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Site on pause
Slarek | 2 July 2012

From lunchtime today – specifically Monday 2nd July 2012 – Cine Outsider will be on pause for a week. The reasons are simple: I need a holiday so badly that there's a good chance I'll go postal if I don't get one soon. It comes, as anyone who has read the previous blog entry will be well aware, at the tail end of a spotty time for reviews and news stories on the site, but some of the things that were negatively affecting productivity have improved, and there are plenty of reviews currently in progress, several of which should be ready to post on my return.

The PDF I was sent about my holiday hotel claims it has complimentary wi-fi, which I never believe until I'm actually able to connect. But my need for a break and the instability of the screen on my ageing MacBook Pro mean that just this once I'm leaving the laptop at home. Unless you're also tied to a computer for most of your working day and free time, you probably can't imagine how liberating this feels.

But I am taking my iPad, in part to finally justify the cost to those who paid for it in the hope that it would aid my workflow, or something. It's a very nice object, but so far I've not really put it to much use. I can't format reviews and stories for site on it, and the word processors I've tried are massively under-featured compared with those you find on regular computers. But you can store a ton of films on it, the screen is terrific (yes, it's one of the new ones), the virtual keyboard is a lot easier to type on than I expected, and as a portable device it beats a 5-year-old laptop hands down.

Thus if the free wi-fi claim proves to be true, I'll be able to collect email and access our Twitter feed, which means that while I'll be unable to post full reviews and news stories, if press releases come in I'll probably to post the bare details as a Twitter post, and continue to re-tweet Tim's film-related comments (and Tim sees more films a week than I eat tasty snacks).

Thus while the site itself will be static for the coming week (specifically 3rd to 9th July), the Twitter feed should hopefully be active, and those without a Twitter account (and I really do understand why you wouldn't want one – note our current lack of a Facebook page) can keep their eye on the Twitter bar in the left-hand column on the front page. And if nothing moves there, you know that free wi-fi claim was bollocks after all.

And yes, I will be writing. It's not always the slog I sometimes make it out to be – we wouldn't do it if it was – and environment and situation really does make all the difference. Seriously, which of these locations do you think would be most conducive to creative writing: in an overheated and noisy office during your lunch break while you're being pestered by idiots; in the clutter of home while the psycho from down the road serenades the neighbourhood by screaming at his girlfriend in public for an unbroken hour and then kicks holes in fences and hits cars like a petulant two-year-old (yes, it's been one of those weekends); or sitting on a hotel balcony in Portugal looking out to sea with a glass of locally brewed wine in your hand? I can't wait. See you in a week.