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Resurrected on DVD in July

21 June 2011

Quite why David Thewlis isn't an internationally acclaimed star rather than a popular character actor is beyond me. OK, he doesn't exactly fit the Hollywood male star profile, being unconventional looking, prone to be cast as the misfit and scrawnily built, but boy can this man act. If you're looking for proof then steel yourself up for Mike Leigh's punishing but brilliant Naked, in which Thewlis gives one of the most brilliantly firey performances in modern cinema. But back in 1989, a year before he made his Mike Leigh debut in Life is Sweet, Thewlis ably demonstrated his acting metal as a young soldier serving during the Falkland conflict in Resurrected, the debut feature from director Paul Greengrass, who was to become seriously hot property after The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, United 93 and the recent Green Zone.

Based on a true story, British soldier Private Deakin (Thewlis) goes missing presumed dead during battle and a memorial service is held in his honour. Weeks later he is found alive suffering from exhaustion and amnesia. Returning home to a hero's welcome, he rejoins his regiment, but insinuations of desertion emerge in the press fuelling a campaign of hatred that spirals out of control.

Resurrected also features outstanding supporting performances from two of Britain's finest acting talents, Tom Bell (Prime Suspect, Out) and Rita Tushingham (A Taste Of Honey), as Deakin's parents.

Resurrected will be released on UK DVD on 25th July 2011 by Second Sight at the RRP of £15.99.

Extra features will include:

  • Exclusive new interview with director Paul Greengrass;
  • Exclusive new interview with leading man David Thewlis.