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60s spy spoof Hot Enough for June on Blu-ray in February

28 June 2015

Out-of-work author Nicholas Whistler is happy to accept the offer of a luxurious, all-expenses-paid business trip behind the Iron Curtain. On his arrival in Prague, everyone - including his beautiful and seductive chauffeuse, Vlasta - assumes the Czech-speaking Nicholas to be a spy and it doesn't take long before he's alone and evading the Czech secret police!

British Film legend Dirk Bogarde (Victim, Death in Venice) gives a whimsical performance as the unwitting replacement agent 'Number 008' in director Ralph Thomas' (A Tale Of Two Cities, Doctor In The House) frantically funny spy comedy from the early 1960s.

Hot Enough For June also stars screen siren Sylva Koscina (Hercules) and key character actors Robert Morley (Marie Antionette, The African Queen), Leo McKern (Rumpole Of The Baily, The Day the Earth Caught Fire) and John Le Mesurier (Dad’s Army, The Italian Job).

Hot Enough For June will be released on UK Blu-ray on 23rd February 2015 at the RRP £14.99, courtesy of Network Distributing’s ‘The British Film’ collection.

The film is presented here in a High Definition transfer from original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio, and will include these extra features:

  • Original theatrical trailer

  • Extensive image gallery

  • Original promotional materials PDFs

You can read our review of the earlier DVD release here.