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Make 'Em Laugh & Room at the Bottom on DVD in October

25 September 2015

Two British TV comedy titles have been announced for October UK DVD release from Network. Make 'Em Laugh is a compilation excerpts from an array of comedy classics, and Room at the Bottom is a 1980s satire starring James Bolam, Keith Barron and Richard Wilson.

Make 'Em Laugh – The Complete Series

Digging deep into the archives, Make 'Em Laugh features many of British film's favourite comic moments – from hilarious horror spoofs to farcical crime capers.

Arranged thematically, this series features excerpts from an array of classics and showcases the comedy genius of Alastair Sim, Frankie Howerd, John Cleese, Benny Hill, Will Hay, Harry H. Corbett, Wilfrid Brambell, Mollie Sugden, Leslie Phillips, Marty Feldman, Eric Sykes, Dick Emery and Sid James.

The films covered in this series include: Up Pompeii, Steptoe and Son, Till Death Us Do Part, The Rebel, Holiday on the Buses, Clockwise, The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery, Are You Being Served?, Every Home Should Have One, Rhubarb, Ooh, You Are Awful, The Ghost of St. Michael's, and numerous Carry Ons!

Make 'Em Laugh – The Complete Series will be released on UK DVD on 19th October 2015 at the RRP of £14.99, courtesy of Network.

No extra features have been listed.



Room at the Bottom – The Complete Series (1986-1988)

Former drama producer Nesbitt Gunn's recent sacking has turned his life upside down. The offer of a new position in his company's Light Entertainment department fails to entice him, and he barricades himself in his office in protest. When calm reasoning fails to winkle him out – and entreaties from the Chaplain ends in accusations of blasphemy – all concerned decide that it's time to wheel in the big guns…

Starring James Bolam (When The Boat Comes In), Keith Barron (The Land That Time Forgot) and Richard Wilson (One Foot in the Grave), Room at the Bottom is The Bed Sitting Room co-writer John Antrobus's outrageous 1980s satire on the bullying, rivalry and corruption rife within the commercial television sector.

Co-scripted by Antrobus and Steptoe and Son’s Ray Galton, Room at the Bottom – The Complete Series is out on UK DVD on 19th October 2015 at the RRP of £19.99, courtesy of Network.