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The Bounty on DVD in January

6 December 2013

No, not the lovely coconut chocolate bar (the plain chocolate one are the best but curiously also the hardest to find) or the 1984 retelling of Mutiny on the Bounty with Anthony Hopkins and that Mel Gibson chap, but the 2012 Hong Kong martial arts action-comedy from director Fung Chih Chiang, and its original title is Xuan hong. Don't know it? Don't feel bad - not many in the UK do, which is why at the time of writing there's only one external review of it on its IMDb page, and that's in Italian.

Incompetent bounty hunter Cho is given a chance to land a big score from the police if he can catch a most-wanted fugitive criminal. His excursion takes him to a small island in which he finds himself stuck at the bizarre "Lazy Inn" inhabited by an imaginative yet unstable maid, her awkward father and a cowardly coconut man. Ah, you see, the chocolate bar had to come into it somewhere!

Cho is thrown into a comedy of errors, in which misunderstandings run as much riot as the local triads. He’s not only looking for answers, he’s looking to escape. He’s having to fight the local gangs and get to grips with the people looking after him.

The the director's name has a vaguely familiar ring, then it might be because he was previously a screenwriter, and one of his first credits was Stephen Chow's riotously funny Shaolin Soccer. This is his first film as director. How does it shape up? Only time and the arrival of the DVD next month will really tell. The cast includes Chapman To (Infernal Affairs; Initial D), Alex Man (As Tears Go By) and Fiona Sit (2 Young; Break Up Club).

The Bounty will be released on UK DVD on 6th January 2014 by MVM at the RRP of, well, that's not been announced yet.

Extra features? Trailers! That's it, apparently.

If you can live without the English subs, here's a rather odd Hong Kong trailer for the film: