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Zombie Resurrection on Blu-ray and DVD in March

28 January 2015

A resurrection of the zombie-kind is happening in the UK this Easter, with Left Films’ announcing the DVD and Blu-ray release of Andy Phelps and Jake Hawkins’ post-apocalypse horror film Zombie Resurrection In March.

Zombie Resurrection is set a year after the apocalypse, when a rag-tag group of survivors take refuge in an old school. As the undead inevitably invade the makeshift base, the humans witness an unholy miracle: one of the zombies has Jesus-like powers, and this rotting Messiah’s touch brings other members of the undead back to life. Is this the Second Coming to save mankind, or a freak virus mutation that will plunge the remaining humans into a new hell?

Reviews are thin on the ground at the moment, but Horror Cult Films summed up their largely positive review thus: "Despite some pacing issues, Zombie Resurrection succeeds as a black comedy, fuelled by blood-splattered visual gags and expletive ridden humour, so whatever you do, don’t watch it with your granny."

Zombie Resurrection will be released on UK Blu-ray and DVD on 23rd March 2015 by Left Films at an as-yet unspecified RRP.

Extra features will include:

  • Shooting the Dead: The Making of Zombie Resurrection