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Urban ghost story The Forgotten on DVD in May

11 March 2016

14 year old Tommy and his unstable father Mark are forced to squat in a derelict flat in an abandoned ‘ghost town’ of a council estate in South London. While he struggles to reconnect with his deteriorating father, and glean where his mum might have gone, introverted Tommy makes an unlikely new friend in ballsy, street-smart Carmen. Together they start to unravel the chilling truth behind the strange noises coming through Tommy's bedroom wall from the supposedly empty flat next door. And the bizarre things that Tommy’s been seeing.

Eventually they break in and find the next door flat empty. But the hauntings only escalate and when Mark is injured and taken into hospital, Tommy finds himself alone on the estate and realises he’s in way over his head. He begins to suspect that his mum is dead – that in a fit of rage his dad killed her – and that she’s now reaching out to him. But surprise comes when the police manage to locate Sarah, his mum, alive. She’s been sectioned to a psychiatric unit and is horrified to hear that Tommy’s been living in the flat. It turns out Mark used to live on that same estate years ago and ever since he went back recently, he’s been different. As a young man he witnessed a horrific attack in the next door flat and saved a young baby. But who was this baby… And what does the malign force want…? The truth is more terrifying than Tommy could imagine…

Directed by Oliver Frampton (Life of Crime, The Great Fire), The Forgotten is a tensely plotted gritty, urban drama that gradually evolves into a supernatural thriller.

The Forgotten will be released on UK DVD on 2nd May 2016 by Metrodome at a yet to be confirmed RRP.

No special features have been listed.

The Forgotten (Trailer) from Oliver Frampton on Vimeo