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3 Irwin Allen box sets on DVD in June

26 April 2011

If you're of a certain age, it's hard not to get just a little nostalgic at the mention of Irwin Allen, the legendary producer, writer and director who helped to give birth to the modern disaster movie (his production credits include The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno, Flood! and Fire!), but was also the man behind some of the most fondly remembered TV series of the 60s. Now Revelation have announced three special edition box sets of Allen's TV work for a June DVD release. So roll up now for Series 2 of Land of the Giants, Series 2 of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and the complete series of cult favourite The Time Tunnel.

Land of the Giants – The Complete Series 2

The crew and passengers of crashed spacecraft the Spindrift return for The Second and final instalment of Irwin Allen's legendary sci-fi series.

Captain Steve Burton (Gary Conway) leads the team of survivors as they continue to fight for survival on the hostile giant planet where they are stranded. With the totalitarian government's Special Investigations Department out to seize the ‘little people' at every turn, the survivors have their work cut out for them as they attempt to avoid capture and return to Earth.

Land of the Giants – The Complete Series 2 will be released on UK DVD on 13th June 2011 as a 7-disc Limited Edition box set by Revelation Films at the RRP of £39.99.

The set will have the following extras:

  • A brand new cast commentary recorded especially for the UK release;
  • Cast interviews;
  • Stills galleries;
  • Exclusive booklet.

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea – The Complete Series Two

The SSRN Seaview, the world's most technologically advanced submarine, is back and more powerful than ever – now housing the spectacular Flying Sub! Climb aboard with Admiral Nelson (Richard Basehart), Captain Crane (David Hedison) and their crew as they brave hostile waters and explore uncharted depths, protecting the planet from sinister foreign agents, deadly sea creatures and evil scientists bent on world domination.

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea – The Complete Series Two will be released on UK DVD on 13th June 2011 as a 7-disc Limited Edition box set by Revelation Films at the RRP of £39.99.

Featuring the episodes in their original US broadcast order, the set will have the following extras:

  • David Hedison interview;
  • Special effects footage (no audio);
  • Still Galleries.

The Time Tunnel – The Complete Series

‘The control of time is potentially the most valuable treasure that man will ever find. Or so believe the scientists of Project Tic Toc. Located beneath the Arizona desert, the ten-year project's focus is the feasibility of time travel. But when the government reconsiders the project, the scientists have only 24 hours to prove their untested ‘Time Tunnel' will actually work. Determined to save the project, Dr Tony Newman and Dr Doug Phillips go through the tunnel – and quickly find themselves catapulted from one historical event to another, barely escaping with their lives as their colleagues back in Arizona race to figure out a way to bring them home.

The Time Tunnel – The Complete Series will be released on 13th June 2011 by Revelation Films as a 9-disc set for the very first time in the UK, presented in the original production order limited edition holographic packaging at the RRP of £39.99.

The following special features are included:

  • Unaired pilot episode (original version);
  • 2002 Unaired TV Pilot;
  • Coming Up Montage;
  • Cast Interviews;
  • Time Travelers TV Movie;
  • Irwin Allen's Behind-The Scenes Homes Movies;
  • Promotional TV & Radio Spots;
  • Visual Effects Camera Test;
  • Stills Galleries.