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Sweatshop on DVD in May

6 April 2011

Charlie (Ashley Kay) has earned herself a reputation as the promoter of the hippest and edgiest Dark Wave parties in town and the plans for her latest event are her most extreme yet. In an enormous vacant warehouse situated on the edge of the city, she and her friends have just over an hour to set up for an explosive rave without attracting any unwanted attention. But someone, or something, is already watching...

As Charlie's over-sexed friends start knocking back the drinks and begin preparing for the party, they are unaware of the sinister presence lurking within the dark building's endless corridors and hidden spaces. With their attentions quickly drifting away from the job at hand and toward each other's bodies, one-by-one they begin to disappear into the night. Amidst the cacophony of the blaring music, no one can hear the frenzied cries of passion… or the screams of terror. Unknown to the fun-seeking ravers, an inhuman beast resides within the confines of the warehouse armed with a mammoth weapon that serves only one purpose: to end the lives of those who trespass within its lair. Charlie had hoped this party would be the best she'd ever thrown – now it looks like it may be her last.

Directed by Stacy Davidson (Domain Of The Damned), the techno-goth themed terror flick Sweatshop is "a relentless, entertaining and downright fun horror film that defies expectations" ( and has been hailed by as "the Sid Vicious of horror films: nasty, dirty, unrestrained, hysterical – and bloody as all hell."

Sweatshop (cert. 18) will be released on DVD by High Fliers Films on 9th May 2011 at the RRP of £9.99.

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