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She Monkeys on DVD in April

19 March 2013

Emma is a girl who likes to be in control. When she tries out for the local voltige (equestrian vaulting) team she meets Cassandra, a strong, attractive and vivacious girl. As they get to know each other they share a sense of wicked fun and quickly become best friends. But feelings of jealousy, competiveness and sexual attraction have them pushing each other to their limits. As Emma spends more time away from home with Cassandra, little sister Sara begins to discover her own sexual identity, all the while pining for affection from a reluctant babysitter.

Critically acclaimed and winner of several awards, Lisa Aschan’s She Monkeys is a taboo-busting modern Western, presenting to us a trio of young women for whom gender is both weapon and toy, pushing the boundaries of political correctness to breaking point.

Described by Time Out as a film that "deliciously subverts the coming-of-age formula," She Monkeys will be released on UK DVD on 15th April 2013 by Peccadillo Pictures at a yet to be confirmed RRP.

No extra features have been listed on the press release, but that doesn't mean there won't be any.