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Manakamana on DVD and VOD in February

8 January 2015

Lauded by critics as one of the films of the year, Manakamana is a stunningly original and breathtaking cinematic experience. The film follows pilgrims as they make an ancient journey by cable car to worship high above a jungle in Nepal and makes its home entertainment debut on DVD and VOD courtesy of Dogwoof in February.

The Hindu Manakamana Temple is almost a mile above sea level, instead of a lengthy journey on foot, worshippers can now take a 10-minute cable car journey up in to the mountains to pray at this sacred place. Using a 16mm camera co-directors Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez join a varied mix of subjects on their pilgrimage.

The scenery is mesmerising, as are the characters – a diverse mix of commuters – from a group of old women discussing how much things have changed, a group of young men taking selfies, an elderly man and his grandson, a mother and daughter eating ice-creams, a married couple and their chicken and a herd of goats. Every shot follows a different set of passengers as we learn about them and their lives.

Said Time Out of the film, "You could hardly ask for a more beautiful vision of souls in transit," while Indiewire called it "The must-see cinematic experience of the year," Manakamana will be released on UK DVD and VOD on 9th February 2015 by Dogwoof at the RRP of £15.99 for the DVD.

Extra features will include:

  • Three exclusive bonus cable car journeys

  • Theatrical trailer

  • Havard ethnographic trailers – Leviathan, Sweetgrass and Foreign Parts