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British crime drama Hyena comes to DVD in July

13 May 2015

Michael Logan (Peter Ferdinando) is an anti-hero for our times: a natural predator and a complex mix of high-functioning addict and corrupt police officer. But his dark world is evolving. A recent influx of ruthless Albanian gangsters is threatening to change London’s criminal landscape. Michael’s razor sharp instincts have always kept him one step ahead, but now his increasingly self-destructive behaviour and the sheer brutality of the new gang lords find Michael in a spiraling descent of fear and self-doubt.

Written and directed by Gerard Johnson after his critically acclaimed debut Tony, Heyena reunites Johnson with Peter Ferdinando (A Field in England, Starred Up), who is joined by Stephen Graham (This is England, Boardwalk Empire), Neil Maskell (Kill List, Utopia), MyAnna Buring (Downton Abbey, The Twilight Saga), Elisa Lasowski (Eastern Promises, Game of Thrones), Tony Pitts (Peaky Blinders, War Horse), Richard Dormer (Good Vibrations), Gordon Brown (The Riot Club, Bronson), and introducing Orli Shuka and Gjevat Kelmendi.

Produced by Stephen Woolley (Mona Lisa, Made in Dagenham, The Crying Game, Byzantium), Elizabeth Karlsen (Great Expectations, Little Voice, Carol) and Jo Laurie, Hyena’s music is written and produced by the award winning Matt Johnson from The The. The film is financed by Film4, BFI, Ingenious and Lipsync.

The film has had some mixed reviews, but also has some impressive champions, with Drive and Bronson director Nicholas Winding Refn saying of it, "I have seen the future of crime films and it screams Hyena."

Hyena will be released on UK DVD on 6th July 2015 by Metrodome at the RRP of £15.99.

Special features will include:

  • Making-of featurette

  • Interviews

  • Theatrical trailer