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Sophie Hyde's 52 Tuesdays on DVD and On-Demand in September

20 August 2015

Billie’s journey to independence is accelerated when her mother informs her she is going to live her future life as a man. Although Billie is asked to move in with her father, they decide that every Tuesday will be a sacred space between mother and daughter.

Taking advantage of her new found freedom, Billie begins to secretly experiment with two older school friends on the one thing she can’t work out – sex. However both Billie and her mother realise that it isn’t until they are both totally transparent that they can get what they both need.

Winning Best Director at Sundance and the Crystal Bear at Berlin International Film Festival and shot in real time, every Tuesday for one year – exposing both characters’ transformations – 52 Tuesdays is a remarkable and enthralling experiment in storytelling.

Said Artshub Australia or the film on its cinema release: "In 52 Tuesdays’ affecting portrayal of flexibility and volatility, it strives and succeeds in two rare and resonant feats: smartly transcending customary conceptions of gender and sexual identification on screen, and crafting a distinctive and disarming addition to the coming-of-age oeuvre."

52 Tuesday will be released in the UK on On-Demand on 14th September 2015 and on DVD on 28 September 2015 by Peccadillo Pictures at the RRP of £15.99 for the DVD.

Special Features:

  • UK exclusive interview

  • Blooper reel

  • Deleted scenes

  • Extended scenes

  • Making-of featurette

  • Trailer for My 52 Tues app

  • Short Film: My Last 10 Hours With You