in June from the BFI
Director Pat O'Connor's film adaptation of J L Carr’s much loved story of a traumatised First World War veteran who finds solace in a beautiful Yorkshire village lands a UK dual format release in June.
26 May 2016
Swedish crime drama series The Fjällbacka Murders on DVD in June
5 feature length dramas adapted from the internationally-acclaimed, blockbuster novels by bestselling Swedish author Camilla Läckberg will be released in one package on Arrow Films' Nordic Noir & Beyond label in June.
26 May 2016
Luchino Visconti’s Conversation Piece on dual format in August
Luchino Visconti’s heartfelt tale of loneliness and intimacy starring Burt Lancaster and an international ensemble cast will be released in the UK as a dual format edition in August by Eureka as part of the Masters of Cinema series.
24 May 2016
How we'll be reviewing the Dissent & Disruption box set
At a difficult time for the main reviewers for the site we've taken on what may be our biggest review yet. Slarek looks at how we're going to cover Dissent & Disruption: Alan Clarke at the BBC (1969-1989).
18 May 2016
Pablo Larraín's The Club on Blu-ray and DVD in May
Four men living together in a secluded house in a small, seaside town and have been sent to this place to purge sins from the past in Pablo Larraín's excellent drama, on UK Blu-ray and DVD this month from Network.
18 May 2016
4-versions of 1 film in the Bloodbath Blu-ray set from Arrow in May
One horror film, 4 different versions. Arrow's upcoming, 2-disc Blu-ray release charts the troubled history of executive producer Roger Corman's 1966 horror tale, and it arrives in the UK at the end of this month.
16 May 2016
Buster Keaton - The Complete Short Films 1917-1923 on Blu-ray in July
Eureka Entertainment have announced 4-disc Blu-ray upgrade to the 2006 box set featuring all of the short films made by Buster Keaton between 1917 and 1923, in UK stores in July as pasrt of the Masters of Cinema series.
11 May 2016
Queen of Earth in UK cinemas and on VOD & dual format in July
Elisabeth Moss, Katherine Waterston and Patrick Fugit star in the latest film from Listen Up Philip's Alex Ross Perry, which comes to UK cinemas, VOD and dual format disc in July from Eureka.
10 May 2016
1934 British mystery thriller The Warren Case on DVD in May
Based on the acclaimed play by The Ghost Train author Arnold Ridley and directed by The Dark Eyes of London's Walter Summers, 1943 mystery thriller comes to UK DVD this month on Network's 'The British Film' collection.
9 May 2016
Arrow announces its August Arrow Academy titles
Arrow announced on Twitter today two titles coming in August as part of their Arrow Academy strand: The Early Works of Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Fritz Lang's Hangmen Also Die!.
9 May 2016
Nico Mastorakis’s Hired to Kill on Blu-ray & DVD in May
Brian Thompson, George Kennedy and a scenery chewing Oliver Reed star in a 1990 exploitation actioner from cult director Nico Mastoraki, which lands a UK dual format release this month from Arrow Video.
8 May 2016
Netflix series Narcos coming to Blu-ray and DVD from Arrow in August
Season 1 of the hit Netflix series charting the rise of the infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and starring Brazilian actor Wagner Moura is coming to UK DVD and Blu-ray in August from Arrow Films.
7 May 2016
Arrow Video announce its August Blu-ray and DVD titles
In case you missed it, yesterday Arrow Video announced via their Twitter feed their August Blu-ray and DVD release slate, and it's an absolute doozy, with cult cinema titles from Canada, America, Japan and Italy.
6 May 2016
Hirokazu Kore-eda's Our Little Sister on Blu-ray and DVD in June
The latest, award-winning and deeply moving film from the acclaimed director of I Wish and Like Father, Like Son comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD in June from Curzon Artificial Eye.
5 May 2016
1971 Sydney Hayers thriller Revenge on Blu-ray & DVD in May
Joan Collins, James Booth and Sinéad Cusack star in a sensational, X-rated 1971 thriller from Circus of Horrors director Sydney Hayers, which comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD this month from Network.
18 May
The Last Command
Emil Jannings is superb as a once mighty military leader in Imperial Russia reduced to angling for bit parts in Hollywood movies in this fascinating 1928 silent feature from Josef von Sternberg, released on UK dual format this week by Masters of Cinema.
14 May
Mysterious Object at Noon
In a review delayed by an ongoing family crisis, Slarek finds himself strangely entraced by Apichatpong Weerasethakul's dreamlike first feature, restored from an imperfect original and graced with some worthwhile extras on the second Blu-ray from Second Run.
4 May
Marvel less
Buoyed by the wave of positive press generated by Marvel’s latest tent-pole pic, Captain America: Civil War, Camus leaves the cinema wondering what every one else is getting that he’s not. Just what is the ‘Comic Book Movie’ doing to cinema?
2 May
A solid but sometimes by the numbers entry into the still ongoing urban ghost story cycle, the directorial debut from actor Zack Ward launches on US VOD tomorrow. Stateside reviewer Tim Obrist is not too surprised by what unfolds.
25 Apr
Restored from the rediscovered original negative, director José Ramón Larraz's superb, once thought lost psychological horror-thriller is released as a dual format edition today by the BFI as part of its Flipside strand. A nervous Slarek goes down to the woods.
19 Apr
Essence of wonder
A long time ago when the word ‘web’ was only associated with spiders, a young film aficionado had to search high and low for quality film coverage that wasn’t generated by PR companies… Camus mourns the late, great Cinefantastique
19 Apr
Horse Money
Pedro Costa's haunting 2015 DV feature Horse Money may not seem the obvious choice for Second Run's first Blu-ray release, but they've done an impeccable job. In a late review, Slarek tries to get his head round this extraordinary but complex and challenging film.
6 Apr
Three Days of the Condor
One of the key films from a golden period of American cinema, Sidney Pollack's riveting 1975 conspiracy thriller gets a fine Blu-ray release from Masters of Cinema. Camus (re-) reviews the film and Slarek covers the disc.
2 Apr
The Dressmaker
Even today, terrific new movies without commensurate marketing budgets slip by unnoticed. It makes you wonder how many more little gems out there still remain to be discovered. Camus revels in the truly superb The Dressmaker.
28 Mar
Culloden and The War Game
Slarek revisits Peter Watkins's first two films, Culloden and The War Game, groundbreaking works that transformed the documentary film format, meticulously restored and brought together in an exemplary dual format package by the BFI.
26 Mar
Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
It seems the gruelling and mindlessly dull, last CG-soaked half-hour of Man of Steel wasn’t an aberration; it turns out to be Zach Snyder’s signature style. Camus suits up for more super-heroics and cannot resist the compulsion to sigh at Batman v Superman
26 Mar
The Club
Jerry Whyte savours his second Chilean masterpiece in a week, Pablo Larraín’s The Club, which chisels another chip from the reputation of the Catholic Church while displaying an exceptional cinematic beauty that calls forth thoughts of celluloid.
23 Mar
Interview with Pablo Larraín
Acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín's latest film The Club opens in UK cinemas on Friday 25 March. In anticipation of this, Jerry Whyte talks to the film's talented and genial director.
19 Mar
The Pearl Button
Jerry Whyte dips his flag in salute of Patricio Guzmán, one of modern cinema’s true masters, and delights in the way his elegantly intelligent, deeply felt new film, The Pearl Button, thinks out loud about historic horrors and ever-present wonders.
18 Mar
Interview with Patricio Guzmán
To mark the UK release of the superb The Pearl Button, Jerry Whyte talked to its remarkable director, Patricio Guzmán, in an interview recorded at last year's London Film Festival. A review of the film will follow soon.
17 Mar
In 1983, I pronounced Nic Roeg’s Eureka a masterpiece. But with no internet or real life experience at 22 years old, no one listened. I hope its debut on Blu-ray turns on a whole new audience. Camus revels in this audacious marvel of cinema.
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