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Sprocket Holes is an irregular column focused on small release films either playing limited engagements in major cities or available on VOD. As well as appreciating indies on the fringes of the festival circuit, it also takes a second look at under the radar, underappreciated, unheard of films that have slipped through the celluloid cracks.

#6: It Felt Like Love
film review | 11 August 2013
In Larry Clark’s absence, debut filmmaker Eliza Hittman picks up his mantle with It Felt Like Love, a Brooklyn-set bruiser discontentedly sitting on the fence between tormented character study and gangbanger exploitation.

#5: Dead Man's Burden
film review | 10 May 2013
Made for not much more than a fistful of dollars, Jared Moshe’s old school western boasts a female gun toter with true grit and stunning desert vistas but is too busy trotting out archetypes to find an identity of its own says Catherine Stebbins.

#4: Sun Don't Shine
film review | 6 May 2013
Timothy E. RAW thrills to micro-budget veteran Kate Lyn Sheil who shines bright in a humid, hellish poverty row noir made in the threadbare spirit of the Edgar G. Ulmer classic Detour. It's currently available on the US iTunes store.

#3: The English Teacher
film review | 26 April 2013
Julianne Moore toplines this Tribeca travesty, a mean spirited comedy without a funny bone or a conscience. New reviewer Catherine Stebbins is appalled by the lack of moral or artistic fibre, demanding the filmmakers stay behind after class.

#2: Greetings From Tim Buckley
film review | 24 April 2013
This biopic of the late Jeff Buckley plays the Tribeca Film Festival this week and is currently available in both UK & US iTunes stores. Breaking with the conventions of biopic formula, it's not always successful, though it should appeal to newbies and diehard fans alike says Timothy E. RAW.

#1: Arcadia
film review | 16 April 2013
In the first of a new column focused on small release films playing limited engagements in major cities as well as indies on the fringes of the festival circuit, Timothy E. RAW champions Acardia, a coming of age road trip staring Cine Outsider favourite John Hawkes, which opened in New York this past weekend.