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Three more DVD titles in Network's 'The British Film' collection in August

28 July 2015

Network Distributing has announced a fiurther three titles for UK DVD release next month as part of their ongoing 'The British Film' collection: Nor The Moon By Night, starring Patrick McGoohan opposite Belinda Lee in a drama set in South Africa; Small Hotel, starring Gordon Harker in a charming comedy from 1957; and The Jessie Matthews Revue: Volume 3, featuring two more titles starring the 1930s' best loved musical star.


Nor the Moon by Night (1958)

When Alice Lang flies out to Kenya to marry gamekeeper Andrew Miller she is met by his brother Rusty, who is initially opposed to the marriage. The two become attracted to each other, but when her fiancé is attacked by a lion, Alice nurses him back to health. Now torn between affection and duty, she must decide which path to follow.

Combining action and romance amid the excitement and danger of an African wild-game park, Nor the Moon by Night features sumptuous South Africa cinematography by Harry Waxman (The Wicker Man), and is presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

Directed by Oscar-nominee Ken Annakin (Swiss Family Robinson) and featuring performances from Prisoner icon Patrick McGoohan opposite Hollywood star Michael Craig (Mysterious Island) and, in a typically sensuous performance, tragically short-lived British actress Belinda Lee (Blackout), Nor the Moon by Night will released on UK DVD on 3rd August 2015 at the RRP of £9.99, courtesy of Network’s ‘The British Film’ collection.

Special features will include:

  • Alternative titles
  • Image gallery



Small Hotel (1957)

In his penultimate film, Gordon Harker (Mail Train) heads a strong cast in this charming comedy charting the battle between the staff of a none-too-prosperous hotel, and a supervisor eager to make some unpopular changes.

The dining room of the Jolly Fiddler has long been presided over by Albert, an aged but very shrewd waiter. A past master of the gentle art of fiddling, he extracts the maximum profit from his job while managing to endear himself to both the customers and staff. Then, there’s a visit from Mr Finch who thinks it’s time Albert was replaced.

Co-starring Marie Lohr (Anna Karenina), John Loder (Sabotage) and Billie Whitelaw (Frenzy), Small Hotel is featured here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements.

Small Hotel will be released on UK DVD on 3rd August 2015 at the RRP of £9.99 courtesy of Network’s ‘The British Film’ collection.

The only listed extra is the original theatrical trailer.



The Jessie Matthews Revue: Volume 3

Throughout the 1930s Jessie Matthews was Britain’s best-loved musical film star, her dynamism and gamine charm captivating audiences on both sides of the Atlantic in a string of box-office hits.

The Man From Toronto (1933)
In one of her earlier film roles, Jessie Matthews stars as Leila, a widow, opposite Ian Hunter (The Little Princess) as Fergus, a Canadian bachelor. Both are bequeathed a fortune, but there is a condition attached: they must marry each other within a year!

Head Over Heels (1937)
Jeanne, an aspiring young performer, falls for Marcel, an idler and a womaniser; Pierre, the radio engineer who truly loves her, can only look on. When Marcel has inevitably left Jeanne for a film star, Pierre helps her to become a success on the radio. Now famous, Jeanne is attractive once more to the selfish Marcel – but Pierre, faithful and patient does not want to lose her again...

Showcasing some the era’s finest cinema talent – including director and comedy star (and Matthews’ husband) Sonnie Hale (Evergreen, The Phantom Strikes), musical director Louis Levy (The 39 Steps, The Lady Vanishes) and legendary art director Alfred Junge (The Man Who Knew Too Much, Goodbye, Mr Chips) – the two films on this volume are presented as transfers from the original film elements, in their as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratios.

The Jessie Matthews Revue: Volume 3 will be released on UK DVD on 3rd August 2015 at the RRP of £12.99, courtesy of Network’s ‘The British Film’ collection.