Sidney Lumet's The Offence on dual format in April
news | 29 Jan 2015
Sean Connery and Ian Bannen are at psychological loggerheads in Sidney Lumet's electrifying drama from 1972, which will be released on UK dual format in April by Masters of Cinema.
Tales of the Grim Sleeper
film review | 29 Jan 2015
Documentarian Nick Broomfield's latest film explores the case of accused serial killer Lonnie Franklin and paints a sobering picture of the prejudice and abuse suffered by the women who were targeted as his victims.
Into the Woods
film review | 28 Jan 2015
Composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim's genius remains unjustly under fêted. He scores triumphantly with Into the Woods and Chicago's director Rob Marshall does Sondheim's work proud. Camus delights in the fairytale...
The Comedy of Terrors
Farcial comic horror from 1963 with a belter of a cast and directed by Val Lewton graduate Jacques Tournier. Not as funny or smart as it once seemed, it still bristles with energy and is splendidly presented on Arrow's upcoming Blu-ray. Review soon.
Tales of the Grim Sleeper
Documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield sets out to investigate the claims made about the number of people murdered by the serial killer known as 'The Grim Sleeper' and ends up painting a troubling portrait of prejudicial attitudes of the police towards the poor black community in South Central Los Angeles. Review soon.
Maps to the Stars
Cronenberg's first American film sets Hollywood in its sights and then bites repeatedly and chews on the remains. A film in which just about everyone is seeriously screwed up in some way, observed with same sort of cool clinical distance that made Crash such a treat.

Reviewers vs. Blu-ray encryption
news | 24 Nov 2014
In his first blog for a while (he's not particularly talkative), Slarek outlines why for the immediate future at least, our Blu-ray reviews will be bereft of screen grabs.

Top 5 Prison and Prison Themed Movies
high 5 | 20 September 2014
Inspired by Arrow’s recent Blu-ray release of Jules Dassin’s superb 1947 Brute Force, genre fans Camus and Slarek each pick five of their all time favourite prison movies and prison-themed dramas.

28 Jan 2015
60s spy spoof Hot Enough for June on Blu-ray in February
Dirk Bogard stars as a Czech-speaking writer recruited by British Initelligence in a 1964 spy spoof from director Ralph Thomas, making its UK Blu-ray debut in February from Network.
28 Jan 2015
Zombie Resurrection on Blu-ray and DVD in March
The debut feature from directors Jake Hawkins and Andy Phelps is a post-apocalyptic zombie horror with a religious twist, and it's on UK Blu-ray and DVD in March from Left Films.
28 Jan 2015
Tommy Lee Jones' The Homesman on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in March
A stellar cast headline the second theatrical feature from Tommy Lee Jones in the role of actor-director, and it arrives on UK Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in March from Entertainment One.
28 Jan 2015
David Cronenberg's body horror fave Rabid on dual format in February
Arrow Video's HD restorations of early Cronenberg films continue in February with regular dual format and Limited Edition Steelbook versions of the terrific 1977 body horror Rabid.
27 Jan 2015
Midnight Run makes its long-awaited UK Blu-ray debut in April
The divinely wonderful cult favourite Midnight Run, a career high for just about everyone involved and an absolute site favourite, finally comes to UK Blu-ray in April from Second Sight.
26 Jan 2015
Manuela, Circle of Danger & Assassin for Hire on DVD in February
The latest three films from Network Distributing's 'The British Film' collection are all from the 1950s and include works by directors Guy Hamilton and Jacques Tournier.
26 Jan 2015
Alain Guiraudie's The King of Escape on DVD and On-Demand in March
A riotous French countryside comedy from, Alain Guiraudie, the director of the Cannes award-winning Stranger by the Lake, comes to UK DVD and On-Demand in March from Peccadillo.
23 Jan 2015
Nordic Noir crime drama Tommy on DVD and Digital in February
Not the Ken Russell directed rock opera by The Who but a tense and thrilling Swedish crime drama starring Moa Gammel and Ola Rapace, and it's coming to UK DVD and Digital next month from Arrow Films' Nordic Noir label.
22 Jan 2015
The Internet's Own Boy on DVD and Digital in March
We Are Legion director Brian Knappenberger's documentary chronicling the tragic story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz, on UK DVD and Digital in March from Spectrum.
22 Jan 2015
Michael Winner double on DVD/Blu-ray in February
Network's latest two releases as part of 'The British Film' collection are two early to mid-career features from Michael Winner, West 11 and The Nightcomers.
22 Jan 2015
The Good Beginning & Silent Dust on DVD in February
Network Distributing have announced two more titles – one from 1953, the other from 1949 – for UK DVD release in February as part of their ongoing 'The British Film' collection.
22 Jan 2015
WW1 masterpiece Wooden Crosses on dual format in March
One of the greatest film depictions of WW1 battlefield life, Raymond Bernard's 1932 masterpiece Wooden Crosses [Les croix de bois] comes to UK dual format in March from Masters of Cinema.
22 Jan 2015
10 MGM back-catalogue titles on DVD February from Simply Media
Some famous faces and respected directors feature in the ten MGM back-catalogue titles announced for vanilla UK DVD releases in March by Simply Media.
20 Jan 2015
Two for the Road Blu-ray review]
Yes, it's been out a few weeks now but if the almost full cinema in which Camus saw The Imitation Game is any indication, the Oscar buzz is giving it legs. The Alan Turing biopic features a superb performance by the actor du jour.
20 Jan 2015
The Imitation Game [film review]
Yes, it's been out a few weeks now but if the almost full cinema in which Camus saw The Imitation Game is any indication, the Oscar buzz is giving it legs. The Alan Turing biopic features a superb performance by the actor du jour.
18 Jan 2015
Thief [Blu-ray review]
Michael Mann has always been one of America’s more interesting directors. Thief, an overlooked gem, is Mann’s first feature from the early 80s, now on Blu-ray. Camus revels in a safe cracking example of a 70s-style crime drama, and Slarek reviews Arrow's new Blu-ray.
11 Jan 2015
Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead
[Blu-ray review]
Colonel Herzog and his brood of undead Nazis are back to wreak even more spectacular mayhem in a sequel that actually surpasses the original in every respect. Gort tools up and joins the Zombie Squad for Entertainment One's Blu-ray.
6 Jan 2015
Hours in the day: 2014 in review
A few days late and as long-winded as ever, Slarek muses on the future of this very web site and looks back at the a few of his personal favourite film, TV, DVD and Blu-ray experiences of 2014.
1 Jan 2015
Perfect! Let's do one more
We all know roughly what they do, how dependent on others their work is and any cineaste worth their salt will know the greats from the not-so-greats. But what makes a ‘great’ director? Camus ponders the ineffable.
29 Dec 2014
Les Misérables [Blu-ray review]
In the second of our catch-up reviews of recent Masters of Cinema releases, Slarek joins the revolution in Raymond Bernard's superb 289 minute adaptation of Victor Hugo's classic novel, Les Misérables.
21 Dec 2014
Sofia's Last Ambulance
[DVD review]
In the first of our catch-up reviews of recent Second Run DVDs, Slarek takes a ride on Sofia's Last Ambulance, Ilian Metev's captivating, intimate and revealing documentary portrait of a hard pressed Bulgarian ambulance crew.
15 Dec 2014
Spione [Blu-ray review]
For the first of our late reviews of recent Masters of Cinema Blu-ray releases, Slarek marvels at the technical brilliance and sheer entertainment value of Fritz Lang's superb 1928 spy thriller, Spione.
10 Dec 2014
The Haunted Palace
[Blu-ray review]
For our final review from Arrow's Six Gothic Tales Blu-ray box set, Slarek falls for one of the best but least discussed of Roger Corman's Poe cycle, the seriously unsettling, H.P. Lovecraft inspired The Haunted Palace.
9 Dec 2014
The Fall of the House of Usher
[Blu-ray review]
Next up from Roger Corman’s Six Gothic Tales box set is The Fall of the House of Usher, a creepy tale of family madness and hereditary super sensitivity once again starring the inimitable Vincent Price. Camus is spooked.
7 Dec 2014
The Tomb of Ligeia [Blu-ray review]
In the fourth of our reviews from Arrow's superb Six Gothic Tales Blu-ray box set, Gort recalls what makes The Tomb of Ligeia such a strong film for the Corman Poe series to end on, and salutes another fine set of extra features.
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