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On Any Sunday 2-disc Collector's Edition on DVD
The king of motorcycle documentary features, made in 1971 by surf movie maestro Bruce Brown, gets a 2-disc DVD release in September from Go Entertain.
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Martin Scorsese's My Voyage to Italy on DVD in September

15 August 2011

We all know the name of Martin Scorsese, the directorial talent behind such key American movies as mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Goodfellas. In 1999 he directed and presented an extensive documentary, originaly screened in multiple parts, on the Italian films he watched in his youth and others that made an impact later on in his life, changing the way he made films. My Voyage To Italy takes us on a journey through his the films that inspired him, taking in the neo-realism of De Sica, the surrealism of Fellini and the groundbreaking, redefining work of Antonioni.

The movies that inspired him are from Italy's greatest directors, featuring a wealth from Rossellini including: Roma, Città Aperta (1945), Paisà (1946) and Viaggio In Italia (1953); Blasetti's 1860 (1934), Fabiola and La Corona di Ferro (1941) along with films from Pastrone, Visconti, Camerini, De Sica and Fellini. Scorsese leads us through a veritable feast of film spanning some 30 years of celluloid greats and creating more than four hours of unmissible viewing.

The award-winning epic documentary My Voyage To Italy is a truly fascinating insight into some of the greatest Italian films of all time. It will be released on UK DVD for the first time on DVD on 26th September 2011 by Mr Bongo Films at the RRP of £14.99.

The chapters of the documentary give an idea of the breadth of films covered:

Disc 1

01. Opening Credits
02. Introduction
03. Scorsese Family Viewing
04. Rossellini 1945 Roma, Città Aperta
05. Blasetti 1934, 1860
06. Rossellini 1946, Paisà
07. Blasetti 1949, Fabiola
08. Blasetti 1941, La Corona di Ferro
09. Pastrone 1914, Cabiria
10. Visconti 1947, La Terra Trema
11. De Sica 1948, Ladri di Biciclette
12. Rossellini 1941, La Nave Bianca
13. Rossellini 1945 Roma, Città Aperta
14. Rossellini 1953, Viaggio In Italia
15. Rossellini 1945 Roma, Città Aperta
16. Rossellini 1946, Paisà
17. Rossellini 1947, Germania Anno Zero
18. Rossellini 1948, Il Miracolo
19. Rossellini 1949, Stromboli Terra di Dio
20. Rossellini 1950, Francesco, Giullare di Dio
21. Rossellini 1952, Europa 51
22. Camerini 1932, Gli Uomini Che Mascalzoni!
23. Camerini 1937, Il Signor Max
24. De Sica 1946, Sciuscià
25. De Sica 1948, Ladri di Biciclette
26. De Sica 1952, Umberto D

Disc 2

01. De Sica 1954, L'oro di Napoli
02. Visconti 1954, Senso
03. Renoir 1936, Les Bas-Fonds
04. Visconti 1947, La Terra Trema
05. Visconti 1954, Senso
06. Fellini 1953, I Vitelloni
07. Fellini 1959, La Dolce Vita
08. Rossellini 1953, Viaggio In Italia
09. Antonioni 1959, L'Avventura
10. Antonioni 1962, L'Eclisse
11. Fellini 1963, 8 1/2
12. Epilogue & Credits