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Grindhouse Trailer Classics 2
A UK region 2 DVD review by Craig Snell

Whilst trailer compilations are not a new concept, it's really only recently in the last year or so that the format of DVD has embraced the idea. US distributor Something Weird released one a while back promoting their back catalogue of titles, but the biggest champion has to be Synapse Films with their 42nd Street Forever series which is now up to its fourth instalment. Enter UK genre specialists Nucleus Films who last year released a compilation of their own.

With the previous instalment a major success financially and critically, Grindhouse Trailer Classics 2 arrives with 55 more trailers of some of the most weirdest, maddest and violent films to ever grace a cinema screen. Now not every film on this disc is everyone's cup of tea, in fact most of them wouldn't be given the time of day by your average modern cinema goer, this is great so let the mainstream stick with their stuff and let us 'real' film appreciators enjoy the likes of Invasion of the Blood Farmers and many others.

Compilers Morris and West have once again tracked down some pretty classic trailers from all kinds of genres including...

Black Shampoo featuring "Mr Jonathan – The stud who's no dud," brilliant 70s cheese with a funky soundtrack and possibly the world's greatest trailer voiceover.

The Undertaker and His Pals – A rather twisted little slasher picture with a priceless little ditty about a hearse. Psycho motorbike dudes dressed in black killing people and a rather crazy chap mincing a rubber hand.

Deep Red – Dario Argento's classic, what more can be said?

Don't Go in the House – A very brutal film about a young man who likes to set fire to young woman in his metal room. Sat on my 'to watch' shelf as we speak.

Flesh Gordon – The 70's soft porn parody of Flash Gordon complete with the phallic shaped spaceship and a very dodgy stop motion monster.

Blood Pit of Horror – A series of people being menaced by a masked man who looks like a really bad WWE wrestler.

The Pink Angels – Camp gay bikers, what more is there to say.

The Twilight People – Quite possibly some of the strangest make-up I have seen. I must track this film down.

Mighty Peking Man – Championed recently by Quentin Tarantino, Hong Kong's answer to King Kong. Quite brilliant, with the best (or worst) model work since a Toho Godzilla movie.

sound and vision

Presented in a variety of anamorphic ratios, the picture quality varies quite a bit, but hey that's the point. Sound is clear but the limitations of the source material can be quite obvious at times. However, the whole point is to recreate a seedy cinema experience so HD remastering and DTS sound is not what you would look for. Each trailer is also 'spliced' together to create even more of an atmosphere.

extra features

Into the Grindhouse
A featurette featuring an interview with author Stephen Thrower. Thrower is the author of the book Nightmare USA which I thoroughly recommend and discusses a brief history of the genre. A very likeable and knowledgeable fellow who is interviewed in front of one of the most amazing selection of videos I have ever seen.

Grindhouse Poster Gallery
Exactly what it says excellent quality film posters. Ideal for capturing and printing off.

Trailers of Bloodbath at the House of Death, Gwendoline, London Voodoo, Death Ship (brilliant) and Fausto 5.0.


To say this is a party disc is an understatement. Along with Part 1 it is a real history of cinema from a time where political correctness didn't exist. A time where anyone could make a film about almost anything. The ultimate movie shopping list. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Grindhouse Trailer
Classics 2

112 mins
starring .
Pam Grier
David Hemmings
Robert Ginty
and many others...

DVD details
region 2
various anamorphic
Dolby digital 2.0
Stephen Thrower interview
Poster gallery
Nucleus trailers
Nucleus Films
release date
8 September 2008
review posted
13 August 2008