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Raymond Briggs' When the Wind Blows on dual format in January

4 December 2017

When the Wind Blows is a story about love, tenderness, humanity and hope in the face of nuclear war. Adapted by Raymond Briggs (The Snowman, Ethel and Ernest) from his best-selling graphic novel, it features an original soundtrack by Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) and title song by David Bowie. It will be released on Blu-ray/DVD by the BFI in a Dual Format Edition in January, packed with special features including interviews, a documentary on the director and the public information film Protect and Survive (1975).

Jim and Hilda Bloggs (voiced by Sir John Mills and Dame Peggy Ashcroft) are a middle-aged couple who put their faith in the government as they prepare for nuclear war. When the countdown begins, they roll up their sleeves and follow the advice contained in the real-life official booklet of the time, Protect and Survive. They whitewash their windows white, build a shelter out of doors and pillows, take the washing in and put away packets of ginger nuts, a tin of pineapple chunks and a good supply of tea.

This legendary, cautionary tale is both humorous and macabre in its consideration of one of the most horrific possibilities of modern life.

This new release will be celebrated with a special screening at BFI Southbank (NFT3) on Sunday 28 January at 3.20pm, followed by an on stage Q&A with executive producer Iain Harvey. It is a part of the BFI’s year-long celebration of the craft and creativity of animation taking place from January–December 2018. Details will be announced soon.

When the Wind Blows dual format pack shot

When the Wind Blows will be released on UK dual format (Blu-ray and DVD) on 22 January 2018 by the BFI at the RRP of £19.99.

Special features:

  • Audio commentary with first assistant editor Joe Fordham and film historian Nick Redman
  • Jimmy Murakami: Non-Alien (2010, 77 mins): feature-length documentary about the film’s director
  • The Wind and the Bomb (1986, 25 mins): the making of When the Wind Blows, featuring interviews with producer John Coates, director Jimmy T Murakami and writer Raymond Briggs
  • Interview with Raymond Briggs (2005, 14 mins): the author discusses When the Wind Blows and other works
  • Protect and Survive (1975, 50 mins): public information film designed to be broadcast when a nuclear attack was imminent
  • Isolated music and effects track
  • Illustrated booklet with a new introduction by Raymond Briggs, an essay by executive producer Iain Harvey, writing by Jez Stewart, Claire Kitson and Bella Todd, and full film credits