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Tokyo Fist on Blu-ray and DVD in November

29 October 2013

Tokyo Fist, one of the finest films from one of the greatest of all modern day outsider directors, Tsukamoto Shinya, is coming to UK Blu-ray and DVD in November with a spanking new transfer, courtesy of the good people at Third Window Films.

Once again Tsukamoto steps out from behind the camera and stars as Tsuda, the archetypal Japanese salaryman, a cog in the machine seemingly cut off from his own being by hours and hours of work. He’s married to polite and compliant Hizuru (Kaori Fujii), the dictionary definition of an ideal Japanese wife. Their life is happy, at least on the surface, at least until Tsuda’s friend from the past, Kojima (played by Tsukamoto’s own real life brother, Kôji) shows up on the scene. As a pro boxer Kôji’s business is violence and even before the proverbial sand is kicked in Tsuda’s face we can already sense the wonder and jealousy with which he views his brother’s transformed body; but once Kojima seduces Hizuru, revealing that he just doesn’t excel at physical violence, but mental and emotional brutality as well, does Tsuda get himself to the gym and into training so he can wreak his revenge with his fists.

An electrying and kinetically violent work in the archetypical Tsukamoto style, it climaxes in what we described in our review of the earlier Manga DVD as "a breathtaking, cinematic knock-out punch from a film that, in typical Tsukamoto style, assaults its audience in a manner that is both supremely satisfying and genuinely exciting – as with Tsuda, the harder the blows fall, the greater the desire is to be hit."

Tokyo Fist will be released on UK Blu-ray and DVD on 25th November 2013 by Third Window Films at the RRP of £19.99 for the Blu-ray and £14.99 for the DVD.

With a brand new digital restoration by Shinya Tsukamoto from his original negatives and a 5.1 surround soundtrack, both discs will have the following extras:

  • New exclusive interview with Shinya Tsukamoto

  • Clip from original concert

  • Original theatrical trailer

  • Collectable case with slip-case cover and reversible sleeve with new illustrations