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High 5 Archive

5 of our favourite Christopher Lee performances
16 June 2015
In a brief tribute to one of our all-time favourite actors, a great, great horror star and owner of the best basso voice in the business, Slarek picks five of his favourite Christopher Lee performances.

5 of the best film versions of The Hound of the Baskervilles
26 May 2015
Prompted by the excellent Arrow Blu-ray release outlined in the column to the immediate right, for our latest High 5 list we pick our five favourite film and TV adaptations of the most famous of all Sherlock Holmes stories.

Five not so widely seen post-apocalyptic films
26 May 2015
After a gap of several months, High 5 is back for a more regular run. Triggered by the recent release of Mad Max: Fury Road, Slarek picks 5 of his favourite less widely screened post-apocalyptic films.

Top 5 Prison or Prison-Themed Movies
20 September 2014
Inspired by the recent released from Arrow Video of Jules Dassin's execllent Brute Force, Camus and Slarek each select five of their favourite prison set movies.

Top 5 Underrated Hixploitation Movies
10 August 2014
In a tie-in to our recent Grindhouse Classics coverage, guest reviewer Brandon Engel selects five lesser known exploitation films that took their influence from the activities of notorious Wisconsin farmer and mass murderer Ed Gein.

5 of our favourite courtroom films or scenes
14 July 2014
Triggered by a comment made by Camus in his review of the Masters of Cinema Blu-ray of Boomerang, he and Slarek each select five of their favourite legal dramas or courtroom scenes.

5 emotional scenes that reduced us to tears
10 June 2014
For our seriously delayed third High 5, Slarek and Camus pick five film scenes apiece that hit them so hard on an emotional level that they prompted tears. I've got something in my eye!

5 horror scenes that scared us silly
24 April 2014
For our second High 5, Camus and Slarek each recall five of those too-rare occasions when watching a great film left them quaking with terror.

5 scenes that hit the funny bone
16 April 2014
For the first entry in an irregular series, Camus and Slarek pick five scenes apiece that for often inexplicable reasons had them holding their sides with laughter.