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Swedish TV series 30 Degrees in February on DVD in July

19 June 2015

Following the success of their most recent foreign language TV drama titles, notably Gommorah, The Legacy and 1864, and the upcoming Witnesses and The Saboteurs, Arrow Films will continue to house quality Scandi shows from various European territories under their ‘Nordic Noir’ label.

These new releases will continue with the arrival of the new Swedish show, 30 Degrees in February which premiered recently on Sky Arts and arrives on DVD in July 2015. Leaving the cold and snow of Scandinavia for the warm, sandy beaches of Thailand in the dead of winter is more than a dream, more than a holiday for a handful of Swedes. It’s the beginning of a life-changing adventure, a fresh start, a new life.

For the long-suffering wife of an abusive ex-pilot, it’s a chance to be treated with dignity and to taste the joys of freedom. For a lonely engineer who always dreamed of a loving family with several children, it’s the absurd plan of marrying a young Thai woman. And for an overambitious single-mother architect recovering from a stroke, it’s a possibility to relive the past with her two daughters on an island called Happiness. As their lives move deftly from one jolting event to another, they realise that while it may be impossible to completely leave their Nordic lives behind, it is possible to transcend their limits and reach satisfying moments of self-fulfilment.

30 Degrees in February will be released on UK DVD as a 4-disc set on 6th July by Arrow Films at the RRP of (we think) £22.99.

No extra features have been listed.