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Evil Dead II Special Edition on Blu-ray in April

2 March 2013

As cult movies go, there are few that have had the impact and cult following of Sam Raimi's glorious 1981 hit The Evil Dead, and fewer still that have managed to produce a sequel of equal standing. In the space of its dynamic opening minutes, Evil Dead II re-imagines the first film and then thunders off in its own hyper-kinetic direction.

After his girlfriend becomes possessed at the remote cabin in which they are holidaying, young Ash (once again played by Bruce Campbell, already on the way to become a cult actor of some standing) is attacked by an invisible force in the woods, awoken by discovered readings from The Book of the Dead by the professor who owns the cabin. When the professor's daughter and her friends arrive at the cabin, Ash is believed to be responsible for his disappearance, but the group soon find that this is the least of their problems.

A wild, violent, energetic and cinematically thrilling cult horror delight, Evil Dead II remains to this day one of the most purely enjoyable and successful blends of horror, comedy and visual dynamism in genre history.

Previously released on DVD and Blu-ray, Evil Dead II will be released on UK Blu-ray as a Special Edition on 15th April 2013 by Studiocanal, with new special features unique to the UK release, at the RRP of £22.99.

And those special features are:

  • Commentary with writer/director Sam Raimi, actor Bruce Campbell, co-writer Scott Spiegel, and special makeup effects artist Greg Nicotero

  • Swallowed souls: The Making of Evil Dead II (new)

  • Cabin Fever: a fly on the wall behind the scenes (new)

  • Road to Wadesboro: revisiting the shooting location of Evil Dead II (new)

  • Archival Featurettes: Behind the screams / Making of ED2

  • Theatrical Trailer

  • Photo galleries