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Danger Tomorrow & British Comedies of the 1930s Vol 9 on DVD in April

16 March 2016

Network have announced the next two DVD titles in their ongoing 'The British Film' collection: Danger Tomorrow, a crime drama from 1960 starring Zena Walker and Robert Urquhart; and British Comedies of the 1930s: Volume 9, which includes Heads – We Go! (1933) and I Spy (1933).


Danger Tomorrow (1960)

Dr Bob Murray and his wife Ginny move into an old country house where Bob is to assist the local GP. In the days that follow, Ginny has strange visions that can only be explained as extra-sensory perception – and with it comes a strong belief that her life is in mortal danger...

Tony Award winner Zena Walker (Man at the Top) stars as a woman whose psychic abilities uncover a dark deed from the past in this compelling crime mystery from the early 1960s.

Also featuring renowned Scottish character player Robert Urquhart (The Curse of Frankenstein) and Maigret star Rupert Davies, Danger Tomorrow is presented in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, in its original theatrical aspect ratio.

Danger Tomorrow is released on DVD on 4th April 2016 at the RRP £9.99, courtesy of Network’s ‘The British Film’ collection.

Special features:

  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Original promotional PDF


British Comedies of the 1930s: Volume 9

The ebullient comedy films of the 1930s brought escape and laughter to millions of British cinemagoers, enabling veteran stars of music-hall and theatre to reach out to a wider audience. Although comedy would prove to be the decade’s most successful film genre, many of these classic early talkies have remained unseen since their original release. From boisterous knockabout humour to polished adaptations of popular stage farces, this ongoing collection showcases a wealth of rare features, each presented uncut, in a brand-new transfer from the best available elements in their as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

Heads – We Go! (1933)
Model Betty Smith has a thing for the handsome Toby Tyrrell and it leads her astray! Accompanied by her friend Lil, she follows Toby to Deauville – where she's mistaken for American film star Dorothy Kay – and decides to play along with the misunderstanding...

I Spy (1933)
Youthful Hollywood stars Ben Lyon (Night Nurse) and Sally Eilers (State Fair) star in a sublime comic burlesque helmed by Allan Dwan (Heidi, Robin Hood) – the pioneering Hollywood director, producer and screenwriter. Lyon plays Wally, a wisecracking American who, in a mix-up following a drunken night out, is mistaken for an international spy.

British Comedies Of The 1930s: Volume 9will be released on UK DVD on 4th April 2016 at the RRP of £12.99, courtesy of Network’s ‘The British Film’ collection.