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Cannibal on DVD in September

18 August 2011

Max, an agoraphobic golfing enthusiast with a murky past, leads a secluded life in the remote Belgian countryside. While out in the woods practising his swing, he stumbles across an unconscious young woman covered in dirt and blood and takes her home to clean her up and take care of her. Despite not fully trusting the stranger, whom he decides to call Bianca, Max begins to develop an attraction towards this mysterious beauty.

One evening, when Bianca escapes the house and runs into the woods, Max decides to follow her and is shocked to find her cannibalizing a man while having sex with him. Overcoming his initial revulsion, Max becomes fascinated by Bianca's deviant behaviour and the two begin a bizarre romantic relationship. But it soon becomes apparent that Max is not the only one with a keen interest in Bianca and her unconventional habits when she is abducted and he once again comes face to face with his own violent past.

The debut feature from writer-director Benjamin Viré, the dark horror-thriller Cannibal was described in Bizarre as "an exercise in slow-burning atmospheric unease that manages to be über-shocking without piling on the gore." A film titled Cannibal that doesn't pile on the gore. I'm already intrigued.

Produced by Eloi Gérard, the film co-stars Eric Godon (The Pack; In Bruges; A Secret), Philippe Nahon (The Pack; Switchblade Romance; Irreversible; Brotherhood Of The Wolf) and Micky Molina (Law Of Desire; Dark Habits).

Cannibal comes to UK DVD on 26th September 2011 from Matchbox Films at a still to be confirmed price and with no listed extra features.

The trailer is below: