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Migrant documentary Adrift: People Of A Lesser God on DVD in July

12 June 2015

They came from all over Africa. Across inhospitable country, war-zones, through deserts and savannahs, dodged corrupt police, violent and ruthless human traffickers and people smugglers, to make their escape, travelling like sardines in all manner of makeshift and unseaworthy vessels and boats… Discovery by the authorities, violence, robbery, risking their life savings and, ultimately, the very real threat of death are among the daily perils they face…

The tortuous journey of one group of Africans desperate to reach a new life is powerfully told in new documentary Adrift: People Of A Lesser God.

2015 has seen unprecedented numbers of African migrants making desperate voyages across the sea to seek refuge and a better life in Europe. Their plights, and the tragedies that so often accompanied them, make headlines across the globe. This is the story of one group for whom risking their lives is a necessity.

Directed, filmed and presented by multi Pulitzer Prize-nominated undercover journalist, Dominique Mollard, Adrift is the inside story of an incredible odyssey. This incredible documentary follows Mollard as he sails 38 African migrants, including a mother and baby just five months old, out of West Africa on a fraught quest to reach the safe shores of Europe.

They’d do anything to leave behind the poverty of their homeland, but adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, they soon realise that the sea is far larger and scarier than they ever imagined.

This never seen before, eye-opening account makes its debut on DVD on 20th July 2015, courtesy of Simply Media at the RRP of £12.99.

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