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Peter Robinson's 1972 documentary Asylum on DVD in August

3 August 2015

Trailblazing psychiatrist R.D. Laing changed the way mental illness was treated with his unique approach to therapy and in the early 1970s he allowed a film crew access to a group of his patients in one of the most incredible fly-on-the-wall documentaries ever made, Asylum.

With David Tennant on board to play the renowned Glasgow-born analyst Ronald David Laing in a major new biopic, this timely release gives an insight into mental illness as filmmaker Peter Robinson and his crew enter the world of the schizophrenic residents of a hospital in Archway, London.

Filmed over a seven-week period the film takes us behind the doors and into the lives of mentally ill patients and Laing’s controversial approach to healing them through compassion and freedom.

Originally released in 1972 (it's an unfortunate coincidence that the Amicus horror anthology of the same name was also released in 1972), the groundbreaking Asylum comes to UK DVD for the first time on 10th August 2015 from OEG Classic Movies at the RRP of £12.99.

Special features will include:

  • Audio Commentary with Kenneth Robinson (son of director Peter Robinson)

  • Breathing & Running (18 min), 1971 – Laing speaks in his home about his ideas

  • Psychiatry & Violence (24 min), 1971 Laing speaks in his home about his ideas

  • R.D. Laing in the USA (23 min), 1972 Laing speaks to audiences across the USA