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Midnight Menace and Rembrandt on DVD in August
Two highly respected British films from the 1930s, one featuring a masterful performance from Charles Laughton and direction from Alexander Korda, come to UK DVD as part of Network's 'The British Film' in August.
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World War II – The British Movietone Newsreel Years on DVD in September

7 August 2015

Founded in 1929, British Movietone was the first sound newsreel service in Britain, shooting on 35mm film and keeping the country up to date with current affairs before the age of television. To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II, OEG Classic Movies have announced the first ever DVD release of World War II – The British Movietone Newsreel Years Collector’s Edition a major collection of war reports from 1939 – 1945.

Hungry for news during World War II, people flocked to cinemas to watch news reports. Despite a shortage in film supplies, British Movietone News covered the war from the home front to overseas: from the Western Front and Occupied Paris to Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific, and featured footage of Winston' Churchill,' Adolf' Hitler,' Montgomery, Mussolini,' George' Formby,'Gracie'Fields,'and many others who affected the outcome of this Second World War.

Covering over sixteen hours of World War II footage, much of it unseen since the war, World War II – The British Movietone Newsreel Years Collector’s Edition is a fascinating and insightful look back at this major historical event.

Many of these newsreels have been newly remastered and have been brought together in this special edition six-disc DVD box set, World War II – The British Movietone Newsreel Years Collector’s Edition, which and will be released in the UK on 7th September 2015 by OEG Classic Movies at the RRP of £24.99.

The contents are:

  • Disc 1 – The Early Years (1938-1940)

  • Disc 2 – The Dark Days (1941-1942)

  • Disc 3 – The Tide Turns (1943)

  • Disc 4 – The Beginning of the End Part 1 (1944)

  • Disc 5 – The Beginning of the End Part 2 (1944-5)

  • Disc 6 – The End of War and The Aftermath (1945)

No extra features have been listed.