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Russian Film Week launches at London's Regent Street Cinema

1 December 2016

Russian Film Week launched yesterday at London's historical Regent Street Cinema. The festival began on 30 November and runs until 1 December. features over 20 of the best Russian films from the past 18 months including 3 world premieres.

Russian Film Week will celebrate the designation of 2016 as the UK-Russian year of language and literature as well as Russia’s “Year of cinema”.

Russian Film Week

By showing the most exciting and critically acclaimed Russian films from the past 18 months, the festival aims to inform and educate viewers about the richness, depth and variety of contemporary Russian filmmaking, to reach out to audiences above and beyond all cultural or political barriers, and to bridge the seemingly growing gap between East and West.

Alongside multiple screenings, there will be many other exciting events taking place across the city, including exhibitions, musical performances as well as master-classes by renowned film directors. We are thrilled to announce that over 40 of Russia’s most talented directors, producers and actors will attend the festival to take part in workshops, Q&As and other events.

The jewel in the crown of Russian Film week was today's Co-Production Day, where film industry professionals from both Russia and the United Kingdom were invited to network in order to foster future collaboration, to discuss projects, to discover new funding sources and to enjoy the benefits of learning from and working with a different culture.

Within the framework of the Russian Film Week we are also announcing the establishment of the Golden Unicorn Awards in recognition of excellence in 12 different categories. Nominations are to be decided by a jury of 9 internationally renowned film scholars, critics and industry professionals.

“The reason for the name stems from our cross-cultural mission: the unicorn is a mythical creature that only appears to the select chosen ones and it is found both in Russian and British Folklore dating back centuries. – says Filip Perkon, RFW General Producer and founder. "We all know that the British Royal coat of arms pictures the lion and the unicorn. What is lesser known, is that during the reign of Ivan the Terrible in the 16th Century, the unicorn was inscribed onto the Russian coat of arms."

In order to further promote our cross-cultural agenda, our nominees include international co-productions with film–makers and actors from a wide range of countries. We will also establish a nomination for Best Foreign Film About Russia or Set in Russia and a Prize for the Promotion of Russian Culture Abroad.

The winners will be announced on 3rd December at The Golden Unicorn Awards Charity Gala, held in support of the Gift of Life UK (Registered in England and Wales, 1140638). Given that Gift of Life UK as its sister charity Podari Zhizn were co-founded by two Russian actresses respectively in Britain and in Russia, we are proud to both encourage our cross-cultural mission as well as support an excellent and noble cause: helping children suffering from life-threatening diseases.


The Icebreaker (“Ледокол”) – disaster blockbuster


Heritage of Live (“Герой”) starring Eurovision Song Contest Winner Dima Bilan

Moscow Never Sleeps (“Москва никогда не спит”) – Ireland-Russia coproduction.


2 exhilarating full-length animation films for both kids and adults to enjoy: Sheep and Wolves (“Волки и овцы”) and Quakerz (“Крякнутые каникулы”).

A documentary film debut by the well-known Russian rock-star/composer Ilya Lagutenko (Mumiy Troll) Vladivostok Vacation and the Great Russian Break (“SOS матросу!”); a selection of fascinating short films.

Masterclasses by famous film directors and producers Alexey Uchitel, Renata Litvinova and Elliot Grove, the founder of the renowned Raindance Film Festival.

Q&As with attending film stars; an exhibition of Russian and British film posters.

RFW pened on 30th November with a red carpet premiere ceremony, and will be followed by daily screenings at the Regents Street Cinema with auxiliary events at other venues, drawing to a close with the Golden Unicorn Awards Charity Gala to raise funds for Gift of Life.

More information and ticket sales on: and