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Sasha on DVD in January
A teacher/pupil romance with a difference is how Dennis Todorovic's tender and comic coming-out movie is being described, and it arrives on UK DVD in the new year from Peccadillo.
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Made in Chile: Two Films by Pablo Larrain on DVD in January

16 December 2011

Having made a striking directorial debut in 2008 with Tony Manero, Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín followed on with the 2010 Post Mortem, which also starred Alfredo Castro and was described by Jonathan Romney in Sight & Sound as "an enigmatic but utterly distinctive and troubling film," and Philip Wilding in Empire as "a sometimes shocking, often moving journey through a blood-stained corner of the past." In February Network are to release Post Mortem on UK DVD, both as a stand-alone disc and as a two-film set with Tony Manero.

Post Mortem (15)
Santiago, 1973. Mario Cornejo (Alfredo Castro) works at a morgue, typing out reports on autopsies performed by the coroners. On the days leading up to the military coup resulting in Salvador Allende's death, he gets involved in a love affair with Nancy (Antonia Zegers), a dancer from the cabaret Bim Bam Bum. The story of this apparently charmless and insignificant couple is Chile's story during the infamous military coup. Larrain uses Mario's ideal of conquering the impossible love of a woman as the ideal of a nation trying to conquer a noble but unattainable political model (socialism). All this amid the bodies of those who died as a result of military ideals imposed with no care for their cost or consequences.

Tony Manero (18)
Chile, 1979. Fifty-something Raul Peralta is obsessed with John Travolta's character from Saturday Night Fever and will do anything, including mindless, gruesome murder of the innocents, to win the national Tony Manero impersonation competition...

Post Mortem and Made in Chile: Two Films by Pablo Larrain (containing both Post Mortem and Tony Manero) will be released on UK DVD on 23rd January 2012 by Network Releasing at the RRP of £14.99 and £19.99 respectively.

Special features on Post Mortem:

  • Introductory booklet on Post Mortem from film critic Demetrios Matheou;
  • Behind Post Mortem featurette;
  • Image Gallery;
  • Trailer.

Special features on Made in Chile: Two Films by Pablo Larrain:

  • Filmed interview with Alfredo Castro and film and theatre studies professor Maria Delgado (University of London);
  • Introductory booklet on Tony Manero from film critic Jonathan Romney;
  • Introductory booklet on Post Mortem from film critic Demetrios Matheou;
  • Behind Post Mortem featurette;
  • Image Gallery;
  • Post Mortem Trailer.